ZWOW #59

Zuzka's Score: 17:40
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ZWOW #59

RDL Push Ups
Weighted Cross Around the World (alternate sides)
Weighted Reverse Lunge Twists (alternate sides)
Cross Body Mountain Climbers
Side Skips on the Ball

3 Rounds for time

Equipment Needed

  • 1 single dumbbell (Zuzka used a 20lb dumbbell)
  • Exercise Mat
  • Bosu Ball

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #59 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 17:40

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 16:19

    beat my first score of 18:27 :)))))

  2. SCORE: 17:50

    with 6,5kg dumbbell
    First time was my score 23:04 with 4,3kg dumbbells…O.o

  3. SCORE: 17:20

    Lunges were surprisingly rough on my biceps!

  4. SCORE: 17:08

    W/10lbs. and no bosu. Great ab workout!

  5. SCORE: 13:35

    No bosu ball, small weights

  6. SCORE: 21:29

    Used 10 lbs for around the worlds, 16 lbs for lunges. I’ve been doing ZWOWs for 6 months now, but just recently bought some weights. The extra weight is clearly giving me a workout!

  7. SCORE: 21 min

    The RDL Push Ups were tough… I’m just not flexible enough…
    The Cross Body MC also slowed me down like shit..
    I used my 11 lbs Sandbag for the Lunges and the Around the world since I don’t have any dumb bells.

  8. SCORE: 16:03

    Putting the elbow to the ground was way harder than it looked! I used an 11lb kettle bell.

  9. SCORE: 15:13


  10. SCORE: 22:04

    MC tough towards the end. Used step stool side skips. No bosa ball… 20# wt

  11. SCORE: 16:46

    Pretty tough. Didn’t want to do all of the 20 reps, pushed through though.

  12. SCORE: 24:39

    It’s been awhile…:(

  13. SCORE: 16:30

    9kg dumbbell. Feeling really low energy this week so amazed I beat Zuzka.

  14. SCORE: 22:21

    10lb dumb, modified rdl push to knees after 1st rnd

  15. SCORE: 14:38 (2 Rounds)

    I couldn’t do any more push-ups or mountain climbers, so I stopped. Hopefully next time I can finish all 3 rounds.

  16. SCORE: 20:12

    This time I did the 3 rounds :)! Those mountain climbers are soooo hard.
    I used a small weight and did side jump lunges instead of the lateral skips because I have no bosu ball.

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