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ZWOW #71

Unfortunately ZWOW #71 is now locked down and all new ZWOW’s can be found at ZGYM.

To get your workout on today, use the Random ZWOW Generator to chose from any of the 70 free ZWOW’s available here! :)

If you’re part of the ZGYM and have done ZWOW #71, feel free to leave your score here. Go to our ZGYM page to leave your thoughts and comments about what it’s like on the inside.

I’m also brainstorming ideas for the future of this site and the warriorZ community and would love to hear your thoughts. Continue the conversation and let me know more over on the ZGYM page. :)

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  1. I don’t know that I agree with you posting the ZGYM exclusive ZWOWs here. I think you should stop your site at her 70 free ZWOWs, which is more than enough for people looking to get in shape. The random ZWOW generator is a great idea, but doesn’t work on my Chrome browser, by the way.

    I’m a member of the ZGYM and I own all of her DVDs. I love your website and come here for the free ZWOWs. I like it because everything is useful. BUT, once you have ZWOW pages that don’t actually have ZWOW videos — anything past 70 — you sort of lose the “everything is useful” bonus.

    I’m not trying to be mean, just constructive criticism from a fan. I’ll think about different things you could put up on this site and post back with ideas.

    • Hey Kat, thanks for the feedback! :)

      I have no plan of posting the new ZWOW videos (especially since I don’t have access to them). :) I’ve continued to post the preview videos though, for those who want a place to record their score. I figure if I ever decide to join ZGYM, I would still like an easy way to track my scores.

      Thanks for mentioning the issue with the ZWOW generator, I fixed the link now, so that should be all good. :)

      • You’re right, keeping these pages here for scores is probably the better bet. I LOVE Tacara’s idea of posting Zuzka’s old bodyrock videos here! I don’t know if Zuzka would like that or not, but I personally would adore an easy place to find her old videos!

        Oh, and thanks for fixing the generator, it works and I like it! It’s my new homepage. :)

  2. I think if fans of Z want to post their scores from Zgym and talk about it and whatever here is fine. It is a fan page and free promotion for her and her product afterall. Maybe you could go through the old bodyrock videos of her and choose one of those a week or change it from just a Zuzana page and find other awesome videos to showcase. There are plenty like, seejanesweat YouTube, dailyhiit, i think it is, many many more YouTube.

    • Marla, I like the idea of Zuzka’s old BodyRock workouts on your site too. They are free on YouTube and can be shared. I have found a site that does have all of her old BodyRock workouts.

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