ZWOW #27

Zuzka's Score: see post for scores
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ZWOW #27

3 minutes*
Weighted Overhead Squats
until time
Weighted Walking Lunges

3 minute Buy In + 10 minutes for 10 Rounds = 13 minutes Total Workout
*Burpee Buy In starts off the workout.
1 Round Lasts 1 Minute and Consists Of:

  • 3 Burpees at the Start of Every Minute
  • Walking Lunges Until the Minute Ends

Equipment Needed

  • 1 Free Weight for Squats (Zuzka used a 10lb dumbbell)
  • 2 Free Weights for Lunges (Zuzka used 20lb dumbbells)
  • Timer

Note: The link above gives you access to a timer I created specifically for ZWOW #27, using the SecondsPro App, to be used on an iPad, iPhone or iPod. :)

Zuzka’s Scores:

Overhead Squats: 75
Lunges: 15, 13, 12, 12, 12, 12, 13, 12, 9, 12

Zuzka's Score: see post for scores

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 75 Squats + see notes for Lunges

    Lunge Scores For Each Round: 17, 18, 17, 14, 16, 15, 14, 15, 17, 19
    When I first watched this one I didn’t think it looked fun and it wasn’t but it was a good workout. :) I did this one on the patio in 81 degree heat after completing ZWOW #16. I used a 25lb curl bar for the overhead squats but after the first minute I put the bar on my shoulders instead of holding it above my head. I used 2 15lb dumbbells for the walking lunges.

  2. SCORE: 55 squats, 125 lunges

    Tough on the legs. Dripping sweat now.

  3. SCORE: 53 buy-in squats ,,, and the lunges I did 20 , 17, 18, 18 ,18, 19 ,18 ,18 , 17 ,17

    I used 10 kg dumbell for squats and two 10 kg dumbells for lunges That was a really hard workout for the legs , I loved it .
    by this way I will be able to have a stronger legs.

  4. SCORE: 50 squats 20lb bar, 175 lunges 15lb dumbells

    Marla, I love you site!!!! I have been looking all over for someone inspired enough to do a site like this. You are amazing and I love it, having the instructions and video all in the same place as well as a place to post scores rocks, and the timer is ingenious. One question, how do I get the timer to work in my browser? I click on the “load timer in seconds” and it keeps telling me safari can’t open the specified address. Thank you so much for the site!

  5. SCORE: S's: 63, L's: 16,10,12,12,10,12,12,10,10,12

    I used a 15 lbs sandbag for squats and lunges. Also added 2 more rounds to complete a 15 min workout.

    I really liked this workout, so simple yet so effective, was breathing hard after 3 rounds of burpees and lunges. The less movements and exercises the more I can concentrate on proper form and I feel it in every muscle.

  6. SCORE: 70 squats Lunge : 18,15,14,15,12,15,13,12,12,13

    I used 10dl for squats and 2x10dl for lunges. Thank Zuz

  7. SCORE: 74 squats; 10lb; lunged with 15lbs (10-12 ea round)

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE this site. Thank you! So helpful too with the timer. Just finished this workout. Probably my favorite :-)

  8. SCORE: 45

    I picked a weight that was too heavy for the squats :( Lesson learned for next time!
    I didn’t count the lunges but it was about15 until it got to 10 every round.

    Great website ;) Cheers and keep it up!

  9. SCORE: 68 squats Lunges: 21 ,12, 10, 11, 10, 8, 10, 10, 10, 8

    10 lb ugi for the overhead, 10 lb weights ea. hand for the lunges.
    not great, but after 3 days sick and asleep, not terrible, i guess. off to dance!

  10. SCORE: 85 Squats (*40lb Sandbag, no lift) Lunges: 21, 20, 20, 18, 18, 18, 18, 16 20 (*40lb Sandbag)

    Legs. Are. Jello.

  11. SCORE: 82 squats/ 145 lunges

    With lighter weights obviously. 3 kg dictionary for the squats and 3 kg weights for lunges. I didn’t bother writing the score for each round – didn’t want to waste time. It’s an easy workout for beginners, straightforward but it’s a leg/butt killer :-)

    • SCORE: 86 squats/ 138 lunges

      same weights as above. Given that I still have the flu, I’m happy with this score for now…

  12. SCORE: 62 squats/237 lunges

    It was so intense!!!
    Lunges: 12,16,16,15,14,12,15,13,12,12 and I used 2kg dumbells.

  13. SCORE: 72 squats/172lunges

    squats with 4kg dumbbells
    and lunges with 2x4kg dumbbells
    nice workout!

  14. SCORE: Lost count 12lbs squats 23lbs each for lunges

    But holy smokes intense workout…. Love the soreness today though( did this yesterday)

    • SCORE: Who's counting

      8 lbs weights overhead was hard I couldn’t get low for some reason so I switched to 45 lbs sandbag over shoulder. 24lbs per hand on lunges, then eventually dropped to 18, than 15 per hand. I’m drenched!

  15. SCORE: 106 squats +175 lunges

    5kg db for squats, 2 x 5kg db for lunges
    I can’t get as deep into the squats with my arms overhead :( and could have used a heavier weight for the squats. Killer leg workout tho!!

    • SCORE: 73 squats + 225 lunges

      Same weights. Focused on getting deeper into the squats this time over quantity. Love that my 6th round is always my worst, then I can see the end so I manage to push on through! :)

  16. SCORE: 65 squats 180 lunges

    12lb weights for lunges

  17. SCORE: 41 lunges+ 106 squats

    10 lb for squats & 2) 10s for first 4 round. Last 6 had no weight

  18. SCORE: 65 squats + 133 lunges

    Used same weights as Zuzka – 10lbs for squat & 20lbs for walking lunges. Shoulders are very tight though, so had a hard time keeping my arms straight throughout the exercise. And was tempted to cheat by not going down below my knees, but I didn’t. :)

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