ZWOW #04

Zuzka's Score: 22:08
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ZWOW #04

The New & Improved ZWOW #4:

Weighted Jump Squat
30 seconds
High Knees with Jump Rope
5 per side
Toe Touch, Twisted Push Up
30 seconds
High Knees with Jump Rope
Kettlebell Swing
30 seconds
High Knees with Jump Rope
Burpee, Jump Tuck
30 seconds
High Knees with Jump Rope
50 per leg

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights (Zuzka used 6lb dumb bells)
  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell

The Original ZWOW #4:

Kettlebell Swings
Push up, Twist with Leg Lift/Toe Touch
Squats while holding Broomstick
2 minutes
Jump Rope

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Kettlebell
  • Jump Rope
  • Broomstick
  • Water

Zuzka’s Score for the Original ZWOW #4 was: 27:55

Zuzka's Score: 22:08

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 29:02

    Great workout!!! Alternated arms with a 35-lb dumbbell for the swings and did 200 skips instead of 2 min. Thank you Zuzana!!!!!!! <3

  2. SCORE: 14:56**

    There was a heat advisory but I did this one outside anyway in 90 degree temps, that feel like 100 and I had to stop when I was 1 minute of skipping away from completing 2 full rounds because I didn’t want to puke :P that wouldn’t be very lady like now would it lol I’ll come back again to this one soon because I like the combination of exercises and I don’t have the time recorded from when I originally did this one.

    Oh, and I used the 40lb kettlebell and a 15lb curl bar instead of a broom

  3. SCORE: 22:25

    Hell yeah! Holy crap that was hard today. Did this outside in 80 degree full sun on the patio, still used the 40lb kettlebell and the 15lb curl bar for squats.

  4. SCORE: 46:16 mins

    Did 5 rounds of modified version: 50 pendulum, 20 of everything else and replace skipping with 300 high knees. Used 14 kg weights and 2x2kg weights for broomstick.
    It just rained sweat and I was drenched.

  5. SCORE: 33 min

    THAT was tough!

    • SCORE: 27:55

      I did 20 kettlebell swings for each round – by mistake obviously :-) – used a 10 kg weight.

      • SCORE: 27:29

        Tough, can’t move…did 15 ktlbl swings using 10 kg….got mixed up with my leg twists, will have to watch the video again. Did 200 high knees instead of the jump rope, otherwise I just jog SLOWLY for 2 min :-)

  6. Can I get warriorz tank tops, tees, sports bras, ect.?

  7. It’s worth the wait! I really hope she relaunches soon and makes a phone app, her workouts have been better bodyrock since she left.

  8. SCORE: 22:32

    Used a ~19 lb bag for swings and did high knees (no rope) for the 2 mins

  9. SCORE: 31:45

    That was hard! 4kilo dumbell for swing and 2 min of high knee jumping without the rope but moving my arms as well.

  10. SCORE: 29:16

    NOTE: It’s 20 swings, not 15. I did the push-ups for burpees on knees and used 15 lb. weight.

  11. SCORE: 30:53

    As far as difficulty goes, this one is right up there with ZWOW #1! Tough! I beat my PR today though!

    • This is definitely one of the longer ones but #1 is still my least fav. :p I’ll have to circle back around to this one and see if I can beat my last score. Way to PR Lauren!!

  12. Great workout! I used a 10 kg weight.

  13. SCORE: 25:36

    Great Workout – the Burpees almost killed me… but I made a good choice on my workout song “Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive […] You must fight just to keep them alive!”

    That’s exactly what I needed every now and then a reminder that I must fight.. so I did… and I won. ;-)

    I killed the workout before it killed me.

  14. SCORE: 26:45

    used 10 kg. The burpees is the worst exercise… why is so difficult for me??? I though I was in shape

  15. SCORE: 20:40

    New PR!! Last time, I took lots of breaks adn it took me 28:38, today I rocked it in 20:40!!! Yeah! Burpees were still the hardest….like always!

  16. SCORE: 29:57

    20lb bag of weights substituted for a kettlebell. That was tough!

  17. SCORE: 29.18

    25# kb, did 20 as the screen said. Tough tough workout.

    • There’s been so many discrepancies lately I had to go back and watch the vid. She only does 15 & her white board says 15 but on screen they said 20, so weird. Way to go doing 20 Cheryl! :)

  18. SCORE: 28.15

    Wow again! I love these workouts. Thanks!

  19. SCORE: 29:55

    So hard!!! I will do this workout again, I feel so good

  20. SCORE: 33

    This was so hard for me today. I had to take A LOT of breaks just to finish it. But I was able to finish all 3 rounds.

  21. SCORE: 26:15

    O my god… I can’t believe I made to the end of this one!

  22. SCORE: 19:56


  23. SCORE: 27:37

    Dropped the push up out of the twist after 1st round; used 16kb KB; goblet squats in place of overhead squats. Last round done with my 3 year old!

  24. SCORE: 26:16

    16kg kettlebell. Gosh that was tough! Sweating buckets by the end. Plenty of room for improvement on that time.

    • SCORE: 22:57

      16kg kb, 0.5kg dumbbells for skipping instead of using a rope. Pleased with my new time. I forgot how tough this one is. Think maybe I’ve overdone the workouts this week cos they were the toughest burpees ever, really felt I was lacking energy today :S

      • SCORE: 22:16

        Same weights as last time but added 5.2kg to my broomstick this time. Alternated the skipping 30 secs high knees, 30 secs butt kicks (and repeat). This one is tough all over. Think I’ve earned chocolate dessert tonight!! Happy Valentine’s Day xx

  25. SCORE: 23:00

    Whoa. It was those burpees that really did me in. XD
    I used 13 lbs. dumbbells combined for the kettlebell swings and one in each hand for the squats. >:)

  26. SCORE: 22:10

    Holy crap is all I can say. I did not even include the jumping rope because I just had a hip replacement!! 3 rounds w/o jumping rope I think I’m gonna pass out now lol AWESOME

  27. SCORE: 21:30

    Used 24lbs-8 single arms each great workout I’m dripping :)

    • New zwow 23:40- I only did 10 Burpees per round and 50 pendulum per round I’m dying! To be fair though I was up all night with my sick lil boy.

  28. SCORE: 23:30

    24kg kb, used pair of 2lb weights on jump ropes, sand filled PVC tube for overhead squats. Broke push ups and toe touches into 2 things as rotation injury was hurting on twists.

  29. SCORE: 20:46

    Awesome workout w/ 25lb kettlebell

  30. SCORE: 22.29

    Did the new and improved zwow 4. But I took it down a notch. I’d been tired lately and I Took 2 weeks off. Then I unders why.. I’m pregnant! Modified workout substituting the jumprope with no jump double high knees and the jump tuck with no jump double high knees. I took a small break after each round, but it looks like I did pretty well anyway with my time. Great workout!

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