ZWOW #05

Zuzka's Score: 5 rounds + 30 MC's
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ZWOW #05

The New & Improved ZWOW #5:

Bicep Curl to Overhead Press
DB Mountain Climbers
Sumo Deadlift with KB High Pull
Competition Burpees

12 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights (Zuzka used 6lb dumb bells)
  • 26lb Kettlebell

The Original ZWOW #5:

Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
Sumo Deadlift & Kettlebell High Pull
Competition Burpees

10 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Free Weights
  • Medicine Ball
  • Kettlebell
  • Exercise Mat
  • Water

Zuzka’s Score for the Original ZWOW #5 was: 4 rounds

About Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn, co-author of Pigskin Paleo (along with her husband Jeff), and project manager at SPYR.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.

Zuzka's Score: 5 rounds + 30 MC's

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 4.75 rounds

    Redid this one today outside on the patio and for the first round of curls I used 15lb free weights, then dropped down to 12.5lbs for the rest of the rounds and used 42.5lb kettlebell

  2. SCORE: 4,5 rounds + 6 deadlifts/high pull

    wow marla, that’s some heavy weight. I used 3 pound waterbottles and a 15 pound homemade “sandbag”. I also extended the workout by 5 more minutes and managed to complete 7 rounds total. I’m dripping sweat and it feels great! ;-)

  3. SCORE: 4 rounds

    Double the reps in each exercise and amrap in double the time (20 mins instead of 10)

  4. SCORE: 2 1/4

    I’m SO out of shape! I used 15 lb. dumbbells for the bicep curls and I used one 15 lb. dumbbell for the pull.

  5. SCORE: 4 rounds + 5 bicep curls

    Used the same weight for the kettlebell and finished the entire 10 minutes with the 15lb dumbbells this time!

  6. SCORE: 5.25 rounds + 12 climbers (12 minutes)

    up the challenge to 12 minutes and used 2x6kg weights for bicep curls. did #29 after completing this.

  7. SCORE: 4 rounds

    Very pleased with that score for a first time :-)

  8. SCORE: 5.5 rounds

    I used 10lbs for the curls and 20lbs for the deadlift/pull.

  9. SCORE: 4 Rounds

    Just did them right along with her. Used 10lb dumbells and a 20 lb kettle bell.

  10. SCORE: 6 rounds

    3/3 lb dumbells and 13 lb bag for pulls

  11. SCORE: 2 Rounds

    I used 15 lb. dumbbells for the curls and one 15 lb. for the squats. So disappointing.

    • Don’t be disappointed, we all have different ability levels and the more you do the stronger you’ll get! Way to go with the 15lb throughout, I had to drop down in weight the first time. :)

  12. SCORE: 3rounds + 7 bicep Curls

    2*4kilo for bicep curls and shoulder press, and 1* 4kilo dumbell for pulls.

  13. SCORE: 4 Rounds

    with 10lb dumbbells for the curls and a 20lb kettle bell for the high pull! Great workout! Nice and short so I could still fit it into my busy morning :)

  14. SCORE: 4 rounds

    Same as 1st time!

  15. SCORE: 4 Rounds

    NOTES: 15 lb weights for curls and pull. No medicine ball. Yay!! Twice my last score. Watching Z while I workout really helps.

  16. SCORE: 4rounds

    I used 2×4,2kg dumbbells and 10kg kettlebell.

  17. SCORE: 4 rounds + 10 biceps curls

    I beat my old score by 10 extra biceps curls. Also used 15lb DB and 35lb KB. last time I used 2-10lb DB and a 25lb KB. Thanks Zuzka…getting stronger!

  18. SCORE: 4

    wow! ok, i used 10 lbs for the curls, 20 for the sumo, and the ugi for the mcs.

    • SCORE: 4 + 3 curl presses

      this time i changed a little: i did full push-up burpees, and instead of just dead-high lifts, i pulled the 20 pounder above my head and twisted (weighted squat twist)……killer!!

  19. SCORE: 7 rounds

    I forgot, that I have to do the competition burpees… so without them :/ So, next time..
    * 2kgs dumbbells, 4kgs kettlebell

  20. SCORE: 3 rounds

    added this to the end of my 20 min cardio routine. I used 10 lb db and a 25 pd weight for the pull. I had to drop to 5 lbd db for last round. Great workout!

  21. SCORE: 5 Rounds In 22 Mins

    I decided to make it longer since I knew I would only be able to get 1 or 2 rounds in the 10 mins, so I decided to see how long it would take for 5 rounds.
    I used 5 lbs weights for the curls (could have been heavier but that was all I had) and a 20 lbs bag for the sumo high pulls.

