ZWOW #60

Zuzka's Score: 13:05
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ZWOW #60

Weighted Squat Twists (alternating sides)
Cross Leg Push Ups (alternating sides)
Cross Body Kick
Weighted 4 Point Punch
Jump Over Bench

3 Rounds for time

Equipment Needed

  • 1 single dumbbell (Zuzka used a 20lb dumbbell)
  • 2 dumbbells (Zuzka used a 8lb dumbbells)
  • Bench

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #60 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 13:05

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:57

    3,2kg and 8 kg dumbbells
    And 30 cm box
    Nice workout:)

  2. SCORE: 12:42

    two days ago it was 13:56! woo-hoo!

  3. SCORE: 10:38

    did a modified four point punch using one 8lb kettlebell since that’s all i had.

    • Koren get two 2l water bottles and fill them up with water or sand depending on how much weight you want to use. It’s easy to set up, it’s cheap and you can always modify the weight of the bottles according to your need (or use 1.5 l since it might be easier to hold).

  4. SCORE: 11:14

    I am drained, used 10kg weight for the first one and two 5kg for the for point puches.
    I am not a big fan of jumping but I understand is good.

  5. SCORE: 13:10

    12.5 pounds for squat twists
    7.5 pounds for 4 point punches

  6. SCORE: 14:02

    awesome upper body workout!!!

    10 pounds for everything.

  7. SCORE: 11:26

    I don’t know if I was in a funk but I was not feelin’ this workout. I did well and I was sweating but I didn’t feel worked. May have to come back to this one in a week and see if it was a weird day or if this really wasn’t that challenging for me?? Loved the Cross Leg PU and 4 Point Punches.

  8. SCORE: 14:16

    25lb for squats
    10lb for 4 point punch

  9. SCORE: 11:42 :P

    try harder….. :)

  10. SCORE: 16:41

    It’s been quite a while and there’s a bunch of ZWOW’s I’ve yet to do but Random ZWOW landed on #60 today. I did this one on the patio in 74 degree direct sun with a 35lb weight for squats and for the first 1.5 rounds I used 10lb dumbbells for 4 point punch but had to lower the weight to 7.5lbs for the last 1.5 rounds of punches….which of course took time to unscrew the dumbbell pin. I can totally feel this one in my shoulders and back…dripping in sweat, just like I like um. Next time goal is to get faster and not break under the heavy weight.

  11. SCORE: 11:07

    10kg weight for squat twists, 4kg dumbbells for punches. Really enjoyed this one and it really made me sweat!!

  12. SCORE: 11:15

    This is one of my favorites and my “go to workouts” <3

  13. SCORE: 11:41

    25lb kb for squats, 5lb db for punches

  14. SCORE: 11:00

    25kb for squats, 5lb for punches (move to 10lbs next time)

  15. SCORE: 17:43

    25# for squats. 12# for punches. A couple of kid interruptions. Good sweat!

  16. SCORE: 17:07

    I just have my pair of 2kg dumbbells. So 2kg for the squats and 2kg each side for the 4 point punches.

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