ZWOW #07

Zuzka's Score: 14:30
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ZWOW #07

3 Jump Lunges + Side Kick
Supergirl Pushups (alternating sides)
2 minutes
Jump Rope (30sec regular jumps, 30sec high knees & repeat)
10 each side
Side Bends with Kettlebell

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell (Zuzka used a 12lb kettlebell)
  • Water

Note: Zuzka’s Score On The Original ZWOW #7 was 16:08

Zuzka's Score: 14:30

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:46

    did this after #6. this is much easier when comparing to #6.

  2. SCORE: 14:46 min

    8:15 AM and I’m done for today! Z’s quick and sweaty workouts make you feel so good …

  3. SCORE: 14:38

    yay!!! last time was 16:03 :)

  4. SCORE: 15:34*

    Did this one outside on the patio in 76 degree direct sun with a 40lb kettlebell for love bends.

    *Our next door neighbor came over and started talking to me so I had to stop for like 2-2.5 minutes. I’ll have to do this one again soon for a more accurate time. :p

  5. SCORE: 15:55

    Feeling good. Love thé supergirl pushups.

  6. SCORE: 13:53


  7. SCORE: 13:28

    Did high knees instead of skipping. Used 19 lb bag for love bends.

  8. SCORE: 17:47


  9. SCORE: 16:54

    Regular lunges and fast-paced step ups instead of skipping because ball of my left foot is injured from running, 15 lb dumbbell for love side bends

  10. SCORE: 16:57


  11. SCORE: 13:57

    Lazy lunges because I was doing them on my concrete floor and didn’t want to hurt my knees. 20lb bag instead of kettlebell.

  12. SCORE: 16:57

    (Kettlebell – 4kg)

  13. SCORE: 21:29

    I did high knees instead of the jump rope and used 20 lbs for the love bends. =)

  14. SCORE: 16:17

    Good workout.

  15. SCORE: 13:44

    26lb kettlebell. i. suck. at jumping rope. and i pee myself a little bit on every jump excercise. anyone else have this issue? territory with having a kid i suppose.

  16. SCORE: 13:16

    6kg dumbbell in place of kb, half kilo weights instead of skipping rope to give some resistance (skipping rope indoors isn’t so practical). Loving these workouts (and this site for easy navigation of the workouts), I’m only on number 7 and can already see and feel a difference :)

  17. SCORE: 16:53

    Love the love bends!

  18. SCORE: 15:15

    I suck at jump rope, did high knees instead. 30lbs for the love bends.

  19. SCORE: 13:50

    Enjoyed it

  20. SCORE: 21:38

    This was my first time doing this one. It’s one of my favs. Can’t wait to do it again to improve my time. Supergirl pushups were tough!

  21. SCORE: 15:32

    I did imaginary jump rope with high knees since I don’t have a jump rope.

  22. SCORE: 21:21

    I can’t quite do 2 mins of jumprope: my calves get too sore so I need small breaks. My kettlebell is 12kg.

  23. SCORE: 17:32

    Weee! Didn’t expect to do this well after the hedonistic holidays followed by a nasty cold. And I did the first 2 mins of jump rope full-on, for the first time ever! I slacked a bit with the next two though, as my calves began hurting again.

  24. SCORE: 13:55

    35lb KB

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