  22. SCORE: 6 rounds, 6 biceps curls shoulders press

    2 kg weight, 5,5 “kettlebell” (water)

  23. SCORE: 4 rounds, + 10, 30, 10

    with 3,75kg dumbells and 7,5 kg kettlebell

  24. SCORE: 4.5 rounds

    4kg dumbbells and 5.5kg bag of sand in place of kettlebell. What an arm killer!!!!

  25. SCORE: 3 burpees short of 4 rounds

    Finished out in 10:41 used 2) 5lb dumbells (all I had) and 35lb KB

  26. SCORE: 3 Rounds, 10 Deadlift

    Only 5 burpees short of 4 rounds! I kept getting winded after burpees, and couldn’t do bicep curls right away

  27. SCORE: 4 rounds + 6 biceps curls/shoulder press

    5 kg dumbells (souhler press was very jard for me, I must did small pause :/ ) and 7,5kg kettlebell (it was easy, next time I do it with heavier)

  28. SCORE: 4 Rounds + 3 Curl + Press

    First workout after a week’s vacation. I felt rested and really pushed. Did a 2 mile, 18 minute run after.

  29. SCORE: 4 + 10 bicep shoulder preSs

    Went 12 min used 10 lb dumbells for curls and 17 lb sandbag for sumo dead lifts GOTTA GET BETTER :)

  30. SCORE: 6.5 rounds

    I did this one today for the first time with 8lbs dumbells in each hand, and using them together for the high pulls (16lb)

  31. SCORE: 4rounds

    Love zwows been mixing these with12 minute athlete and fitnessblender today used 12 lbs weights and did kettle bell swings rather than deadlifts

  32. SCORE: 4rounds+ 4 sumo pulls

    Finished 5 rounds in 10:48 10lb dbs; 16kg kb

  33. SCORE: 4 rounds in 10:47

    Tim and I picked pretty heavy weights for the 1st exercise (I had 2 x 7.5kg and Tim had 2 x 10.5kg), which really slowed us down at the start of each round. I did 10kg for the 3rd exercise, Tim did the bar +15kg. We really wanted to do the 4 rounds. I had to modify the 1st exercise of the 4th round and had to skip to just plain bicep curls after 4 reps. We both loved this workout!

    • Strawbs & Tim :
      SCORE: 4 rounds in 11:28

      Same weights but realised that I was actually only using 2 x 6kg and Tim was using 2 x 9kg. Also I didn’t need to modify the first exercise on the last round and I felt my cardio improved, even if the time didn’t.

      • Strawbs & Tim :
        SCORE: 4 rounds in 12:03

        I switched the first exercise out for 10 x ski squats (with 2 x 6kg dumbbells) + 10 x V-ups because my arms are starting to get more muscly than I’d like. Tim used the same dumbbell weight but upped the deadlift weight to the bar + 15kgs. We are both sick at the moment so we’re not surprised our time went up. Next time we want to get under 10:00.

        • SCORE: 4 rounds in 10:16

          My arms are on fire!! I used 2 x 6kg dumbbells for the first exercise and an 11kg dumbbell for the third. Love it!

          • SCORE: 4 rounds in 9:37

            Same weights but killed my time!! Yay!!

          • Strawbs + Tim :
            SCORE: 4 rounds + Bicep Curls and shoulder presses

            We did four rounds in 9:22. We smashed this to try and beat our time!! (same weights)

  34. Strawbs + Tim :
    SCORE: 4 rounds + Bicep Curls and shoulder presses

    We smashed this to beat our time!! (same weights)

    • Strawbs + Tim :
      SCORE: 4 rounds in 17:45

      We wanted to do the 4 rounds but we had to really slow it down because of a back injury. I used the same wights . Tim used the 2 x 11kgs and the bar + 15kgs

  35. SCORE: 4 rounds + 7 bicep curls/presses (12:00)

    I did her new version which is basically the same, just 2 minutes longer. I used 2 x 2kg dumbbells for the curls as well as the high pulls because I don’t have a kettlebell.
    Zuzka did 6 rounds + 30 MCs in 12 minutes. So I have to push myself harder to get there.

  36. SCORE: 5 Burpees short of 4 rounds

    In 10 minutes I did almost 4 rounds. I finished the set of Burpees just after the timer sounded.

  37. SCORE: 4 rounds + 30 MC's

    I did the NEW ZWOW outside on the patio in the sun with my 16KG kettlebell. First round I started with 15lb dumbbells and then moved down to 10lbs for the remaining rounds. This was my first venture back into Z’s ZWOW’s in a very long time so I’ve got some work to do to get back to where I was before.

  38. SCORE: 4 rounds + 5 curl & press

    New ZWOW, 15lb dumbbells, 16KG kettlebell

  39. SCORE: 6 rounds

    For the new ZWOW. I used 2x5lb dumbbells and a 30lb kettlebell :)

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