ZWOW #03

Zuzka's Score: 18:18
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ZWOW #03

The New & Improved ZWOW #3:

5 *
Jump Lunge, Squat
5 * per leg
Weighted One Leg Elevated Lunge + Forward Walking Lunge
5 *
Bird-Dog Push Up, Superman
5 * per leg
Skater + Jump Up

5 Round Pyramid for Time
* Each Round reps change and proceed in this order: 5,10,15,10,5

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights
  • Chair

The Original ZWOW #3:

5 *
Split Squat Jumps
5 *
Weighted One Leg Lunge
5 *
Push Up/Superman Push Ups
5 *

5 Round Pyramid for Time
* Each Round reps change and proceed in this order: 5,10,15,10,5

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights

Zuzka’s Score for the Original ZWOW #3 was: 18:18

Zuzka's Score: 18:18

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 14:30

    Did this one again today outside on the patio with a 22.5lb kettlebell instead 2 free weights for the weighted lunge. New personal best! :)

  2. SCORE: 16:31

    Yay!!!!!!! i actually did good on this one!!! :) Okay so now I know…lower body is still strong. Upper body needs lots of work. Whew! I really like those skaters! They’re fun.

    • On a funny note, this is the workout for shaping your butt. There was some Pitbull song playing on Pandora’s workout station that said something about “my girl’s gotta big ole booty.” lol

  3. SCORE: 21:14

    my pyramid are in reps of 10-15-20-15-10. used 2x6kg weights for the lunges – the lunges are tough!

  4. SCORE: 15:15

    Whoa, my whole body is wobbly :) Used two 15lb dumbells for all the lunges this time and made it about halfway before I had to start doing girly pushups. The arms are a little weak.

  5. SCORE: 19:11

    Been a while since I did this one — still a good workout! I got rid of the weights after the second round, and I started doing beginner push ups during the 15rep round. Go warriorZ!

  6. SCORE: 19:58

    With 4kg dumbells for all of the single leg lunges.

    Might have to try the 10,15,20,15,10 version next time :)

  7. SCORE: 12:33

    Used 1 gallon jugs for weighted one-legged lunge

  8. SCORE: 15:18

    Didn’t go all the way down for one leg lunges, lunge jumps or skaters (knee trouble). Used pair of 15 lb. Dumbbells for one leg lunges. Did real push ups.

  9. SCORE: 17:00

    shocked :)

  10. SCORE: 15:42:95

    Didn’n go all the way down for lunges jumps and skaters..knee trubles here too.. Also i use 2 free weights if 4 kilo each for the first 2 rounds and the last one, and 2 free dumbells 1kilo each for the 15 and 10 rounds (the second 10). yee hawww!

  11. SCORE: 19:10

    Great workout! I’m going to feel this in my legs tomorrow!

  12. SCORE: 30.32*

    My second zwow ever :)
    My pyramid is in reps of 10-15-20-15. Was too tired for the last one. used 2x5kg weights for the lunges.

  13. SCORE: 14:50

    NOTE: Modified push-ups for 15 of the superman push-ups. Used 15 lb. weights. Yay!

  14. SCORE: 15:13


  15. Score: 15:28

  16. SCORE: 14:31

    i used 10 lbs weights in each hand for the whole of the lunges, and still beat my time! yay!

  17. SCORE: 17:36

    I didn’t have weights… so I did the one Leg elevated Lunge just with my own bodyweight :)
    It was tough for the legs, but I also feel my arms ….

  18. SCORE: 16:26

    I used 2×5,5kg

  19. SCORE: 14:37

    A tough one, my lower back was already aching from the other day’s gym training. Used an 8 kg kettlebell for 1-leg lunges. So happy I managed real pushups all the way – getting stronger! :-)

  20. SCORE: 19:23

    I used 2x10kg dumbbells. I think is a good time as yesterday I was in the gim training legs. I will try again in a couple of days. I would change the Skaters name for Capoeira steps :D

  21. SCORE: 15.13

    25# kettlebell in upward round of pyramid; 2X12# dumbbells in downward round…not much weight difference I realize but i was having trouble balancing w kb.

  22. SCORE: 17.20

    WOW I love these workouts. I feel that I am working out with a partner. They are just the right amount of time. Powerful and efficient. Thanks Z.

