ZWOW #34

Zuzka's Score: 14:02
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ZWOW #34

Squat Hops
Bent Over Rows
Walking Lunges
Plank Pulls

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • *2 heavy free weights plus a single free weight double or more in weight from the other 2

*Zuzka used 2 15lb free weights and a 40lb dumb bell for the plank pulls

Zuzka's Score: 14:02

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 15:51

    With a 20 lb weight for the plank pulls. I like this one! :-)

  2. SCORE: 11:28

    20 lbs for everything….whew! but her floor had more traction. i used a towel under mine, so as not to screw up the hardwood :P

  3. SCORE: 13:58

    Used 15s and a 40! Awesome workout. Loved the new exercise. Never done the plank pulls before.

  4. SCORE: 11:37

    LOVED THIS ONE!!! My arms are burning but it was awesome, loved the plank pulls :) I used 2-15lb dumb bells and a 40lb kettlebell for the plank pulls, and I don’t even mind the divets I left in the grass from it…lol (Completed this outside in 79 degree full sun.)

  5. SCORE: 13mins 32secs.

    use (2)7kls for the first 3 exercise then 15kls for the pulls

  6. SCORE: 10 mins 47 sec

    This one FLEW by! Used my 30lb sandbag for everything. The pull&crawls weren’t as effective on my laminate floors but oh well. Went for a 4th round to make up for it, finished in 14:38.

  7. SCORE: 16:29:03

    .. i need to get a heavier weight for the dumbell pull..

  8. SCORE: 14:25

    I used 2×5,5kg and 17kg
    nice workout!

  9. SCORE: 9:57


  10. SCORE: 12:47

    2kg dumbbells

  11. SCORE: 14:55

    Tough one love it 12 lbs 18 lbs24 lbs

  12. SCORE: 15:19

    My upper body could do with some work so this was really good. Maybe overdid it a bit with 9kg (19-20 lbs) dumbbells but only 16kg (35lbs – the heaviest weight I’ve got) kettlebell for the pulls so I think it evens out. I reckon this one is gonna hurt tomoro!!

    • SCORE: 14:07

      Same weights. Still found the dumbbells a bit on the too heavy side but got through it. Next goal – to beat Zuzka’s time on this one, I was so close!

  13. SCORE: 15:04

    Definitely room for improvement

  14. SCORE: 13:54

    2) 10lb dumbells & 25lb kettlebell. Loved the plank pulls! Will use 35lb kb next time :)

  15. SCORE: didn't time it

    1) 20 jump squats
    2) 20 push ups from knees
    3) 20 x walking lunges
    4) 20 x plank where im touching opposite leg.

    and I can finally make one decent push up on toes!!! So proud of myself :D

  16. SCORE: 13:39

    Like this one! Used 15lbs and a 45lb weight for plank pulls. Maybe the laminate floors made it too easy… may have to go up a bit next time.

  17. Strawbs & Tim
    SCORE: 20:43

    Wow! I was in Struggle Town this morning while Tim was in Winning, the next suburb over. He would have gotten a much better time than this but he waited for me. I did 2 x 6kg on the first 3 exercises then dragged a 15kg weight plate around. Tim used 2 x 9kg for the first and third exercises, the bar + 15kg/25kg for the second and a 20kg+ weight plate. I really struggled with my back injury on this one- glad it’s over!!

  18. SCORE: 18:10

    Wow.. I used 13 lb dumbbells for everything but the plank pulls that was a 25 lb weight. Those plank pulls were tougher than I thought. Even because my dog was convinced that it was time for him to play. I renamed that exercise “DOG WRESTLING PLANK PULL”!

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