ZWOW #61

Zuzka's Score: 10:41
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ZWOW #61

Broad Jump into Jump Tuck into Plank
Weight to Toes
Bruce Lee Jumps
Plank Speed Arms (alternating arms)

4 Rounds for time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 dumbbells

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #61 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 10:41

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 12:36

    focused primarily on form today. couple modifications: used a 9 lb kettlebell for weight to toes. i’ve been practicing this hollow body position for a while now (keeping the whole back pressed into the floor) and the only way i can maintain it is with my feet hovering a few inches off the floor (straight legs), weight over my head. so when i’d come up to touch the weight to toes i would relax my legs. for the bruce lee jumps i didn’t have dumbells, so i used an 18 lb kettlebell with a wider leg squat jump (to accomodate holding the kettlebell in front). a bit awkward but worked.

  2. SCORE: 09:54

    I am not a big fan of jumping with weights but overall it was a nice full body exercise.
    Used 5 kg weights.

  3. SCORE: 10:38,10:10

    I did 2x
    7lb dumbbells
    very fun workout:)

  4. SCORE: 10:47

    small weight for exercise 2 and no weights for bruce lee jumps…still tough!

  5. SCORE: 14:27

    Took a while to get the hang of some of those combo moves, but I’d love to try it again try and beat Zuka. Used 4kg DB.

  6. SCORE: 11:55

    2nd time doing this didnt record first time -like this one for days I’m short on time!!

  7. SCORE: 10 minutes flat

    :) so excited, first time was 12:14!! 10 pound weights :)

  8. SCORE: 9:40

    5kg dumbbells. Whew, seems like a lot of jumping in this one!

    • SCORE: 8:49

      6kg dumbbells. All the jumping is hard but so worth it when you can smash out your workout for the day in such a short time :)

  9. SCORE: No idea...

    Because I Had my 18mo old, 3 yo, and 5yo doing the Bruce lee tuck jumps with me :) with 2 & 3lb dumbells!!! The cutest thing EVER!!

  10. SCORE: 14:37

    I’m so slow…
    The first combo got me confused in all rounds. I always wanted to do the jump tuck after the plank. Maybe because of the similarity to a burpee ;).

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