ZWOW #08

Zuzka's Score: 13:23
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ZWOW #08

Forward/Backward Squat Jump
Weighted Curtsy Lunge aka Dragon Lunge Back
Plank Toe Touch Jump Up
10 each side
Side Plank Leg Lift

6 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Kettlebell

Note: Zuzka’s Score On The Original ZWOW #8 was 15:21

Zuzka's Score: 13:23

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 22

    I used a ten pound sandbag instead of the kettlebell.

  2. SCORE: 13:35

    Halled ass on that one, had to do it inside since it was quite hot during the day today. Used the 40lb kettlebell.

  3. SCORE: 15:33

    argh! didn’t manage to beat Zuzana’s time! I need to do this again!

  4. SCORE: 18:03

    I used a 15lb sandbag. Unfortunately I was 27 seconds slower than the first time I did this workout BUT I had to modify the side plank leg lifts on the elbow, this time I did them regular.

  5. SCORE: 23:56

    Didn’t think of doing the side plank on elbows….should havNee!! I hold on to a chair for little support.

  6. What kettlebell would you recommend for a beginner? What weight does zuzana use? Thanks :-)

    • I’m not quite sure what weight Zuzana uses but I would recommend picking up the original kettlebell, sold by Dragon Door Personally I use the Ironmaster Quick-Lock kettlebell because we have the whole set that works with dumb bells and a curl bar. You could even pick up a nice starter kettlebell from Target or any sporting goods store if you didn’t want to wait and it would do the job but I’d highly recommend Dragon Door and even reading Enter the Kettlebell. It explains the history of the kettlebell and shows exercises as well. :)

  7. SCORE: 17:07

    Using 19 lb bag for Dragon Lunges.

  8. SCORE: 17:23:36

    8# on dragon lunge back. modified toe touch jump up without jump up (so I could get through the set without completely dying and only dying a moderate amount). modified side plank leg lift so supporting leg’s knee was on the ground – core isn’t strong enough to hold me up yet! Next time, though…

  9. SCORE: 21:39

    Beat my PB! By about 10 sec but at least it’s progress! Lol :P

  10. SCORE: 18:54

    I used 7kg kettlebell

  11. SCORE: 20:29

    I can’t believe it took me so long, I usually beat or tie Zuzkas score :( But Im 50 years old and am allowed to be slower…hahahahahahaha

    One more thing, I used a 20lb KB :)

  12. SCORE: 17:05

    I used 12kg sandbag(last time was 18:54 with 7kg kettlebell)

  13. SCORE: 25:34

    I don’t like side plank leg lift.. I can’t do this :((

  14. SCORE: 34:07

    I used 20 lbs for the dragon lunges.
    I knew I would be slow at this but, that slow is just sad. =( I know I just need to keep pushing and I will see improvements!

  15. SCORE: 15:50

    I feel like I can cut this down a minute. Next month, I’ll be back!

  16. SCORE: 20:21

    Side plank leg lifts… why… Even though they slowed me down a lot, i am WAY BETTER at doing them than I was 5 months ago! Good progress.

  17. SCORE: 17:38

    I did the first 3 sets of side planks regularly – and dropped to my elbow for the last 3 sets. Nice work out.

  18. SCORE: 14:03

    with 7,5 kg kettlebell and I did burpees with push- up (I was looking to video wrong)

  19. SCORE: 25:14

    I used 10lb kettlebell and did the side planks on my elbows.

  20. SCORE: 15:00

    26lb kettlebell

  21. SCORE: 15:00

    7,5kg kettlebell

  22. SCORE: 14:15

    6kg dumbbell in place of kb. Not bad for the day after a migraine

    • SCORE: 12:24

      16kg kettlebell. Took my mind of the agony I’m going thru with my wisdom teeth today – this workout never comes round when I’m feeling my best! Lol

      • SCORE: 12:10

        16kg kettlebell. Had to answer the door after round 3 so got my breath back, doubt I would have beaten my time otherwise!

  23. SCORE: 16:35

    16kg bell for dragon lunges

  24. SCORE: 16:00

    10 kg kettlebell

  25. SCORE: 14:47

    HOLY #$%*!! That was killer! I used a 15lb kettle bell (but I think I have to go buy a heavier one). Did ZWOW 7 & 8 back to back… seemed like a good idea at the time! WHEW!

  26. SCORE: 19:24

    I’m convinced my crappy a/c unit is hindering my scores. I will try this one again but in the real a/c of my parents’ home.

  27. SCORE: 22:02

    Wow I used 17 lb sandbag for dragon lunges but still way to slow. I used to do the same time or at least close to zuz gotta get back and do that again!! Feeling aweosme

  28. SCORE: 4 rounds 12min

    Did amrap only had 12 min this morning kicked ass though

  29. SCORE: 30:34

    I had a balance problem on my left side doing the side planks, which is odd, I never had that before. That slowed me down a bit. But since my endurance is bad the jumps slowed me down too for the last 2 rounds.

  30. SCORE: 13:49

    Whoo! First time through that one. I don’t have a kettlebell so I used 5lb dumbbells on dragons and jump squats. :)

  31. SCORE: 24:34

    Yes! I beat my scory by 6 minutes! This time I had no balance problems like in frebruary and the jumps were better too. I used one 2kg dumbbell.

  32. SCORE: 15:55

    This work out demolished us! We were flat out the whole way through, took no breaks and Zuzka still beat us by 30secs. She must have really been on her game the day she did this one!! Wow!

  33. SCORE: 23:56

    Yeah, half a minute faster :). I was nearly out of my breath at the end of the 4th round but I kept going. Although it was a lot slower than those rounds before.

  34. SCORE: 12' 6 rondas y

    Acompañada de zwow 7 en 10′ y 20 burpees

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