ZWOW #29

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 20 side hops
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ZWOW #29

5 each leg
Alternating Pistol Squats
Side Hops
Plank Row Knee Tuck
180 Burpee

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
About Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn, co-author of Pigskin Paleo (along with her husband Jeff), and project manager at SPYR.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 20 side hops

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 3 rounds + 3 squats

    Still don’t feel 100% back to normal but had to try the new ZWOW…those side hops are a silent and unexpected killer, WOW! Goal next time is to beat Zuzka and push it to 4 rounds!

  2. SCORE: 2 rounds + 3 squats

    This was harder than expected. The burpees probably took me them 7 minutes out of 10 lol Great workout!

  3. SCORE: 3 rounds, 2 plank-row-knee tucks!


  4. SCORE: 4.75 rounds (12 minutes)

    Up the time to 12 minutes. Did this after #5. don’t like the 180 burpees.

  5. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 4 180 Burpees

    I knocked this one out this morning. I’m getting a lot more depth in my pistol squats! I added some ab work at the end and called it a day.

  6. I did 2 rounds and 4 pistols. I too am getting so much deeper in my pistol squats. Great feeling. I too thought this workout was harder than expected. The hops got me out of breath faster than I thought :-)

  7. Hi, I haven’t gotten to this ZWOW yet, but just wanted to say great job designing and updating a simple, yet informative, interactive, and easy-to-navigate site!

  8. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 pistol squats + 28 side hops

    my husband and i did it together. we made through about 3.5 rounds! i didn’t think it would be that high.

  9. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 (half) pistol squats + 20 side hops

    I still can’t do pistol squats, so I did them half-way down, like Zuzka demonstrates at the start of this video.

  10. SCORE: 3 rounds minus 2 burpees

    First day and I love it already! Thanks!

  11. SCORE: 2 rounds +1 burpee

    I didn’t beat my score of 3 rounds (Aug 15) :-( oh well, next time…

  12. SCORE: 3 rounds + 35 Side Hops

    But I did half squats. :(

  13. SCORE: 4rounds

    pistols with chair

  14. SCORE: 3 Round + 3 pistols

    Added the 4th round after

  15. SCORE: 3 rounds + squats, hops, planks, 3 burpees

    taught an hour yoga class, rock climbed for 30 minutes, then this workout

  16. SCORE: 2rounds+pistols,hops,planks

    Then collapsed for a few minutes in a puddle of sweat.

  17. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 5 (R) Pistols / 5 (L) Pistols

    I really like the Plank Row Knee Tucks!

  18. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 pistols + 50 side hops

    Used rope around door handle to assist the last set of pistols but mega proud of myself for managing most of them unassisted – something that seemed impossible 2 months ago!! I didn’t believe Marla then (sorry!) but she was right, they really do get easier if you keep at it

  19. SCORE: 3 rounds 30 hops


  20. SCORE: 3rounds + 9 hops

    Probably knocked my hop over mat apart 5 times! Really need to work on getting my feet up…not just over ;)

  21. SCORE: 3rounds + 9 hops

    Probably knocked my hop over mat apart 5 times! Really need to work on getting my feet up…not just over ;)

  22. SCORE: 2 rounds + 7 side hops

    The last time I tried this workout my score was less than 2 rounds. Yeah! Hopefully next time I will finish 3 rounds.

  23. SCORE: 3 rounds + 9 plank-row knee tucks

    WOW, talk about a good cardio workout! I’m totally out of breath! Still have a hard time with pistols though – have to either do half-way down, or all the way down and then help myself back up.

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds + 1 burpee

    Yeah! 3 rounds, i’m coming :).

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