ZWOW #29

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 20 side hops
Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

ZWOW #29

5 each leg
Alternating Pistol Squats
Side Hops
Plank Row Knee Tuck
180 Burpee

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 20 side hops

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 3 rounds + 3 squats

    Still don’t feel 100% back to normal but had to try the new ZWOW…those side hops are a silent and unexpected killer, WOW! Goal next time is to beat Zuzka and push it to 4 rounds!

  2. SCORE: 2 rounds + 3 squats

    This was harder than expected. The burpees probably took me them 7 minutes out of 10 lol Great workout!

  3. SCORE: 3 rounds, 2 plank-row-knee tucks!


  4. SCORE: 4.75 rounds (12 minutes)

    Up the time to 12 minutes. Did this after #5. don’t like the 180 burpees.

  5. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 4 180 Burpees

    I knocked this one out this morning. I’m getting a lot more depth in my pistol squats! I added some ab work at the end and called it a day.

  6. I did 2 rounds and 4 pistols. I too am getting so much deeper in my pistol squats. Great feeling. I too thought this workout was harder than expected. The hops got me out of breath faster than I thought :-)

  7. Hi, I haven’t gotten to this ZWOW yet, but just wanted to say great job designing and updating a simple, yet informative, interactive, and easy-to-navigate site!

  8. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 pistol squats + 28 side hops

    my husband and i did it together. we made through about 3.5 rounds! i didn’t think it would be that high.

  9. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 (half) pistol squats + 20 side hops

    I still can’t do pistol squats, so I did them half-way down, like Zuzka demonstrates at the start of this video.

  10. SCORE: 3 rounds minus 2 burpees

    First day and I love it already! Thanks!

  11. SCORE: 2 rounds +1 burpee

    I didn’t beat my score of 3 rounds (Aug 15) :-( oh well, next time…

  12. SCORE: 3 rounds + 35 Side Hops

    But I did half squats. :(

  13. SCORE: 4rounds

    pistols with chair

  14. SCORE: 3 Round + 3 pistols

    Added the 4th round after

  15. SCORE: 3 rounds + squats, hops, planks, 3 burpees

    taught an hour yoga class, rock climbed for 30 minutes, then this workout

  16. SCORE: 2rounds+pistols,hops,planks

    Then collapsed for a few minutes in a puddle of sweat.

  17. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 5 (R) Pistols / 5 (L) Pistols

    I really like the Plank Row Knee Tucks!

  18. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 pistols + 50 side hops

    Used rope around door handle to assist the last set of pistols but mega proud of myself for managing most of them unassisted – something that seemed impossible 2 months ago!! I didn’t believe Marla then (sorry!) but she was right, they really do get easier if you keep at it

  19. SCORE: 3 rounds 30 hops


  20. SCORE: 3rounds + 9 hops

    Probably knocked my hop over mat apart 5 times! Really need to work on getting my feet up…not just over ;)

  21. SCORE: 3rounds + 9 hops

    Probably knocked my hop over mat apart 5 times! Really need to work on getting my feet up…not just over ;)

  22. SCORE: 2 rounds + 7 side hops

    The last time I tried this workout my score was less than 2 rounds. Yeah! Hopefully next time I will finish 3 rounds.

  23. SCORE: 3 rounds + 9 plank-row knee tucks

    WOW, talk about a good cardio workout! I’m totally out of breath! Still have a hard time with pistols though – have to either do half-way down, or all the way down and then help myself back up.

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds + 1 burpee

    Yeah! 3 rounds, i’m coming :).

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