ZWOW #54

Zuzka's Score: 14:34
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ZWOW #54

Weighted Jump Lunge Combo

Lunge Forward
Lunge Backward
Jump Lunge
Raise Weights & Side Kick
15 rounds

Push Up Bent Over Row Combo

Push Up
Jump Right & Back to Plank
Jump Left & Back to Plank
Jump Forward & Back to Plank
Jump Forward & Stand into Row Position
Bent Over Row
10 rounds

Jump Tuck Side Crunch Combo

Jump Tuck
Side Crunch (alternating sides each time)
10 round

Bonus Leg & Butt Combo

Weighted Jump Squats
Weighted Sumo Squats
Weighted Mini Squats
Jump Lunges
Kick-Up Jump Lunges
1 round

All four sets of exercises straight through for time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • A pair of Dumb Bells (Zuzka used two 8lb weights).

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #54 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 14:34

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:31min

    Great Workout! So simple but effective!

  2. SCORE: 14:42

    Great Workout!! I used 2x3kg dumbbells

  3. SCORE: 13:39

    This one flew by!

  4. SCORE: 14:25


  5. SCORE: 14:45

    First day back after 1 week recovering from knee injury

  6. SCORE: 14:45

    Couldn’t this one properly – couldn’t do the jumps too late at night. Will try it again tomorrow!

  7. This one kicked my booty.

  8. SCORE: 11:32

    i’m so excited!! i just finished my first round of all the zcuts, they kick ass!
    i wanted to do some weights before going through the second round….i loved this one!!!

  9. SCORE: 14:12

    I love it! Make it harder please I’ve been working out hard for long so I need harder like this one or better not all you zwows are as hard as this one all the time….thanks ;)

  10. SCORE: 12:57

    With 8 pound dumbells. I’m going to try to do 10s next with the same time

  11. SCORE: 14:02

    I don’t like this workout.

  12. SCORE: 13:02

    I liked the format of this one

  13. SCORE: 10:54

    I did it first 11.03 and I got 10:08 then I found out that I skipped completely push ups after plank. I decided to repeat the exercise following day but couldn’t go through it as my muscles were really tired.
    I did it again yesterday 17.03 in 10:54 complete. It took a lot of energy anyway but it is a good one!

  14. SCORE: 14:30

    Fun workout!

  15. SCORE: 13:30

    8min warmup/stretching+12min+1:30min bonus good workout :)

  16. SCORE: 14:14

    Wow, I really thought I was dragging ass. I even did 12 kick-up jump lunges at the end (because I love them so much).

  17. SCORE: 12:17

    5kg (11lb) dumbbells. I did 16 lunge combos though as I don’t like odd numbers ;) Fast but tough workout, my butt is still hurting from ZWOW 53 yesterday!

    • SCORE: 11:09

      6kg dumbbells. 16 lunge combos to make it even. Kept hold of my weights for the jump lunges at the end too. Had to do pushups on the ground rather than on the weights as my dumbbells are round and they kept slipping and unscrewing.

  18. SCORE: S- 14:30, T- 15:03

    I looooved this workout. I used 2 x 4kg and Tim used 2 x 11kgs for lunges and the bar + 25kg for the rows. Tim did modified crunches. Can’t wait to do this one again!

  19. SCORE: 14:33

    Yeah!! I beat Zuzana’s time by 1 second.! Let’s see if I can continue! I used 4 kg dumbbells for the workout. I’m sure I’ll be back to do this one again!

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