ZWOW #36

Zuzka's Score: 11:20
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ZWOW #36

4-Point Hops clockwise
4-Point Hops counterclockwise
4-Point Punches
One Arm Alternating Planks (hold for 3 seconds)
Weighted Thrusts

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 4 non-slick items to use for Hops
  • 2 – 10lb dumbbells for punches and thrusts
About Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn, co-author of Pigskin Paleo (along with her husband Jeff), and project manager at SPYR.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.

Zuzka's Score: 11:20

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 10:36

    Had to use 8 pounders for the punches. Super sweaty after this one!

  2. SCORE: 11:09

    I used 2x5kg (11pounds).
    Thank you Zuzana, it was a nice workout. I am though missing some abdominal ones, I know that plank targets the whole core but maybe one more for the lower or side muscles.
    Maybe next time ;-)

  3. SCORE: 11:09

    Used 10 pound dumbbells.

  4. SCORE: 6:38

    I guess my Not-a-CrossFit classes have been making me stronger! :) Next time I’ll definitely increase the weight. I did this outside in 65degree full sun and used 4 pieces of tree bark for the 4 point hops, 10lb dumbbells for the thrusters and 8lb dumbbells for the 4 point punches. Then I did 10 handstand holds for 2-3 seconds each followed by 115 skips and 10 pushups after the workout.

  5. SCORE: 11:56

    With small weights. I found this Zwow easy,
    I need to get heavier weights I think!

  6. SCORE: 10:36

    Used 10lb DB for punches and the thrusters; great workout. Love the random ZWOW button on the website.

  7. SCORE: 7:18, three rounds, 10# weights

    Love this workout! Four of my favorite moves. Thank you!

  8. SCORE: 14.16

    Used 6 pound dumbbells for the 4 point punches. For the last plank set, I did regular planks with leg lifts. Too much mod for my liking, but next time I know I’ll do better.

  9. SCORE: 11:03!

    and with 10 lb weights!! i’m so excited!! i loved this one :)

  10. SCORE: 9:39

    Great workout! Especially for the arms and shoulders! Thanks Zuzka! :-)

  11. SCORE: 12:31min

    I really liked the 4-Point Punches :) Did Sumo Deadlift+High Pull instead of the Thrusters… oh.. and I used 6lbs dumbells

  12. SCORE: 11:27

    whooo!!! The last set really had me slowing down, I was dying! I thought I was well over 13:00. After about 3 months of ZWOWs, I’ve reached the point where I am strong enough to start really pushing myself through. So excited! (and sweaty…)

  13. SCORE: 10:01

    4-point punches are really great exercise!!!!
    (2kg dumbbells)

  14. SCORE: 9:28

    I had to pause halfway through to take an important phone call…I’m sure I would’nt have finished in such a good time otherwise.

  15. SCORE: 9:20

    with 4kg dumbbells. was very fun workout:)

  16. SCORE: 5:05

    With 1,5 kg. I dont believe it! But im doing it right!
    It was sooo easy!

  17. SCORE: 9:13

    Did this one 4 the first time. Used 3kg (6.6 pounds). Perhaps I should’ve made broader jumps….will do next time :)

    It was realy fun and short but aswell hard as h*ll! Loved it!

  18. SCORE: 9:35

    with 3,75 kg dumbells.. small hops :(

  19. SCORE: 9:35

    with 3,75 kg dumbells but small hops :(

  20. SCORE: 10:34

    Using 2x8lb dumbbells…

  21. SCORE: 11:10

    +8min warmup 10lbsweights

  22. SCORE: 8:40

    With 3,75 kg, small hops

  23. SCORE: 8:24

    9lb dumbbells. Nice easy one to break myself in again after a lazy week off visiting family and stuffing my face ;)

  24. SCORE: 10.02

    2×5 kg

  25. SCORE: 11:55

    4:02/3:37/4:13 2) 10lb dumbs
    4 point punches are FUN, hard but fun ;)

  26. Strawbs & Tim :
    SCORE: S- 12:51 T- 13:27

    I used 2 x 4kgs and found the punches in front really hard. Tim used 2 x 6kg for the punches and the bar + 15kg for the squats. Bit straining on the back for me and Tim didn’t feel like he got a real workout.

  27. SCORE: 10:06

    Ok. So for my 4 point square I used a pair of my husband’s shoes and 2 of my dogs toys (1 of which he stole halfway through the workout). Fun and quick!! ;-)

  28. SCORE: 13:20

    That was fun :). I like the 4-Point Punches the most.

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