ZWOW #35

Zuzka's Score: 12:39
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ZWOW #35

Overhead Squat Leg Lift
Competition Burpees
Alternating Pistol Squats
Chair Hops
Dive Bombers

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 free weights, Zuzka used two 15lb dumb bells for the overhead squats and a single 15lb weight for the Pistols

Note: There is an easy variation for beginners at 3:57.

Zuzka's Score: 12:39

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 16:17

    I had to do the beginner versions for pistol squats and divebombers. I used 2, 5 lb. weights for the squats and 1, 5 lb. weight for the pistol squats.

    • SCORE: 13:38

      Woohoo! New time after fourth day. I’m surprised by how quickly my arm strength increased in a short time. After day one I was “can’t move” sore, but after the fourth day I’m just feeling strong. Can’t wait for next week!

  2. SCORE: 13:21

    WOW. that was sooo hard. i used 10 pounds each until the last round when i switched to 5, so i would be able to raise my arms, haha. i was on the last 6 dive bombers when she finished, those things kill me!!

  3. SCORE: 13:46

    With beginner pistol squats and dive-bombers.
    I am DRIPPING with sweat. That was so so hard!!

  4. SCORE: 14:07

    With 2×11 pounds and 1×11 for pistol squats.
    My legs are killing me now :-)

  5. SCORE: 19:00

    With one 10-lb. weight for the squats and pistols….
    My arms are killing though? LOL

  6. SCORE: 11:12

    I used a 25 lb Sandbag for the overhead squats and a 10 lb dumbbell for the pistol squats. I loved it! Challenging, dynamic and fun!

  7. SCORE: 13:48

    With beginners pistols!

  8. SCORE: 11:50

    I used 15lb dumbbells for squats and pistols but on the second round of squats I didn’t lock my arms out, I just let them rest on my shoulders and for the 3rd round of squats I put the weights down for the last 5 reps. :( Completed this one on the patio in 59 degree shade. Definitely a good combination of exercises…I’m drenched!

  9. SCORE: 12:13

    Used 15s for the first 2 rounds then switched to 12s for the last. I used a chair for pistols. This one is definitely tough!

  10. SCORE: 14:22

    Day after 10k run, sore legs, so the pistols were killing

  11. SCORE: 12:30

    tough one!

  12. SCORE: 15:09

    leg lift with 2x 4,3kg

  13. SCORE: 12:30

    5lb weights, strict mountain climber instead of burped. Hurt knee

  14. SCORE: 15:41

    I used 2kg dumbbells. Divebombers on the kness and pistol squat = beginner’s version.

  15. SCORE: 14:49

    Did this with no warm up cause I was short on time this morning … Regretted that my muscles were sooooo tight!

  16. SCORE: 12:17

    This was a good sweat. I liked it!

  17. SCORE: 12:11

    15lb dumb bells, full pistols and dive bombers. Twisted my knee on the last set of pistols so glad I have a couple of days off to recover. This was a tougher – so hard to keep my arms locked on the squats!!

    • SCORE: 12:50

      Same weights but only shoulder height for the squats as overhead was pushing my knees over my toes and putting strain on my back. I ditched the weight for the pistols but did them all unassisted ( I’ve been practising!). Hate this workout as I always get injured. This time I twisted my wrist near the end of the last set of dive bombers and it was making an almighty cracking noise :S

  18. SCORE: 13:30

    2) 10lb dumbs… Lost those mid 2nd round :((
    Loved the pistol help. I have always struggled with those

  19. SCORE: 19:32

    I did chair pistols and switched the dive bombers for pike presses because even when I tried the easier variation on the knees my shoulder hurts. Therefore I think I do something wrong and wait until someone can show me the right way.

  20. SCORE: 15:40

    I used a 15 pound dumbbell. Trying to get back in the swing of things and it’s a struggle. Love these workouts though!

  21. SCORE: 16:52

    Yeah! I didn’t expect to be so much faster than last time. Especially since this time I used 2kg dumbbells instead of none or a pair of 1kg weights (I didn’t write it down, so I’m not sure. But it was definitly not 2kg.).
    Apart from that I did the same modifications as in february.

  22. SCORE: 12:43

    Barely made it through this one. WHEW! Used 10lb weights, and still had to modify! Cannot keep my arms up for those overhead squats (rested on shoulders). AND, had to use my extended leg to give myself a little push so I could make it back up during pistols. Full disclosure? OK, I also dropped to my knees a few times during dive bombers. :(

  23. SCORE: 17:00

    Although my time is slower I’m still happy. This was the first time I tried the dive bombers on my knees AND had no shoulder problems. So I did the knee dive bombers in 2 rounds and in the last round I went back to the pike presses because I couldn’t do them anymore. I’m so proud :)!

  24. SCORE: 21:11

    Reading about the other’s times, it seems that I’m always the slowest but that doesn’t worry me. I finish the whole workout every time and I’m really careful about the execution of the exercises. I MAY get quicker one day but even if I don’t I’m still loving my workouts!

    • Hi Aisha, usually that’s what I’m thinking all the time :). Slowly I’m getting better but in most of the workouts my scores are not even close to the others. So you’re not alone and my form is important to me too (quality over quantity^^).

  25. SCORE: 16:04

    I didn’t expect that :).

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