ZWOW #46

Zuzka's Score: 13:45
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ZWOW #46

5 reps/leg
One Leg Walkout Burpee
Weighted Side Lunge Jump
Side Plank Knee Tuck

3 Rounds for Time
*Note: The timer on screen said 14:28 when she stopped but time is really as noted.

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • Two dumb bells (Zuzka used two 8lb dumb bells for the lunge jumps)

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #46 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 13:45

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 12:39

    yay! i used 10 lb weights. :)

  2. SCORE: 13:52

    i did twice as many lunge jumps (with 8 lb weights) on the last set, unintentionally. i didn’t jump on them though… sporting an ankle strain, trying to take it easy.

  3. SCORE: 17:56

    took me longer time, but I am really happy I did it!

  4. SCORE: 13:10

    Used 8 lbs. I think I’ll try 10s next time!

  5. SCORE: 14:09

    nice one

  6. SCORE: 12:17

    lunge jumps with 4,3kg weights

  7. SCORE: 13:05

    I didn’t have weights though :/

  8. 12:50 w/10 lb weights. Dripping buckets!

  9. My knee gave out halfway through. I probably won’t be working out with Z until it heals (old injury that flares up) but I wanted to say… Don’t ever get rid of your website! I like it as much, if not more, that Zuzka’s and I’d be so sad to see you go. Your website is straight forward, easy to use and friendly. I’ve even recommended you to friends as a web designer!! So… Don’t stop! Keep it up! And thank you so much for this website!

    • Oh know Amber…hope your knee heals quickly. Thanks for the recommendations! and don’t you worry, my site is a keeper :) I love that more than just I can enjoy it (power of the internet) and everyone here keeps me motivated!

  10. SCORE: 12:06

    no weights and used to legs instead of one….. been out of the game for awhile… nice to be back but boy has it kicked my butt

  11. SCORE: 15:22

    5-lb weights :)

  12. SCORE: 14:49

    I was hoping for a bit faster than that, but it took me ages to find a way to do those side knees without putting to much pressure on my shoulder. Keen to see what I’ll do next time.

    Oh yeah ued 4kg, which is basically 8-9lb I think

  13. SCORE: 17:05

    Everything in the side plank is hard for me..

  14. SCORE: 11:01

    I went in thinking I’d do two ZWOW’s back to back after having taken a break from working out for a week and a half but after this one I’m pooped! I used 2-20lb dumbbells for the lunge jumps.

  15. SCORE: 09:59

    I was pushing hard after my yesterday’s session with ZWOW 49 I am a bit aching and I tried to push hard not to rest and not to slow down. I used my 2x5kg dumbbells. Lunges were hard.
    By the way I checked twice if I did all exercises correctly, I may do this exercises soon again just to confirm.

  16. I just followed along with you Zuzana. I can’t keep track of counting when I do your workouts. I am too focused on not losing my form.

  17. SCORE: 14 flat

    10# weights. Could shave off a minute if I didn’t take breaks…:(

  18. SCORE: 11:30

    with 3,75 kg dumbbells

  19. SCORE: 11:45

    5 kg, hard..

  20. SCORE: 12:30

    With 2x8lb weights…

  21. 12lbs weights enjoyed the walking Burpees

  22. SCORE: 14:35

    I modified it alot :(

  23. SCORE: 10:35

    13lb dumbbells. Loved the walkout burpees!! Bit disappointed by my time but room for improvement.

    • SCORE: 9:54

      Same weights. Need to focus on my form more and get lower in those lunges (did loads of side lunges yesterday so the thighs are still kinda tender) so may lower the weight next time to concentrate on form. Still loving those burpees :)

  24. SCORE: 16:00

    22lb kettlebells

  25. SCORE: 17:10

    1kg dumbbells. Normal push ups are hard enough, so I didn’t do the one-legged version.

    • SCORE: 14:54

      I’m happy :).
      This time I used 2 kg dumbbells. In the first round I tried one-legged burpees but they were so hard that I switched to the two-legged burpees in the 2. and 3. round.

      • SCORE: 20:17

        I think it’s not my day. The side planks were unusually hard (just holding them).
        But at least I tried a few new things. First I added the knee tuck. Before today I did only the hip lifts. Then I did the one leg walkout burpee in the first round and in the following rounds I did the one leg walkout with a 2-leg push up.

  26. SCORE: 13:53

    Those side planks kick my butt!! I was trying to beat Zuzana’s time, but couldn’t quite do it! Maybe next time!

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