ZWOW #36

Zuzka's Score: 11:20
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ZWOW #36

4-Point Hops clockwise
4-Point Hops counterclockwise
4-Point Punches
One Arm Alternating Planks (hold for 3 seconds)
Weighted Thrusts

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 4 non-slick items to use for Hops
  • 2 – 10lb dumbbells for punches and thrusts

Zuzka's Score: 11:20

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 10:36

    Had to use 8 pounders for the punches. Super sweaty after this one!

  2. SCORE: 11:09

    I used 2x5kg (11pounds).
    Thank you Zuzana, it was a nice workout. I am though missing some abdominal ones, I know that plank targets the whole core but maybe one more for the lower or side muscles.
    Maybe next time ;-)

  3. SCORE: 11:09

    Used 10 pound dumbbells.

  4. SCORE: 6:38

    I guess my Not-a-CrossFit classes have been making me stronger! :) Next time I’ll definitely increase the weight. I did this outside in 65degree full sun and used 4 pieces of tree bark for the 4 point hops, 10lb dumbbells for the thrusters and 8lb dumbbells for the 4 point punches. Then I did 10 handstand holds for 2-3 seconds each followed by 115 skips and 10 pushups after the workout.

  5. SCORE: 11:56

    With small weights. I found this Zwow easy,
    I need to get heavier weights I think!

  6. SCORE: 10:36

    Used 10lb DB for punches and the thrusters; great workout. Love the random ZWOW button on the website.

  7. SCORE: 7:18, three rounds, 10# weights

    Love this workout! Four of my favorite moves. Thank you!

  8. SCORE: 14.16

    Used 6 pound dumbbells for the 4 point punches. For the last plank set, I did regular planks with leg lifts. Too much mod for my liking, but next time I know I’ll do better.

  9. SCORE: 11:03!

    and with 10 lb weights!! i’m so excited!! i loved this one :)

  10. SCORE: 9:39

    Great workout! Especially for the arms and shoulders! Thanks Zuzka! :-)

  11. SCORE: 12:31min

    I really liked the 4-Point Punches :) Did Sumo Deadlift+High Pull instead of the Thrusters… oh.. and I used 6lbs dumbells

  12. SCORE: 11:27

    whooo!!! The last set really had me slowing down, I was dying! I thought I was well over 13:00. After about 3 months of ZWOWs, I’ve reached the point where I am strong enough to start really pushing myself through. So excited! (and sweaty…)

  13. SCORE: 10:01

    4-point punches are really great exercise!!!!
    (2kg dumbbells)

  14. SCORE: 9:28

    I had to pause halfway through to take an important phone call…I’m sure I would’nt have finished in such a good time otherwise.

  15. SCORE: 9:20

    with 4kg dumbbells. was very fun workout:)

  16. SCORE: 5:05

    With 1,5 kg. I dont believe it! But im doing it right!
    It was sooo easy!

  17. SCORE: 9:13

    Did this one 4 the first time. Used 3kg (6.6 pounds). Perhaps I should’ve made broader jumps….will do next time :)

    It was realy fun and short but aswell hard as h*ll! Loved it!

  18. SCORE: 9:35

    with 3,75 kg dumbells.. small hops :(

  19. SCORE: 9:35

    with 3,75 kg dumbells but small hops :(

  20. SCORE: 10:34

    Using 2x8lb dumbbells…

  21. SCORE: 11:10

    +8min warmup 10lbsweights

  22. SCORE: 8:40

    With 3,75 kg, small hops

  23. SCORE: 8:24

    9lb dumbbells. Nice easy one to break myself in again after a lazy week off visiting family and stuffing my face ;)

  24. SCORE: 10.02

    2×5 kg

  25. SCORE: 11:55

    4:02/3:37/4:13 2) 10lb dumbs
    4 point punches are FUN, hard but fun ;)

  26. Strawbs & Tim
    SCORE: S- 12:51 T- 13:27

    I used 2 x 4kgs and found the punches in front really hard. Tim used 2 x 6kg for the punches and the bar + 15kg for the squats. Bit straining on the back for me and Tim didn’t feel like he got a real workout.

  27. SCORE: 10:06

    Ok. So for my 4 point square I used a pair of my husband’s shoes and 2 of my dogs toys (1 of which he stole halfway through the workout). Fun and quick!! ;-)

  28. SCORE: 13:20

    That was fun :). I like the 4-Point Punches the most.

    • (11:36) I’m surprised how easy it was to nearly keep up with Zuzka :). I would love to try that with heavier dumbbells (I used 2x2kg). Sadly I don’t have them but hopefully soon.

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