ZWOW #21

Zuzka's Score: 4 rounds + 4 burpees
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ZWOW #21

Burpee Hand Stand
Ninja Jumps
10 each side
Squat Side Kick

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • A Wall (for hand stands)

Zuzka's Score: 4 rounds + 4 burpees

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 4 rounds

    The ninja jumps are killers!!

  2. SCORE: 5 rounds + 4 burpees

    Did this workout this morning after 50 rounds of the low jack/pike press/jump challenge that I completed in 7:26. Did both workouts in the 85 degree Portland sun on our balcony. Goal for next time, 5 full rounds. This is really one of my favorite workouts!!

  3. SCORE: not sure

    Did this in the home gym this morning and lost track of how many rounds I was at, either 5 rounds + 16 squats or 4 rounds + 16 squats (wasn’t awake yet!) :P

  4. SCORE: 5 rounds + 13 squat kicks

    Totally didn’t think I was doing good on this while in the middle of it, just not feeling well still BUT I beat my previous scores so that’s a definitely plus!

  5. SCORE: 5 rounds

    with a simplified version as I couldn’t do the handstands (did a burpee instead) or the ninja jumps (had to walk into the squat). Not there yet ….but fighting!

    • SCORE: 4 rounds and 3 burpees/mule kicks

      Still can’t do the hand stand, did a mule kick instead. Don’t know how to jump into squats either! What’s the method? Is there a simplified version?

      • You may want to do wall walks to help work on being upside down and feel the handstands from a different direction. Just don’t hyperextend your back and be sure to keep your core straight. Here’s an example of the move:

        I still have trouble with the ninja jumps too. I started by sitting on my toes, rolling off of them, pushing my butt back and standing up. I worked up to getting quicker with it the more I did. If you look at Zuzka’s video at 2:44 she shows a quick mod for the jump.

  6. SCORE: 4 rounds + 2 Burpees

    1 round more than the first time. Still can’t do ninja jumps, I modify by putting me hands on the ground while jumping into the squat.

  7. SCORE: 5 rounds!!

    I completed a full 5 rounds in 10 minutes. Then I did 2 round of the following exercises (for a grand total of 300 rep workout):
    20 bicycle abs
    20 Rusdian twists using 10lb weight
    20 scissor lift abs
    20 Left oblique crunches
    20 Right oblique crunches!!

  8. SCORE: 5 rounds + 4 burpee hand stands

    I kept up, but I didn’t have trouser trouble.. Getting there though!

  9. SCORE: 5 rounds, 3 burpees

    yay! the first time i completed 5 rounds. :))))

  10. SCORE: 4rounds+9 squat side kick

    hand stand modification, but ninja jump regular:)

  11. SCORE: 4 Rounds


  12. SCORE: 5 rounds + 1 burpees

    Did this after doing zwow 11. Deadman burpees instead of handstands since I didn’t have a free wall.

    • SCORE: 6 rounds + 2 ninja jumps

      i did deadman burpees again b/c i did this at home without a free wall during my daughter’s nap.

  13. SCORE: 4 rounds

    ….with the last couple of side kicks after the buzzer. Not the best after digging in the garden all morning but not bad to say a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even do one ninja jump or handstand. Look forward to coming back to this one to improve my score

  14. SCORE: 4rounds

    Love the handstands

  15. SCORE: 4 rounds plus 5 burpees

    I love handstand workouts.

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