ZWOW #42

Zuzka's Score: 14:50
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ZWOW #42

Competition Burpees with Jump Tuck
Low Jacks
Strict Mountain Climbers
Commando Pushups
Knee Hugs
*Note: She said 10 mountain climbers and actually did 20.

4 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #42 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 14:50

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 9:19

    But i thought it was three rounds. so, next time: one more round!

  2. SCORE: 12:10

    great workout

  3. SCORE: 15:32

    Got disturbed!So shouldbeat this time next time, hopefully:-)

  4. SCORE: 14:10

    That was rough! :)

  5. SCORE: 5 rounds 14:50


  6. SCORE: 16:02

    Wow that last round really tested me. I took the last two days off… never doing that again!

  7. SCORE: 15:11

    Recovering from shoulder injury, this is my first shoulder use. I’m very happy!

    • oh, and this one was exhausting for arms!!

      • lol yes Zoe it was. I’ve had cortison injected in my shoulder and was told I could get straight back into it but was a bit scared to do that. It was fine though so now I’m into it. The arms are very weak from lack of use though:(

  8. SCORE: 6:10

    Rx @ 5 rounds w/ 30 lb vest.
    Good quick workout. Nice cardio for a day when I’m too sore for weights.

  9. SCORE: 15:30


  10. SCORE: 11:15

    I like this one! The commando pushups were where I had to take a pause each time. Goal for next time, sub10!

  11. SCORE: 10.18

    Only did 3 rounds… trying to get back into things. Been off for abut 5 months!!

  12. SCORE: doing this one today

    I have been out of the loop for a month now but i have wanting to ask this…… i wanted to know if you guys are doin one zwow all week long or just switching it up day by day…

    • Hey Lena! Originally I started with once/week and worked my way up to 1-2 ZWOW/day. Then I started CrossFit a couple months ago and I scaled my ZWOW’s back to one ZWOW a week and typically on the weekends. They’re quick enough to fit in one/day but it’s different for everyone. Z says she does one/day. Hope that helps. :)

      • thanks… i have been just doing what i am able to do day by day cuz this chick is kicking my rear and my work schedule is way not normal… i work days then nights.. it always messes me up

    • i do one per day unless my dance stuff is too long, and then i skip it :)

  13. SCORE: 12:31

    Great workout! The Burpees were good but commando push-ups were hard, due to everything before it!

  14. SCORE: 16:56

    Whou ! I’m not too proud of my score… ! (But, hey, I did it!!) My sore throat didn’t help… And I was SO out of breath ! Hm.
    What a nice way to end the day! (Now, with this minus 25 degrees outside, I think I’m gonna sit and melt (!) by the fireplace…

  15. SCORE: 17:19

    Good workout!

  16. SCORE: 13:29

    Although I think i forgot to do commando pushups on the second round… I added an extra set afterward just to be safe!

  17. SCORE: 12:45

    knee hugs is horrible..

  18. SCORE: 15:57

    Whoooaa. I took a chance and worked out about an hour after eating (normally I work out when I get home from work before eating). I felt a little light headed so I axed the jump tucks in the burpees for plain squat jumps. Last score was 16:21!

  19. SCORE: 12:05

    (small room -I must move exercise mat (+ time) ) I hate knee hugs, I can´t it :/

  20. SCORE: 16:08

    Uhhhh had to modify the knee hugs in the last round to regular sit ups

  21. SCORE: 13:40

    Beat my last time of 15:57!!!

  22. SCORE: 13:46

    Modified knee hugs…

  23. SCORE: 19 min

    first zwow in a year after having a kid …I SHALL DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  24. SCORE: 12:04

    I could only do two rounds because I got really nauseated. :( Oh well…plenty of room for improvement!

  25. SCORE: 12:27

    Strict mountain climbers are the worst. Probably the one exercise I’d choose burpees over haha

  26. SCORE: 13:56

    I know I can do better than this but struggling in 36 C (96F?) heat today so I’m just proud I did it at all. Off to cycle to the supermarket now so I can loiter in their chilled food aisles ;)

    • SCORE: 13:34

      Still not happy with my time, at least I could blame the heat last time. For some reason I find this zwow one of the hardest. Guess I’ll just have to try harder!

  27. SCORE: 20:22

    Not good, but I did push up burpees, instead of competition and 20 commando push ups in each round. I guess I have to read more carefully next time :)

  28. SCORE: 18:10

    Bringing up the rear on this one:). Commando push ups slowed me WAY down…but I did them!!

  29. SCORE: 15:22

    Feeling good!!

  30. SCORE: 17:42 (3 rounds)

    I hadn’t enough time to do the full workout. But phew, still hard, especially for my weak shoulders. I should work those muscles more.

  31. SCORE: 12:00

    woop! push ups killed me

  32. SCORE: 17:08

    I was hoping for a better time but that’s fine. I’m sweaty as h*** anyway. I took a few short water breaks.

  33. SCORE: 18:34 (3 rounds)

    I was sick a few days. Maybe that’s why I was slower and why it felt like i would faint any second in the last round. Because of the latter I skipped the fourth round.

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