ZWOW #22

Zuzka's Score: 20:41
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ZWOW #22

4 *
30 each side
Chair Jumps
Chair Push Ups
Tricep Dips
Sumo Squat Jumps
RDL Squat Twist

Complete one round of all 30 reps for each exercise for total time

* 4 Burpees done every minute on the minute

Equipment Needed

  • Interval Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Chair
  • Exercise Mat

Zuzka's Score: 20:41

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 17:37

    Did this one on the patio in the 86° temps on the blacktop driveway outside, that was a killer!

  2. SCORE: 20:26

    Those burpees are silent assasins.

  3. SCORE: 12:30

    second attempt. first attempt was 13 minutes. i will try to smash this workout in <12 minutes in my next attempt. nothing is too difficult! (read my challenge with #22 at

  4. SCORE: 18:25

    This one kills me– yes the burpees! My arms are like jelly afterwards. I haven’t been doing a lot of strength training lately. more of long yoga sessions. I definitely lost a lot of arm strength! I have to do the beginner variation on the tricep dips coz my arms were failing. lol and i did push up on my knees for some burpees in the middle of the work out– so that contributes to shorter time. still out of breath!! whewww

  5. SCORE: 11:49

    HULK SMASH!! Finally got my motivation to work out back and I KILLED my previous time! So happy with this outcome!! :)

  6. SCORE: 19:30 min

    Finished the last rep RDL Squat on the beep, ahhh grrr, had to do the burpees, so it was the same time as before.
    I changed the order of exercises a little bit for me by putting the sumo jump squat before the tricep dips, it’s easier to keep good form on the dips. This time I could do half of the push ups on the toes, not with a straight back like Zuzka, but I got down far enough.
    Proud to have completed this “evil” beast of a workout, again. Feels great afterwards but definitely not one I’m looking forward to do again. ;D

  7. SCORE: 16:53

    I did the burpees every two min on the last exercise. My arms couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t see much improvement yet :(

    • SCORE: 15:44

      I modified this one into 3 rounds for time – 10 reps + 4 burpees after each exercise + swap tricep dips and sumo squats.

      • SCORE: 19:58

        First time doing the modified version. Still HARD!!!! but did manage all the burpees! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE WARRIORZ OUT THERE!

  8. SCORE: 10:38

    super fun

  9. SCORE: 21:06

    This kicked my ass… did a few modifications, for half of the dips I did extensions b/c right shoulder has been hurting like mad..and for burpees at minutes 14-20, I omitted pushups or did on my knees. Next time, I will try my best not to modify. Still feeling pretty good though!

  10. SCORE: 14:44


  11. SCORE: 26:30

    Wow, I did a lot of burpees….

  12. SCORE: 11:00

    sumo squat jumps and burpees killed me.

  13. SCORE: 8:33

    I was falling all over the place on the RDL squat twist.

  14. SCORE: 15:59

    WHOOO!! This is the best i’ve ever done on a ZWOW! So stoked and so sweaty!

  15. SCORE: 15:00

    Wow this one hurt! I hauled ass to do as little burpees as possible. My form on the RDL squats was pretty bad though so rather than a time improvement, I want to get better form on those. Did burpees with full pushups the entire time though, my arms were burning so bad!

  16. SCORE: 16:52

    Great, great, great workout!

  17. SCORE: 13:29

    Another great one. My motivation for finishing each exercise: not having to do another round of burpees. lol.

  18. SCORE: 15:20

    Full burpees and full triceps dips. Worked hard on this with no breaks – rounds of burpees are amazing motivation!! Actually they were a nice break between the triceps dips

  19. SCORE: 13:45


  20. SCORE: 11:40

    Loved it!

  21. SCORE: 17:25

    OMG! Love this a lot. Tricep Dips after burpees almost killed me. LOL.

  22. SCORE: 19:30 (approx.)

    Finished about 1min faster than Z, and no burpee modifications! My RDLs were pretty shaky though… need to work on those. Good wkt… especially after 3-4 weeks off ZWOWs. Almost forgot how awesome these make me feel!

  23. SCORE: 17:00

    Those RDL squat twists are awkward! Great workout Zuzka!

  24. SCORE: 13:42

    I was in the zone today! I also did full, proper form push ups for all of the burpees. Can’t wait to do this one with Tim!

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