ZWOW #57

Zuzka's Score: 17:51
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ZWOW #57

Jump Lunges
Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Air Squats

4 rounds for time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #57 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 17:51

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 21:14

    So… Many… Pushups…

  2. SCORE: 14:03

    Awesome! One of my favorites!

  3. SCORE: 20:54

    20push up every round its hard for me…:)

  4. SCORE: 16:31

    First time : 14:55 for 3 rounds only.
    Much better the second time !!!

  5. SCORE: 20:16


  6. SCORE: 22.16


  7. SCORE: 18:20

    Simple but effective.
    The whole Push Ups and Burpees were hard, but I loved every second of the workout. :)

    30 seconds between Zuzka’s time and my own.. I have to admit that I’m pretty satisfied with my time. Maybe I’ll be able to be better the second time. : )

  8. SCORE: 15:36


  9. SCORE: 19:40

    three rounds, lots of distractions. had to stop a few times for random things. either way, this is a rough one, but i will come back to it and get er done.

  10. SCORE: 17:04

    That was with a 90second take ventalin break between rounds 2 +3. But pretty happy with that score!

    I liked this one, now to get under 15 :)

    The 90 seconds weren’t counted in the time… otherwise I’d be way happier than I already am haha

  11. SCORE: 22:48

    I’m not happy with my time.. I know I can do it better!

  12. SCORE: 30;10

    Man! Embarrassing. Took me forever!! BTw this site is the Love how you have a place where the scores stand out. Very cool!

  13. SCORE: 21:39

    Can I throw up now!?!?

  14. SCORE: 22:43


  15. SCORE: 16:26

    I had to modify the burpees and did the pushups on my knees after the first round.

  16. SCORE: 27:50

    This was gnarly!

  17. SCORE: 16:33

    Yeeeeeeeoooooow! I’m melting

  18. SCORE: 24:37

    I’m going the wrong way! Still finished …

  19. SCORE: 24:34

    So slow, and I even modified the pushups :( still managed to finish, though so I guess that counts for something…

  20. SCORE: 15:41

    Last set of push ups was on my knees, my arms just couldn’t take it anymore and my form was suffering. Goal for next time – full push ups all the way through!

    • SCORE: 15:06

      Last 5 reps of each round of push ups was on my knees :/ Not too bad for first workout since Christmas Day though. Reckon I can fit in a couple more workouts before squeezing my Christmas butt into my new Year’s Eve dress ;)

  21. SCORE: 12:57

    Full push ups on bps, knee push ups for push up round :)

  22. SCORE: 16:55


  23. SCORE: 24:32 (3 rounds)

    I don’t know how you guys did this. There are too many push ups. So my arms are shaking now. And 40 air squats! My knees were not happy about those. 4 rounds? Impossible!

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