ZWOW #09

Zuzka's Score: 2.5 rounds
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ZWOW #09

Santana Pushups
Pike Plyo Tuck
Crab Toe Touches
Low Jacks

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Zuzka's Score: 2.5 rounds

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 3 rounds 2 low jacks

    love the site idea =)

  2. SCORE: 3 rounds + 8 pushups

    After a major brain lapse on round 2, I blame it on the 90 degree heat ;), I forgot what the second exercise was! Goal for next time meet or exceed Zuzka’s score, aiming for 4 full rounds.

  3. SCORE: 3 rounds and 12 crabby

    i love the rush i get when time is running out while I try to get as many reps in as possible. as i had in my mind was “go! go! go! don’t stop!”

    • SCORE: 3 rounds

      Awesome job on this one Shirley!! I followed your lead on this combination workout, and I totally know what you mean about that mental talk to just make the body GO! I started out tired and felt so slow on the ZWOW after that BodyRock workout.
      Sexy Pain Train Workout Scores –

      Sumo High Knees: 54, 55, 70
      Reptile On The Run: 21, 28, 34
      Pistols: 9, 9, 11
      Pushup Knee Tuck: 10, 10, 11
      Forward/Backward Jump Touch Down: 14, 13, 15
      Oblique Burpee: 8, 7, 9

  4. SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 santana push ups

    Awesome job guys!
    By the way Zuzka completed 2 full rounds and 9 crabbys…

  5. SCORE: 3 rounds, 3 push-ups

    three more pushups than last time :) ok.

  6. SCORE: 2 Rounds, 10 Push-Ups

    I love this website idea. :D

  7. SCORE: 2 rounds and 16 crab toe touches

    I so wanted to reach 3 rounds but the push ups got me!

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 4 crab toe touches

      Oh not as good as before. But the pushups are easier! The pike plyo tuck were tough!

      • SCORE: 2 rounds + 22 crab toe touches

        Yes, Zuzka completed 2.5 rounds. Some zwows are getting easier. I used to hate burpees. Now, Idon’t LOVE them either but I don’t mind them – a means to an end!! And I never thought I would feel good after a workout but I do now…I feel good, alive and proud….:-)

      • SCORE: 2 rounds +16 crab toe touches

        Love this one!

  8. SCORE: 3 rounds + 9 santana push ups

    I’m trying this again next month, hoping to do full 4 rounds then!

  9. SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 santana push ups

    Hi there,
    This is my first ZWOW after spending months if not years skulking around the and Zuzka’s websites not doing or saying anything, just admiring strength and fitness.
    I finally decided it was time to do something when I stumbled across this website, as it provides an overview or every ZWOW, including equipment needed and also some very helpful custom timers!! This is really important for me, as I have no equipment at all except an interval timer. I can just go through all the ZWOWs and pick out the ones that I can do at a glance.
    I hope this will be the start of something great. Thanks so much, Marla!

  10. SCORE: 3, 3 santanas

    darn, exactly the same!

  11. SCORE: 3.09 rounds

    I am proud of this one eventhough I didn’t beat Zuzka ’cause my legs were so sore I could hardly even warm up properly!

  12. SCORE: 2 rounds + 5 Pike Plyo Tucks

    Love the idea for this website!! Just finally looked up Z after souring on BR…glad I did, I find her to be so much better :)

  13. SCORE: 3rounds

    +bonus 5minutes(1rounds+10push ups)

  14. SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 Santana Push Ups + 20 Low Jacks + 8 Crab Toe Touches

    The 3-Pike Plyo Tucks slowed me down… it’s just amazing how hard tucks are if your legs are already shaking :D

    • SCORE: almost 3 rounds

      2 full rounds + 10 Santana Push Ups + 20 Low Jacks + 30 Crab Toe Touches + 5 Pike Plyo Tucks

      I’m getting better! *yeah*

  15. SCORE: 2 Rounds + 5 Pushups

    I have some work to do on those crab toe touches – I kept falling over. Gotta work on balance, I guess!

  16. SCORE: 2 rounds + 3 Pike Plyo Tucks

    I love 10 min AMRAP workouts)

  17. SCORE: 2.5 Rounds + 8 Crab Toe Touches

    Still working on getting down in my push-ups doe.

  18. SCORE: 2 rounds + 6 santanas


  19. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 3 Santanas

    Killer workout!

  20. SCORE: 2 rounds + 3 pike plyo tuck

    I’ve never been so sweaty after 10 minutes!

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 4 santana push ups

      After 2 months without working out I’m back. I missed this workouts so much!!

  21. SCORE: 3 Rounds - 15:58

    Finished 2 rounds in 10 mins, figured why not just go for 4 rounds! But by the time I finished the crab toe touches on round 3 my arms were about to give out so 3 rounds was enough!

  22. SCORE: 2.75 Rounds

    2 Rounds + all crab touches. One of the lighter workouts I think. Still hard! But not as hard as some of the 30-minute ones. Awesome!

  23. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 santana push ups

    I want be better..

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds + 15 crab toe touches

    Kept up with Z, for the most part.. The pushups were hard!

  25. SCORE: 3 rounds+3 santana


  26. SCORE: 3 rounds

    I’ve earned chocolate for breakfast now right? It is Easter after all ;)

  27. SCORE: 2 & 3/4 rounds

    Forgot side plank on Santanas for first set

  28. SCORE: 2 Rounds + 8 Santana Push Ups

    After the 10 minutes was up I finished what was left of the circuit, took me about 3.5 minutes. Great, short workout!

  29. SCORE: 2 rounds

    lots of interruptions… shared my exercise space with our 4 6 week old foster puppies. not a brilliant idea!

  30. SCORE: 3 rounds

    i did three rounds today but chose to leave the timer off. i integrated yoga poses between exercises instead, then finished off with a plyo yoga sequence. i’m struggling with energy right now, so hopefully taking it easy like this will get me rolling again.

  31. SCORE: 2.75 rounds


  32. SCORE: 3 rounds + 4 santanas

    Better! I’ll take it

  33. SCORE: 3 rounds!

    Completed 3 full rounds, with 5 secs to spare on the timer. Love AMRAP workouts! Dripping sweat. Whew.

  34. SCORE: 2 rounds + 9 Santana Pushups

    the Pike plyo tucks… my God, how that hurts!

  35. SCORE: 3rounds 2 plyo

    Short warmup.. Just wasn’t feeling it today but glad I got 10 min in

  36. SCORE: 2 rounds + 2 santana push ups

    My score is better than I expected. I thought it was more difficult, but nonetheless it was hard.

  37. SCORE: 1.5

    I completed the entire 2nd round after time expired

  38. SCORE: 2 rounds + 5 santana pushups

    Those plyo tucks are a killer. I need rest between each 3-4 of them.

  39. SCORE: 3 rounds + 20 low jacks + 10 crabs

    Legs are burny after that!!

  40. SCORE: 2 rounds + 6 santana push ups

    yeah, 4 push ups more than last time (march)

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 santana push ups

      It amazes me every time how hard a 10 minute workout can be. I am out of breath :).

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 5 Jump Tucks

      Beating Zuzka’s old score seems more realistic now. Maybe next time.
      But I’m far far away from her new score :D.

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