ZWOW #38

Zuzka's Score: 15:45
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ZWOW #38

8 sets
5 Jump Lunges followed by 1 Burpee
20 reps/arm
Dumb bell Swing
20 reps/side
Side Crunch

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • A single heavy dumb bell (Zuzka used 15 lbs)
  • Water

Note: To see the exercises demonstrated by Zuzka, see the ZWOW #38 Preview video below.

Zuzka's Score: 15:45

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 19 min

    10 kg weight. The lunges were difficult…as usual! I can’t catch my breath…good workout!

  2. SCORE: 12:39

    Good workout! I’m glad she explained the dumbbell swings so well. I’ve never felt them like that before. Ouch! :)

  3. SCORE: 16 mins 50 secs

    use 7 kls dumbbell & that time includes my short rest & sipping of water

  4. SCORE: 26:30

    I’m still a beginner but I completed it! I used 7.5lbs dumbbell.

  5. SCORE: 14:53

    I also used 7kg sandbag. I have to agree with Cristelle that lunges are tough especially jump lunges.

  6. SCORE: 16:52

    This is my first time posting my score anywhere – used a 12 lb weight. :-) Thanks for posting this website – love seeing all the ZWOWs in one place!

  7. SCORE: 10:33

    After doing this workout yesterday I woke up with pretty tight shoulders and triceps but I was excited to attack this ZWOW. I used a 20lb dumb bell for the swings and I really liked this one!

  8. SCORE: 18:38

    added 5 burpees to each round.

  9. SCORE: 17:41

    With a 12(?)lb sandbag. Those jump lunge burpees are killer!

  10. SCORE: 14:30

    The first time i have done it with Zuzana. Today my score is 14:30, with a a 6.6 lb(3kg) dumbbell for the swings. :)

  11. SCORE: 14 mins 56 sec

    Using 40lb sandbag for the swings, this KILLED me!

  12. SCORE: 16:55

    I used 5,5kg. nice workout!

  13. SCORE: 14:55

    Love it

  14. SCORE: 14:08


  15. SCORE: 17:51

    I did #22 before this workout and I think it was mistake. I couldn’t do my best in this workout.

  16. SCORE: 12:05

    with 5 kg dummbell

  17. SCORE: 17:37+ 8 min wamup/stretching

    21lbs for swings like this workout

  18. SCORE: 11:25

    with 7,5 kg

  19. SCORE: 21:06

    Not sure if I was counting the jump lunge/burpee combo wrong, but this took me FOREVER.

    • SCORE: 15:09

      Last few times I did this I actually did 16 of the jump lunge/push up combo. I counted wrong because in the video (which I only previewed) she counts L & R as one rep… so I overdid it. Not this time, though.

  20. SCORE: 13:20

    with 10 kg dumbell

  21. SCORE: 12:26

    Improvement !!:)

  22. SCORE: 12:18

    7kg dumbbell. Did this one after #37 for an extra boost. Good fun.

    • SCORE: 12:20

      9kg dumbbell this time! :) Already did the morning kettlebell workout today too so that’s enough swings for one day!! ;)

  23. SCORE: 21:52

    Best 21 mins of my day

  24. SCORE: 15:11

    Wow!! I’m super sweaty! I’d forgotten how tough arm swings were! Loved it!!

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