ZWOW #23

Zuzka's Score: 20:02
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ZWOW #23

Yoga Burpees
Ab Splitters
Air Squats

2 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 20:02

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 19:03

    I did some rounds of 15 burpees instead of 10 and completed all 100 squats without stopping each time, all in 84 degree heat on the patio outside. Goal for next time to do 25 burpees or all 50 for each round without stopping.

  2. SCORE: 23:23

    I did the push up burpees instead of going down fully on my belly. Read how I fare this workout at

  3. SCORE: 21:55

    It actually sounded worse than it was. That said I’m super glad it wasn’t Burpees with a Push up, cause I have a feeling doing it on my fingers not my palms makes it a bit easier. That said the reason I do them on my fingertips is to make it not injure my knees ….

    regardless great workout. I love ZWOW’s

  4. SCORE: 28:14

    Did the push up burpees! And on my knees for the first set. Makes squats look easy! My arms are shaking! It would be useful to grade ZWOWs by difficulty level so beginners like me wouldn’t suffer as much :-)

  5. SCORE: 37:20

    Last week I did it in 28:43. No energy this round

  6. SCORE: 17:51

    Those stinkin’ yoga burpees hurt after the first round!

  7. SCORE: 25:58

    Im dead…

  8. SCORE: 20:39

    With push-up burpees. Thanks again Marla and Zuzana.

  9. SCORE: 29:17

    OMG! I did it! I can’t believe it! So happy :)

  10. SCORE: 18:18

    That was killer!

  11. SCORE: 13:42

    i made it through one full round up to 10 burpees in the second round. had interruptions and then son was awake from nap… so i’m calling it a workout till next time.

  12. SCORE: 21:48

    Still aching from ZWOW 15 yesterday so this was really tough. 50 burpees in a row is a killer! Do they ever get easier???? Zuzka is so light on her feet, I feel like an elephant in comparison

    • SCORE: 19:50

      So happy I knocked 2 mins off my PB! Hate this workout (soooo many burpees, she must be crazy!!) but love the endorphin rush when it’s done :)

  13. SCORE: 20:02

    I did the first round as is. The second round I split the burpees and squats up. So it went 25 burpees, 50 squats, 25 burpees, 50 squats.

  14. SCORE: 21:51

    That was a hard one :)

  15. SCORE: 17.13

    2 rounds + Extra (6 burpees + 10 air squats)

  16. SCORE: 15

    Did Amrap in 15 1.5 plus25 Burpees and
    50 squats

  17. SCORE: 26:11

    I did this one more at a leisurely pace. I switched up the burpees every set of 10; so I’d do some standard burpees, competition burpees, 4-punch burpees, etc. to bust the boredom. Splits were: 1st round 13:28, 2nd round 12:42

  18. SCORE: 20:02

    Just finished this workout and I feel amazing! great workout

  19. SCORE: 24:23

    First time doing these. Those burpees are really the killer ones :\

  20. SCORE: 18:10

    I only got through 1 round!

  21. SCORE: 19:32

    WOW, killer workout. My arms and legs are dying! I managed to follow along with Z and get ahead a little bit by powering through the squats with hardly any breaks. I coudln’t do the Ab Splitters exactly though… abs are my weak spot – still trying to rebuild after 2 pregnancies. Anyone have any advice to get rid of that pesky mummy tummy? :(

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