ZWOW #50

Zuzka's Score: 19:24
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ZWOW #50

High Knee Chair Toe Touch
Step Up & Leg Lift (alternating sides)
Plank Step Over
Chair Jumps
Side Step Up Burpee

5 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Chair

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #50 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 19:24

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 23:20-50 reps 3 rounds

    I was wiped out!

  2. SCORE: 19:27

    I can do better. I slowed down at the end!

  3. SCORE: 27:52

    Killed me on this one!!

  4. SCORE: 19:04


  5. SCORE: 19:54

    That’s what I needed today ;) Thanks so much!

  6. SCORE: 24:19

    Aaaaaargh! Zuzka seems to work the upper body a LOT and less the lower body! My arms are killing me!

  7. SCORE: 22:42

    but Im dead!

  8. SCORE: 21:55

    Killer! I’m going to try this again in a month and see how my time improves. Can’t wait for Zuzana’s DVDs!

  9. SCORE: 17:57

    :). W/5# weights

  10. SCORE: 22:32mins

    I feel out of shape! lol. I picked up running and really wanted to do a Zwow. It’s been a few days and I feel like I already lost it. :P

  11. SCORE: 28:11

    that was hard :)

  12. SCORE: 18:07

    8# weights

  13. SCORE: 18:13

    Finally feeling like I’m getting back into gear after the holidays. My goal was to beat Zuzana’s time and of course to push myself! It felt great. :)

  14. SCORE: 17

    8# weights.

  15. SCORE: 22:45

    Five rounds is tough! Good thing I marked a little tally when I was done with each round or I would have forgotten which round I was on.

  16. SCORE: 19:29

    Still not back on a regular schedule from before the holidays took me over and this almost killed me :(

  17. SCORE: 20:28

    This one is great! One of my favorites.

  18. SCORE: 19:30

    I’ve done this before with a score of 22min. Whoo improvements!

  19. SCORE: 16:32

    it´s soo hard !

  20. SCORE: 26:21

    Plank step over was so hard for my arms..

  21. SCORE: 19:19

    never again :D

  22. SCORE: 19:03

    I am in a shower :D

  23. SCORE: 17:23

    Second time with this workout I’m certain I beat my previous time.. Did this differently started with 25 of the step up Burpees cause I knew that would be the hardest for me, the did 50 of the rest straight through and ended with the last 25 Burpees. About died after but feeling awesome now!!

  24. SCORE: 15:50

    Just did this one again! Smashed it 15:50!!!! Yessss

  25. SCORE: 18:21

    Must have forgotten to post my time last time I did this one. Got 18:19 last time (19/8/13) so a tiny bit slower this time but in my defence my shoulders and arms are still screaming from all the burpees in ZWOW 49 yesterday. 3 rounds of this one would have been more than enough!

  26. SCORE: 19:55

    A good start to the new year! I’m too afraid and out of practice to try ZWOW 100 just yet. Heart rate monitor says I burned 220 calories (I’m 145 lbs and 5’7″ for reference).

  27. SCORE: 3 rounds + 5 planks (19:24)

    I didn’t have enough time to do 5 rounds so I stopped when Zuzka finished her 5 rounds. Now my shoulders are killling me :).
    I think 3 or 4 rounds would have been enough, but 5 are insane :P.

    • SCORE: 20:47 (4 rounds)

      I did this yesterday. I don’t know how to do 5 rounds. My arms were shaking and I was breathing really fast. The plank step overs are brutal after the first 2 rounds.

      • SCORE: 27:00

        This time I managed to do 5 rounds but it was like hell. My shoulders are burning and it is hard to slow down my breath.

  28. SCORE: 24:40

    Holy cow.. After 2 interruptions, I said, “I hope 3 times a charm!!” And it was. Now I’m sweaty and stinky just the way you should be after a great workout!! Those burpees were kinda tough after everything else though!

  29. SCORE: 26:25

    It’s a good workout for my will power ;). After the first 3 rounds I’m so dead that I have to work hard to keep me from just quitting. Why does it have to be 5 rounds? It’s really mean…

    • I don’t know what happend here. I even had problems to keep up in the first 2 rounds and it didn’t feel good to go on. I have to try this again soon.
      24:41 (4 rounds)

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