ZWOW #31

Zuzka's Score: 18:36
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ZWOW #31

Push Ups
Competition Burpees
Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers
Sit Ups

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 18:36

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 16 mins 38 sec

    I like these mid-length ones. More than 10 mins, but less than 20 is perfect! :)

  2. SCORE: 16:37

    Awesome workout this one. Simple exercices, yet super intense :)

  3. SCORE: 17:28

    whew!! you guys are tough!

  4. SCORE: 18:48

    After taking a week off for birthday celebrations and cooking marathons I finally got to try this one. Just finished it in 90 degree heat on the patio. I didn’t beat Zuzka’s score this time but I’m eyeballing Vania’s time for my goal :) Burpees weren’t so bad for me but now that I don’t have as much padding on my butt the sit ups, I’m pretty sure, are gonna leave a bruise lol :/

  5. SCORE: 24:37 min

    You guys are fast! The burpees slowed me down and the sit ups felt endless, like Zuzka said. But I did all push ups from the toes. So proud …

  6. SCORE: 30 min 50

    I,m struggling!

  7. SCORE: 18:25

    Couldn’t agree more with Zu. Competition Burpees were my peeks and those 50 sit ups felt endless! Tough!

  8. SCORE: 23:38

    Didn’t beat my original time by much but did beat it by a good minute and some.

  9. SCORE: 19:37

    Today! Jump squats were killer following burpees.

  10. SCORE: 23:07

    First one done with no modifications! So excited.

  11. SCORE: 24:06

    No modifications, though I wanted to after the second round of push-ups, still not very good at those.

  12. SCORE: 15:44

    This was a good one.
    Thank you Zuzana

  13. SCORE: 31:58

    struggle :D :D

  14. SCORE: 33min

    Wow! The first time I did this, I could only do one round. I actually finished this time!

  15. SCORE: 19:47

    The burpees always kill me and slow me down so much

  16. SCORE: 20min

    This is the 2nd time I done this workout and I did it in 20 min this time the 1st time I did it; it took me 26 min.

  17. SCORE: 23:20

    Love this website! It is perfect!

  18. SCORE: 24:40

    Great workout!

  19. SCORE: 19:55

    Just found this website, Zuzana you are incredible. This one hurt, and I have a lot of room for improvement. Thanks Marla! This website is sweet!

  20. SCORE: 23:08

    My yoga mat wasn’t quite thick enough for all those sit ups and burpees. I have to find somewhere softer!

  21. SCORE: 17:57

    1 1/4 mile run warm-up, 8:39 min/mi pace. good solid workout, i think i will do this one regularly. with my yoga teaching background, it turns out i do well on body-weight only excercises.

  22. SCORE: 22:34

    I love this workout!

  23. SCORE: 16:35

    Uf!!! :)

  24. SCORE: 21:47

    Not too bad! After the first set of burpees I definitely thought it would be higher.

  25. SCORE: 23:29

    Oh my Lord. I didn’t think those kind of Burbees would be hard…I almost died during the first round. My time isn’t very fast compared to others…but that leaves me plenty of room to improve. So excited!

  26. SCORE: 8 min warmup+ 22:55

    Burpees were killer!

  27. SCORE: 18:13

    Love this one! Great for traveling.

  28. Leslie Sawatzke
    SCORE: 20:43

    Thought for sure I’d be sub-20 minutes, but that means I have a goal for next time

  29. SCORE: 18:56

    Damn, so close to Zuzka’s score! I blame the humidity ;) Must try harder next time

  30. SCORE: 28:45

    Holy schnikeys!!!

  31. SCORE: 23:05

    Almost 6 minutes faster than 6 months ago… Yeehaw!

  32. SCORE: 16:08

    *2 rounds, and push were on knees..

  33. SCORE: 18.50

    AAmazing…intense and simple. Very effective.

  34. SCORE: 20:58

    I can usually somewhat keep up with Z, but this one killed me! Talk about a killer cardio workout! The sequence was insane – push-ups followed by burpees, and then jump squats! Are you kidding me?? Awesome!

  35. SCORE: 15:37

    I thought I will be way worse then last time. I bettered my result by 7sec. I love these type of exercises, it reminds me of my former JKD trainings. I guess as long as there are no monkey push ups, intricate lunges or pistol squats, I am good

  36. SCORE: 29:22

    This was hard but so good!!

  37. SCORE: 28:01

    Fun… love these bodyweight workouts!!!!

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