ZWOW #30

Zuzka's Score: 17:40
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ZWOW #30

Dive Bombers
20 per leg
Squat Leg Lift
10 per side
Side Plank Lift
10 per leg
Pistol Squats

3 Rounds for Time

Note: This is the same as ZWOW #1, Zuzka wanted to update her score and redid the workout.

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 17:40

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 16:52!!

    i’m so excited!! last time was 24:04!!

    • Nice work! I had watched ZWOW #1 and thought it was 5 rounds when it actually was 3 so that may have contributed to everyone’s pain (and lack of beating the score) hehe WAY TO GO!!

  2. SCORE: 17:45

    I still hate this one the most! Finished this on after swimming 1600meters at the local pool. Considering I got the number of rounds correct this time (I did 5 rounds for ZWOW #1, oops!) I was within Zuzka’s new time by 5 seconds, definitely a ZWOW to continue to work towards beating, just not tomorrow ;)

    • SCORE: 19:30

      i redid this one with her post #1, because i forgot she’d done it again…i think it really does something to try to keep up with her, because my score was a lot worse this time!

  3. SCORE: 18:02

    Tough workout!! Pistols are difficult.

  4. SCORE: 14:38

    way better this time pistols get me every time.

  5. SCORE: 19:16

    it was really hard. i am proud! :)

  6. SCORE: 24:08:49

    Really proud of myself this morning! First time completing the workout :)

  7. SCORE: 19:16:04

    lost about 5 minutes! super proud :)

  8. Think i’m going to die but at least i’ll be smiling! 15:21!!

  9. SCORE: 17.39

    I did Cossack squats instead of pistol. :-)

  10. SCORE: 17.39

    Did 4 mins better than my last..

  11. SCORE: 17:53

    Hah it definitely has been a long time! Getting back into a routine though :)

  12. SCORE: 21:27

    My goal for this workout is under 20:00. This workout is super hard for me!

  13. SCORE: 31 min

    even with modifications….oh well darn those squats lol!

  14. SCORE: 20:16


  15. SCORE: 27:18

    Had to hold onto chest of drawers for pistols :( Burpees/bombers/burpees are tough back to back. Going to keep pushing.

  16. SCORE: 18:30

    I was about ready to puke towards the end! My pistols were plain pathetic compared to hers. I went about half way down and used supports. One day, I’ll be able to do real pistols!

  17. SCORE: 19:49

    Shaved 5 min :) so proud of myself, still trying to catch my breath used door knob for support on pistols but got down super low.

  18. SCORE: 18:23

    Hell yeah! Destroyed my crappy time of 34:20 on ZWOW #1! Shows what I can achieve in two months :D Grinning from ear to ear. I’m stronger than I know :)

    • SCORE: 16:52

      Little gains. Still need more pistol practice as I’m still using the rope as my security blanket. Happy 4th of July to those it is appropriate for x

  19. SCORE: 23:00

    4 minutes better than last time. I’ll take it! Stil using support on pistols :(

  20. SCORE: 17:16

    4 months ago did zwow1 at 24:02; today I was 7 minutes less!!! Thank you zuzka!! First time I have redone an old workout and couldn’t be happier!! :)

  21. SCORE: 23:48

    Dive bombers were on knees, and very first time to complete the workout! :D

  22. SCORE: 17:03! *half-way down pistols*

    WOW, I forgot how killer this workout was. I still suck at pistols though, so had I gone all the way down I’d probably have an extra 2-3mins on my time… or maybe I’d still be down there.

  23. SCORE: 22:05 (2 rounds)

    Stool pistols

  24. SCORE: 24:14

    Had a little bit of a flu bug but did the workout anyway. . Next time I’ll go for a better score!

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