ZWOW #51

Zuzka's Score: 13:57
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ZWOW #51

Pike Stretch
Strict Mountain Climbers
Pike Leg Lift
Pike Leg Lift
Pike Leg Lift
Mini Air Squats
Dive Bombers
Mini Air Squats
Dive Bombers
Strict Mountain Climbers

Zuzka’s goal this year is to focus on stretching so the Pike Stretch is to be done before time starts.

All of the Above, for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #51 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 13:57

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 15:46

    Dive bombers on the knees.. I still can’t do the regular one :(

  2. SCORE: 12:40


  3. SCORE: 16

    Yuk!! Mountain climbers kill me

  4. SCORE: 17:49

    This is a whole new level of pain…ending with 100 climbers is NOT a good idea! Sweating bullets!

  5. SCORE: 17:52

    Holy crap! That was harder than I thought it was going to be. The pike leg lifts and mini air squats weren’t that bad but everything else, sheesh!

  6. SCORE: 14:06

    Whoo! I did regular mountain climbers this time and that nearly killed me! My goal in a month is to do the strict mountain climbers and get the same time. I also want to clean up the form on my dive bombers.

  7. SCORE: 12:57

    The 100 mountain climbers were killer. I think my form really started suffering at the end.

  8. SCORE: 18:17


  9. SCORE: 15:01

    Not so strict on the last 100. haha. Shoulders felt that one.

  10. SCORE: 13:48

    climbers total kill me!! divine bombers regular!

  11. SCORE: 13:47

    Regular mountain climber on last set

  12. SCORE: 19:08 :(

    Clearly those Strict MC killed me, tried to too everything full form but last MC’s weren’t amazing.

    Also I think I did it a bit too soon after lunch. Very keen to beat this time massively in the future!!

  13. SCORE: 16:46

    My arms… dead.

  14. SCORE: 15:50mins

    Did it! :D

  15. SCORE: 16:34

    First time ever doing Zuzka workout. Love it!

  16. SCORE: 10:45

    It was crazy. I did it for the first time yesterday with my big puppy around. He definitely enjoyed mountain climbers more then me. I had to stop for a moment since I was under licking and hair pulling attack. I forgot to restart my time and I learned this once I finished.
    Today I closed the door and rushed through the exercise since there was a lot of complaining and crying behind the door. I didn’t stop and finished almost breathless to learn that my time looks ridiculous. I have reviewed all, didn’t miss anything. I had a powerful motivation not thinking about the pain ;-)

  17. SCORE: 14:14

    Holy $?)& that was intense had to modify the last 20 strict mountain climbers to regulars… Still catching my breath!

  18. SCORE: 17:30

    Killer smc’s

  19. SCORE: 16:45

    I really enjoyed this workout, even if my arms were screaming at the end. I did 75 Strict Mtn Climbers, then did 25 regular mtn climbers because I couldn’t handle it.

  20. SCORE: 11:49

    My strict man climbers were pretty sloppy. My hips get really sore since having a baby so those were the hardest thing. I’m happy to report that I can do dive bombers now though! That’s progress for sure.

  21. SCORE: 11:57

    Pushed through the pain to get through this one. Our cat died this week so needed a different kind of pain to take my mind off things. Not a good week :(

    • Aww man, sorry to hear that Kiddo! Way to go, diverting your pain.

    • SCORE: 11:35

      Had to break up the last set of smc so did 50 after each set of dive bombers. After 30 days of workouts with tons of burpees my wrists are aching and I’m happy to see that there are no burpees in my next workout!!! :)

  22. SCORE: 13:39

    Modified bombers to my knees… Shoulders are sore!!!

  23. SCORE: 14:17

    oh well, much slower. I stopped training martial arts, can feel it now. the strict mountain climbers used to be done all in one go :-(

  24. SCORE: 14:21

    Quick and fun. Sweaty as h***!! Time for a shower!

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