ZWOW #53

Zuzka's Score: 13:02
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ZWOW #53

Jump Squat
Candle - Forward Bend, Sit, Reach, Breathe & Hold - Candle - Stand Up
Side Jump Lunge
~10 sec
Side Lunge Stretch
Side Jump Lunge
~10 sec
Side Lunge Stretch
Cross-Legged Push Ups (alternating sides)
~5 sec/side

Zuzka’s goal this year is to focus on stretching so that’s why there’s more included in the workouts.

4 rounds for time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #53 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 13:02

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:00


  2. SCORE: 10:21


  3. this one made me work!!

  4. SCORE: 9:28

    pretty satisfied but I can do better next time ;)

  5. SCORE: 9:50


  6. SCORE: 12:26

    Nice will have to try again and beat my score, and next time, time all the stretches cause 1 breath does not = 1 second

  7. SCORE: 13:33

    I even ran a mile before I did this! I haven’t been able to run a mile ever in my life, but after doing ZWOWs for about 6 months, I finally can!

  8. SCORE: 11:18

    Stretch exercises are great, but because of them my heart rate dropping down..

    • try not to think of it like that, luca. exercises in which your heart rate accelerates, then slows, then accelerates again (aka interval trainign) have been shown to be more effective for weight loss and conditioning.

  9. SCORE: 12:23

    Didn’t stretch as long as I should have though.

  10. SCORE: 11:32

    Happy enough with my time as I was really concentrating on form over speed. Will beat my time next time though! ;)

  11. SCORE: 09:33

    short and sweet
    it was perfect

  12. SCORE: 17:38

    Enough room for improvement :).

  13. SCORE: 12:58

    I must be getting stronger. Today I beat Zuzana’s time! ;-)

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