  23. SCORE: 16:27

    I did 100 push ups before this workout and I was dying when I did superman push ups.
    With no weights.

  24. SCORE: 10:27

    with 3 kg

  25. SCORE: 15

    with 1 kg weights

  26. SCORE: 9:43

    with 5,5 kg (= 11 kg)

  27. SCORE: 23:28

    I did this one on Monday. Pretty impressed that it only took me 5 more minutes than Z!

  28. SCORE: 15:17

    two gallons of 5 lt. ofwater

  29. SCORE: 15:16

    No weights, don’t have any yet!

  30. SCORE: 13:23

    this was the first zwow i ever did, about a year ago, and now i’m doig the zwows over and keeping score, this time i actually beat z’s time! i used 10lb weights

  31. SCORE: 11.55

    2 x 3 kg, first try.

  32. SCORE: 9:09

    with 5 kg (one hand)

  33. SCORE: 14:14

    2 x 4kg
    first time

  34. SCORE: 13:32


  35. SCORE: 21:20

    I used 2x3kg dumbbells, and today I can´t feel my ass :-D

  36. SCORE: 13:40

    Using 8lb dumbbells…

  37. SCORE: 18:11

    Wood must be getting stronger as beat Zuzka by 7 seconds! LOL. Used heavier weights this time which killed my bum!

    • SCORE: 15:06

      5kg dumbbells (upped from 4kg last time). Ouch, forgot what a thigh burner this one is! And I could barely pick myself up after the last 5 push ups.

      • SCORE: 14:28

        6kg dumbbells and full superman (upper and lower body raise). Love the pyramid, those last 5 reps of each seem so nice after the 10s and 15 :)

  38. SCORE: 9:37

    with 6,25 kg dumbbells

  39. SCORE: 24:28

    With the pyramid in 10-15-20-15-10 and using 2x8lb dumbbells for all the weighted lunges… So. Hard! Not sure I’m up for trying that again…

  40. SCORE: 15:31

    Used 2 5lb dumb bells for the weighted lunges. This may be my favorite ass workout, right behind the “Tight Cheeks” workout from her bodyrock days. I will come back to this one for sure!!

  41. SCORE: 10:20

    with 7,5 k gdumbells

  42. SCORE: 15:16

    Last score 15:31. I think next time I’ll increase the weights to 10lbs

  43. SCORE: 23:21

    WHOA. That was so hard. :)
    I did the 10, 15, 20… set like some other people. That was really challenging to push through after doing another ZWOW before, but I feel great after finishing!

  44. SCORE: 14:48

    Yeowwwser love it

  45. SCORE: 22. Min

    Music pushes me through the workout. I feel great! Thanks for this website.

  46. SCORE: 13:18

    10lb bells for lunges

  47. SCORE: 24 kg kettle bell lunges in each hand for a 28 year old lady

    Hi all , I’ve been weight training to keep healthy, I have an athletic build and currently able to lunge with 2 x 24 kg kettle bells – I’m worried my trainer is pushing the limit because I am strong and really don’t want to end up a she-man- any advice would be appreciated to carry on or pull back with the weights???

  48. SCORE: 15:03

    Felt broken after yesterday’s attempt on 600 fat burner workout :-)

  49. SCORE: 21:21

    Used 2 x 6kg for the first 5 lunges on each leg of each round and really concentrated on slow and steady, perfect form, especially on the push-ups (I did close arms to work my triceps more). Loved this one!

  50. SCORE: 18:14

    I did this 2 days ago and was shocked to see the time. Strangly I started with Zuzka but she finished first. So somehow her time is a bit off by a few seconds (I’m not sure if you can say this. English is not my native language.). Nonetheless that’s the first time I nearly kept up with her the whole workout :)!

  51. SCORE: 16:48

    We killed this! Tim used crazy weights and i used 2 x 6kg dumbbells.

  52. SCORE: 16:42

    Wow. After I was as fast as Zuzka in the first 3 rounds I didn’t expect a time like that.

  53. SCORE: 29:27

    Did the new zwow 3 version. I’m super sweaty and pooped! I used 5 kg du bells for the lunges. Loved it

  54. SCORE: 16:31 (old version)

    I think I wasn’t pushing enough in the first two rounds. So a better score is possible ;).
    Sadly I had no time for the new but longer version of the workout…again. But I will try to do it next week.

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