ZWOW #32

Zuzka's Score: 9:55
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ZWOW #32

Side Hops
Chair Dips
Broad Jumps
Weighted Russian Twists
1 mile
*Run (or 8 minute sprint)

3 Rounds for Time
*Run is not part of the 3 rounds, should be completed after the weight training.

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Heavy Free Weights (Zuzka used two 25lb dumb bells)
  • Chair
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Zuzka's Score: 9:55

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 9:03

    i’d like to think i’m awesome, but i only had 10 lb weights, haha….
    i did 5 minutes of high-knees skipping. i hate to run :P and five minutes is about all the repetitive motion i can take. *needs more meditation practice* :D

  2. SCORE: 9:12

    Used 15 pound dumb bells and 10 minute jump rope afterwards.

  3. SCORE: 9:23 min

    As I don’t have free weights that heavy (or actually free weights at all, ha) the only thing I could use for the thruster were 3 lbs water bottles. Therefore I did 10 reps. And for the russian twists I used a 4 lbs medicine ball and did 20 reps. It’s all I have.
    I workout in the morning when my 1 year old plays by himself in his play pen for half an hour so I couldn’t go for a run. Sustituted with 10 minutes of 10/50 sec High Knees. Cool workout, as always!

  4. SCORE: 17 min

    I don’t know how you do it guys!!!?? Those side hops took me far too long and a lot of energy and motivation! I had small weights -3lb water-bottles- so did 10 reps and 20 reps for the Russian twists.

  5. SCORE: 9:17

    Using 25 lb. dumbells. That was rough!

  6. SCORE: 9.24

    Hi! I don’t have heavy weights, so i did 10 thruster and 20 russain twist with my weights. This was very godd feeling. In the end 8 minutes of skipping 5/25 interval.( set 16 r:)) This workout is one of my favourite.Have a nice day.

  7. SCORE: 10:31

    Hmm definitely will have to do this one again!

  8. SCORE: 9:32

    I also don’t have any free weights so I use 2lb jelly jars and then ran in place for 8mins afterwards. I’m sure my time would have been alot longer if I had been using 25lbs.

  9. SCORE: 8:54

    FINALLLLY circled back around to this one!! After two days of CrossFit testing today is my day off from those workouts and I felt strong going in. I used 25lb weights for the thrusters and the twists and completed a 1.5 mile run at the end in 14 minutes

  10. SCORE: 15:21

    Still 3lb water bottles, did 2 reps for thrusters & twists. It’s getting easier!

  11. SCORE: 10:08

    I used 2x7kg dumbells and 8min jump rope

  12. SCORE: 8:01

    2kg dumbbells for thrusters, 4kg kettlebell for russian twists.. I really need heavier dumbbells because with this small weights are thist workouts easy :/

  13. SCORE: 9:36

    did this twice today… first time my score was 7:30 and thought something was awry. turns out i forgot about the dips! so i repeated with a respectable 9:36. one mile run = 8:37.

  14. SCORE: 9:47

    5 min sprint+ 5min yoga was running super late this morning and so sore from yesterday but I at least got this short workout in.

  15. SCORE: 7:43

    did this after zwow 21. used 15# dumbbells b/c that’s the heaviest i’ve got. i also, did 20 russian twists (10/each side) b/c I couldn’t remember how many the workout called for.

    i have a 3 mile run on the books for today so i’ll do that, pushing my daughter in the stroller, once she is up from her nap.

  16. SCORE: 6:35

    9kg dumbbells. Off out now in the sunshine for my 1 mile run :)

  17. SCORE: 8:21

    Only had 2) 10lb dumbells… So did 10 thrusters. Need more weight!!

  18. SCORE: 8:40

    Used 20lbs weights, might have to go up to 22.5lbs next time, although those thrusters are killer… even at 20lbs.

  19. SCORE: 9:43

    Wow :). That’s the second time I was faster than Zuzka. Somehow she seemed so slow during the side hops compared to me. In Zwow 29 it was the other way around. Strange…
    I used a 2kg dumbbell which was a bit too light but I have no heavier weight. And instead of the 1 mile run (I hate running ;).) I did one of her 5 minute workouts she is posting lately.

  20. SCORE: 11:52

    Quick and fun. 11:52 for the time challenge with a few water breaks. Now, time for the sprints! ;-)

  21. SCORE: 9:59

    I did 10 thrusters in the 2nd and 3rd round because it wasn’t intense enough with my 2kg dumbbells after the 1st round. And in the 3rd round I added 10 russian twists. I think next time I will double these 2 exercises in all rounds.
    At the end I did her latest 5 minute workout instead of the 1 mile run.

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