ZWOW #45

Zuzka's Score: 3:52 Buy-in + 11:23
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ZWOW #45

Competition Burpee with Knee Hug Buy In
Wall Stand + 1 Push Up
Weighted Jump Squat
Row and Knee Tuck
3 Jump Lunges and Side Kick

2 Rounds for Time
*Burpee Buy In starts off the workout. Rounds start with Wall Stands.

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • Two dumb bells (Zuzka used two 8lb dumb bells for the jump squats)

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #45 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 3:52 Buy-in + 11:23

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 15:55

    Ok, so I’m new to these workouts. I’m very physically fit but my times are discouraging. I busted my ass!

  2. SCORE: 10:47

    I’m proud of my time, but not proud of the way my form suffered by the end. Gonna start paying more attention to maintaining proper form and less attention to time to try and get a better workout.

  3. SCORE: 16.30 + 5:20

    Waaah…a tough one! Had a long break between rounds. Too many burpees !!

  4. SCORE: 11:03

    I love when she does buy-ins.

  5. SCORE: 3:30 + 8:30

    Great workout! I’m always a big fan of handstands so I was looking forward to this one. Could definitely feel the jump lunges in the hams in round 2, slowed me down. I used 2 15lb dumbbells throughout.

  6. SCORE: 4:01 + 11:07

    i used 10 lb weights, and there was only one place i’m allowed to put my little feet on the wall, but not enough room there to do the side kicks, so i had to run down the hall in between sets :D
    i LOVE this one!

  7. Wow this one looks tough. I’ve been away from my computer for a week and will now have to catch up. Great scores you girls!

  8. SCORE: 04:03+08:10

    I felt very slow at the beginning of the workout but then I found a good rhythm. I used 2X5kg (11lb). Jump lunges are definitely a killer!

  9. Guys, I havenĀ“t tried many of these workouts yet but they do have appeal!!! I was wondering, what is the best time of day to perform these? I work full time 8-5 and have a 1:30hr commute to work… is waking up at 5:30am to do them on an empty stomach a good idea?


    • everyone seems to have a different opinion about that, but i started out like that, and no matter how crummy my day was, at least i’d successfully kicked butt already! it helped a lot! just throw down a handful of cashews or almonds first :)

    • Hey Ailin! I think the best time of day is where ever you can fit it in. I used to keep my workout clothes in a bag with me and go straight from work but I’ve found working out first thing before I eat or do anything has worked the best for me and that’s what I do now. :)

  10. SCORE: 4:17 & 12:32

    This one was a killer….I could not get my ass on that damn wall. Will keep trying!

  11. My Score: 3:52 Buy-in + 11:23. Followed along with Zu. Had a lot of fun with this one!

  12. SCORE: 5:46+10:39

    I used 2×4,3kg dumbells

  13. SCORE: 4:34 + 11:06

    9lb kettlebell, could go heavier, but the next size up i have is 18, and that’s a bit too heavy. don’t know why i’m so slow on those burpies. focused on form with the wall stands and pushups, alternating kick-up leg.

  14. SCORE: 4:56 + Total Time 13:16

    I did take a small break between the burpee buy-in and the beginning of the circuit to set up my timer. I really liked the burpee buy-in!

  15. SCORE: 8min warmup/yoga+5:30+10:22

    Really like this one used 9 lbs powerblocks

  16. SCORE: 4:57 & 10:21

    I was a little terrified to do this workout, but ended up loving it! By the end, I was able to kick my feet up onto the wall. Definitely will do it again.

  17. SCORE: 4:10 + 7:45

    13lb dumbbells for squat jumps and rows. Rows were tricky as my weights are round and kept unscrewing themselves. Loved this workout after the buy in. Proud of my time after two weeks on holiday where my only exercise was walking and cycling :)

    • SCORE: 4:37 + 7:22

      7kg (15lb) dumbbells for squats and rows. Thought I’d done better on the buy-in but worse than last time. Really struggling with energy at the mo, not sure why :(

  18. SCORE: 4.35 buy in + 10.25 workout

    4kg dumbbells. Start working out again after 20 days and eating a lot more than I should :o(.

  19. SCORE: Buy in 4:33min + 9:40min

    Omg !!! Was hard but I did it yayyy

  20. SCORE: 19:33 total time

    I didn’t keep separate times for my buy in and my time challenge but seeing the other’s times, looks loke I’m once again the slowest! That’s OK. I loved it anyway and did a great workout. Now off to my yoga session. ;-)

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