ZWOW #20

Zuzka's Score: 11:38
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ZWOW #20

Side Jump Lunge
Forward Backward Burpee
10 each leg
One Leg Dip Jump
Alternating Double Bridge

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • Chair

Zuzka's Score: 11:38

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 10:31

    Did this one outside and halled ass to beat Zuzka! :)

  2. SCORE: 10:36

    I did this one on the patio today in 83 degree Chicago sun when I didn’t want to workout at all. I was feeling very unmotivated and didn’t beat my previous time but I’m glad I finished and got my workout in for the day.

  3. SCORE: 10:51

    Forward Backward Burpee was going to kill me :D

  4. SCORE: 14:28 min

    40 seconds faster than first time. But I felt sore and so tired from yesterday (zwow #19) that I didn’t really wanted to do the workout. Anyway, pushed through and it feels good… :D

  5. SCORE: 20:51

    Those dip jumps…oh la la!

  6. SCORE: 10:54

    Couldn’t go so low on the one leg dips.

  7. SCORE: 11:30

    That was intense!

  8. SCORE: 10:57

    Pretty slow first round, but ramped it up big time second and third rounds.

  9. SCORE: 12:05

    I feel great! Pushed myself really hard. The Dip Jumps had me working the hardest, had to take my time on those. Amazing leg workout!

  10. SCORE: 14:00

    the forward backward burpee was mad! overall a good burn!

  11. SCORE: 15:49

    Those dip jumps really slowed me down! My foot kept slipping off the chair!

  12. SCORE: 12:00

    My right knee hurt me so much!

  13. my legs burn..:)

  14. SCORE: 10:13 minutes

    Good for the legs. Really feeling it. Still a bit shaking. :)

  15. SCORE: 12:20

    My legs were on fire doing the one leg jumps after the foward/backward burpee!! It was great, love it when I feel it’s working my body!

  16. SCORE: 13:50

    My legs are shaking right now, those Forward Backward Burpees really were a killer. Was not feeling well today but nevertheless started the workout and now I’m pretty proud and feel much better :-)
    Thanks Zuzana!

  17. SCORE: 13:05 4 rounds

    5 rounds next time I know I can do it!

  18. SCORE: 13:32

    My very first ZWOW. Glad it was a shorter one! I suck at burpees!

  19. SCORE: 13:21

    Sweat’s a flowin

  20. SCORE: 8:35

    oh, burpees :D

  21. SCORE: 10:18

    gimpy dip jumps

  22. SCORE: 8:20

    not hard :)

  23. SCORE: 14:13

    One leg jumps are killer. I feel so good right now.

  24. SCORE: 10:55

    I felt I was missing out on burpees on ZWOW #17 so I followed it up straight after with this one. 2 days til I go on hols for a week where I won’t be able to fit in a workout so cramming in as many as poss this week!!

  25. SCORE: 8:40

    Not motivated at all to workout this morning so I picked a short one.. Did this one before I found this awesome site so I don’t have my previous score but I went as fast as I could and although I’m dripping sweat this was surprisingly easy to get through. Glad I worked out!!

  26. SCORE: 12:06

    Slight improvement! Yea!!

  27. SCORE: 19:58

    No modification, but obly 2.4 rounds

  28. SCORE: 11:37!!!

    Man! I can’t believe I was able to keep up… killer workout, especially since I’ve been sick for a few weeks and haven’t been doing my weekly ZWOWs.

  29. SCORE: 12:42

    No mods, full push ups this time around!!

  30. SCORE: 18:58

    Better than last time (23:28) *yeah*.

  31. SCORE: 17:27

    Phew! My legs are burning!

    • SCORE: 15:02

      The combination of the low burpees and the dip jumps are pure torture for my quads. But I’m glad that I finished and with a personal best :).

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