ZWOW #28

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 2 dragon kicks
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ZWOW #28

Dragon Kicks
Alternating Jump Lunges
Pike Jumps/Jump Squat
Reptile Pushups

10 minute AMRAP As Many Rounds As Possible

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 2 dragon kicks

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 3.25 rounds

    Completed ZWOW #4 earlier today then when we were getting ready to leave #28 was posted so I just finished it inside now, after being out all day. Really liked this one! Can’t wait to do it at the beginning of the day rather than the end of the day. :)

    • SCORE: 3 rounds + 13 dragon kicks

      I haven’t done a ZWOW in 3 days because I haven’t felt well but today I said screw it, I miss doing them. Felt slow and couldn’t give my normal push but still beat Zuzka, so I’ll take it :)

  2. SCORE: 2 rounds

    I really like your bodyweight workouts. Can you do a Yoga/Bodyweight workout?

  3. SCORE: 2.9 rounds

    I thought this workout was awesome! I had to finish the last 5 reptile pushups after the 10min mark…..almost 3 rounds!

  4. SCORE: 3 rounds

    It was an awesome workout!! Thank you zuzka

  5. SCORE: 3 rounds and 1 dragon kicks

    short Zwow but very hard .
    the hardest part was the dragon kicks.

  6. SCORE: 2.75 rounds!

    Only had 5 more reptile pushups left in round 3!!

  7. SCORE: 2.5 rounds

    This one was great. I did it at 2 am I couldn’t wait. 2 and a half rounds but I completed the 3rd round any way.

  8. SCORE: 3.2 rounds!!

    I really loved it!!!

  9. SCORE: 3.7

    Loved this one! Got as far as 7 pike jumps/squat jumps into the 4th round! I was dripping!

  10. SCORE: 2 rounds + 3 dragon kicks

    I dunno if it was because I was tired, still sore or what but I just could not move! I feel like on a better day I could hit 3 rounds but today was just not that day.

  11. SCORE: 2.25

    3 weeks of not doing zwow’s and then this one… Loved the feeling of sweating and having to push! And today the feeling in my legs and butt :D

  12. SCORE: 2 rounds + 20 Dragon Kicks

    The pike jumps look so easy… Grrr, I’m so bad at doing them.

  13. SCORE: 3 rounds

    but it took me an extra minute and a half to finish. so hard! those pike jumps kill me!

  14. SCORE: 2 rounds + 16 dragon kicks

    Killed my thigh and butt! I was glad I could finish two rounds, next time I will push to complete 3 rounds!

  15. SCORE: 2 rounds

    Watch 28 KILL me!

  16. SCORE: 3 rounds 4 dragon kicks


  17. SCORE: 2 rounds + 20 Dragon Kicks and 20 Jump Lunges

    Did this workout in the dunes on the beach this early morning after a run. Nothing gives you greater energy than a sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. :)

  18. SCORE: 3 Rounds & 2 Dragon Kicks. =)

    Followed along with Zu. Pike Jumps/Jump Squat totally left me spent!!

  19. SCORE: 2 rounds + 20 dragon kicks + 20 alt. jump lunges + 6 pike jump/jump squats

    The pike jump/jump squats are evil.

  20. SCORE: 2 rounds + 4 pike jumps

    Great wow, loved it! I struggle with the jump lunges though, they don’t look like zuzka’s at all!

  21. SCORE: 2 rounds + 9 pike jumps

    I thought I would do better but kept losing balance. My legs are killing me now :-) Happy Halloween Warriorz!

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 2 reptile push ups

      next goal is 3 rounds!! hold the wall for balance on the dragon kicks! Zuzka is SOO fast on this one…impressive woman!

  22. SCORE: 2 rounds

    But I think, that I did Pike Jumps wrong..

  23. SCORE: 2rounds +9pike

    my legs burn:)

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds

    A beginner here…did push-ups on my knees. Can’t wait till I’m stronger! Great website!

  25. SCORE: 3 rounds + 20 dragon.., 20 alternating.., 4 pike..

    a little progress :) (last 3 rounds + 20 dragon, 2 alternating..)

  26. SCORE: 3 rounds+6 dragon kicks


  27. SCORE: 2rounds

    Love this one

  28. SCORE: 3 rounds

    Might have sneaked in the last 2 push ups on the buzzer but close enough ;)

    • SCORE: 2.75 rounds

      Really annoyed I couldn’t even meet my last score. Did the push ups after time. Not enough sleep last night has really screwed up my energy today.

  29. SCORE: 2 rounds + 4 pike jumps

    Aaargghh.. So far from beating Z…

  30. SCORE: 2 rounds & dragon kicks


  31. SCORE: 3 rounds

    very hard

  32. SCORE: 3 round and 10 sec left- oh well :-)

    I have re-visited an older workout. I really love these. They are short and intense. I managed to squeeze it into my busy morning schedule after a dog walk before shower/change/smoothie preparation. :-)
    Thank u Zuzka and thank you Marla for managing this site. You have done a tremendous job-pictures and graphics are great!

  33. SCORE: 2 rounds & 12 dragon kicks

    Because of my small room in the dormitory I replaced 15 Pike Jumps/Jump Squat with 30 Jump Squat.

  34. SCORE: 2 rounds & up to 3 pike jumps

    OMG! My legs were dying during those pike jumps. Starting to get some air though. The hard part was landing in the squat. Great workout!

  35. SCORE: 3rounds + 18 dragon kicks

    Wow, I am done

  36. SCORE: 1 round + 5 reptile push ups

    Argh, I tried so hard to finish 2 rounds but those pike jumps were slowing me down, especially after the jump lunges.

    • SCORE: 1 round + 8 reptile push ups

      Still struggling with the pike jumps. But for my next attempt I think it’s possible now to finish 2 rounds.

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