ZWOW #41

Zuzka's Score: 15:35
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ZWOW #41

Burpee to Chair Stand Up
10 reps/side
Row and Twist
Prisoner Jump Squat
10 reps/leg
Doggie Leg Lift Push Up

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • A single dumb bell for Rows (Zuzka used 15 lbs)
  • Chair

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #41 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 15:35

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:50

    With small weight – 3 lb

  2. SCORE: 14:17

    Used a 15, like Z. I love the variety of exercises she shows us. The doggie leg lift was killer on my legs!

  3. SCORE: 12:57

    I used 20lb 1st round 25lb for the 2nd and 3rd round.

  4. SCORE: 15:24!

    10 lb weights is all i have.. wow, it was hard…

  5. SCORE: 15:05

    Sweating bullets!!!

  6. SCORE: 12:30


  7. SCORE: 12:36

    I used 11lb

  8. SCORE: 15:44

    Straight after ZWOW 42. Shoulder all good. Will visit this one again when I’ve strengthened up again. Those Doggies were killers.

  9. SCORE: 11:34

    The doggie leg lift pushup was by far the hardest move in this one and following that with the burpees really put pressure on the shoulders. I used a 20lb dumbbell for the rows. Overall though a really good workout. I’d rate this one high on the puke-meter though, (not that I did) :p

  10. SCORE: 16:44

    Doggie Leg Lift Push Up killed me:)


  11. SCORE: 12:28

    18lb kettlebell

  12. SCORE: 13:51

    I used 4kg kettlebell. The Doggie Leg Lift Push Ups was extremely hard!! :D

  13. SCORE: 10:55

    with 6,25 kg dumbell

  14. SCORE: 10:42

    with 6,25 kg …but every rounds I must take a chair on the left side and right side (small room)

  15. SCORE: 12:45

    with 7,5 kg .. but every rounds I must take a chair on the left side and right side (small room)

  16. SCORE: 14:44

    Loved this one!

  17. SCORE: 31:20

    Dang! Those doggie leg lifts are killer! Gotta get better next time!

  18. SCORE: 13:31

    Not bad

  19. SCORE: 15:44

    Good shoulder workout! Whew.

  20. SCORE: 12:57

    Had to pause the timer for a minute after the 2nd round of dog push ups as I felt really dizzy :S Tough shoulder workout, especially as my shoulders already hurt from carrying my hefty cat in his cage home from the vets yesterday on foot! Ready for the weekend and a couple of days off workouts! ;)

    Used 7kg dumbbell

  21. SCORE: 15:34

    10lb db
    Modified doggies: could only go 1/2 way down, and leg was more straight back than straight up :)

  22. SCORE: 24:34

    Those doggies were hard on my arms and shoulders. In the third round I couldn’t do them anymore so I did normal pike presses instead.

  23. SCORE: 23:47

    Same modifications like in march.
    This workout requires too much shoulder strength that I don’t have :P.

  24. SCORE: 18:46

    Today was tough! Doggie Pushups aren’t exactly my favorites but I did them anyway! Now the best part.. Time for lunch!

  25. This workout is definitely not my favorite.

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