ZWOW #02

Zuzka's Score: 27:45
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ZWOW #02

The New & Improved ZWOW #2:

Manmakers & Backward Lunge Shoulder Press
Squat Jump Forward-Back + 1 Competition Burpee
5 per side
Twisted Push Ups
Sit Ups into Seated Forward Bend

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights
  • Water

The Original ZWOW #2:

Low Burpee Hops
Twisted Push Ups
Competition Sit Ups

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights
  • Water

Zuzka’s score for the Original ZWOW #2 was: 14:43

Zuzka's Score: 27:45

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 13:38

    Did this outside on the patio in 83degree heat and I put a few second break after the first 10 burpees. Gettin stronger & stronger, was super surprised I beat her time. Goal for next time, not to stop within or between sets & rounds.

  2. As much as I would love to be all warrior beast & power through, I didn’t make it to workout until 11:17pm, and my upper body happens to be the thing I have to work on the most. I’m heartbroken..I’m having to do lady pushups after only just a few. I never did those when I was in the military. Whew! So I only made it through the 1st round. I want to kick myself in the butt really hard over this, but this is more working out then I’ve done since I separated. So I’m proud of myself. (10:36 for one round)

  3. SCORE: 23:14

    did 5 rounds instead of 3, with 6kg weights for manmakers. great workout of the right intensity. surprised that low burpee hops can be so challenging!

  4. SCORE: 14:55

    i love this one :)

  5. SCORE: 16:44

    whew, the upper body needs a little work :)

  6. SCORE: 14:14

    fourth time, best time :)))))))

  7. SCORE: 20:30

    Completed today 19 Aug 2012 for the first time…Feeling great! I’ve started Zuzana’s workouts about a month ago and I already see a difference ….physically AND mentally…I feel leaner, stronger and more positive!! Don’t care so much about your time at the beginning, care about doing it right so you engage the muscles!

  8. SCORE: 20:19

    Sore again for a couple of days yay!!!!

  9. SCORE: 22:31

    On knees for the manmakers and half of the twisted push ups. Hop up — not to the side — for burpees. Worked with 15 lb weights.

  10. SCORE: 13:23

    Low Burpee Hops is such a killers!

  11. SCORE: 12:50

    with 3/3 lb weights. I want to try using Zuzka-sized dumbbells but they’re so expensive! (and will be heavy to lug around…)

    I like how she made this one upper-body heavy because the last one was “lower body heavy”…I’m pretty sure my sore triceps and deltoids from Divebombers and burpee intervals are far from lower body…8)

  12. SCORE: 13:40

    ok, probably soon, i’m going to have to get weights more than #10 each….

  13. 19:49:00 hura!!!!

    With 2 dumbels 4kilo each!

  14. SCORE: 19.10

    I’m a bit disappointed with this score, so I’ll blame my hurting tendon for it :) need to take a day or two easier to recover

  15. SCORE: 21:07

    Great workout! Those twisted pushups are extra tough after the manmakers!

  16. SCORE: 20:06

    10 pound dumbbells for the manmakers, and did the twisted pushups on knees (one knee, I should say). Whew!

  17. SCORE: 13:28


  18. SCORE: 18 min

    So glad to see some progress even if 2:30 min. The exercises do get easier :)

  19. SCORE: 15:00

    NOTE: Did push-ups on knees. Time could be off by a few seconds. Not as tired as from ZWOW (ZWOD) 1.

  20. SCORE: approximately 19

    My timer didn’t start and I didn’t notice till the 3rd round which took 6:20…

    Not a brilliant score but as I’m in a fair bit of muscle pain from earlier this week, I’m still fairly happy with that.

    Next time I’ll use 5-7kg for the Manmakers rather than little 4’s haha

  21. SCORE: 20:19

    beat my personal best today! :)

  22. SCORE: 18.47

    NOTE: Did push-ups on knees. Took small rest. No side hop for burpees, just straight up.

  23. SCORE: 18:38

    Rarely took breaks, and was committed to the proper form. I’ve been Zwow-ing for a couple of months now, and I can REALLY see a change.

  24. SCORE: 21:04

    this one was very tough for me. the burpees killed me. the dumbbell I used were 10 kg each.

    • SCORE: 17:07

      hell yeah! I Improved it today. the dumbbells were 12 kg each. Today I did the burpees correctly. Yesterday I did burpees with push ups.. :|

  25. SCORE: 14:33

    Sore from day one but feel much better. Ready for day 3 (i hope)

  26. SCORE: 17:35

    I finally bought dumbbells :D

  27. SCORE: 13:51

    Awsome sweat fest!

  28. SCORE: 42:17

    I took long break to recover from you low burpie hops, and the work out killed my wrists… It was also mentally challenging cause there wasn’t an “easy” exercise I could use to catch my breath. At some point I told myself, finish it, even if it takes an hour. Well done me!

  29. SCORE: 14:36

    Day two, workout two and I’m hurting. Tomorrow I’ll be doing Zwow3 then finally taking a break :)

  30. SCORE: 20 something

    accidently hit the reset button instead of stop :-(

  31. SCORE: 15.21

    Did beginner twisted push ups. Great energizing Wow!!!

  32. SCORE: 20

    Around 20 minutes. I used 1 kg weights (the only ones I have :( )..and since I have some lower back problems instead of the 25
    Competition Sit Ups I did 30 sit up variations with a lower impact on the lower back.
    And a funny thing: by re-watching the exercises, I just realized that the Low Burpee Hops don’t really imply a pushup..well, I did them with pushups.quite though. Great first workout of the year!

  33. This is my first time ever doing this workout. I just did as much as I could in the time allowed. Feel great, lots of stops, huffing, and puffing! I am extremely overweight/obese. My goal is to continue doing the workout and get more reps within her time. Then move on to her other workouts.
    It really helps to see the description and time, then I know which ones I feel brave to tackle.
    Thanks Marla for setting this up.

  34. SCORE: 32

    Those burpees kill me! I managed to finish, but I honestly didn’t think I would!
    I’m so unbelievable sore now. Everything hurts! =P

  35. Did it again today, this exercise thing feels good. I have noticed I am already moving stronger. I am however, modifying a lot.

  36. SCORE: 21:10

    First post. Been doing workouts for two months now. Can really feel a strength difference. First time for #2. Low burpees wear me out! Love these routines!

  37. SCORE: 30:38

    It was hard! Stopped several times burpees just killed me!

  38. SCORE: 15:47

    I thought this one was going to kill me! That last round was so hard, I felt like I was going to puke. I can make Zuzana’s score next time if I don’t slow down round 3.

  39. SCORE: 18:38

    I hate twisted push ups.

  40. SCORE: 17:29

    shoulders SORED!

  41. SCORE: 22:29

    My score for 2 sets I’m working my way back from a neck injury… getting there!! Just happy i can work out again.

  42. SCORE: 18:31

    With 5lb weights.

  43. SCORE: ~12 minutes

    I don’t have free weights, so I picked up a ~full 3 liter laundry detergent bottle for the manmakers. I liked it but thought it could be a bit more challenging. I think I’ll add more manmakers next time.

  44. SCORE: 16:37

    12lb dumbbells

  45. SCORE: 14:12

    2nd workout done!

  46. SCORE: 15:39

    Could have used slightly heavier weights, maybe next time

  47. SCORE: 16:57

    This may be one of my favorites that I’ve done. I’m making my way through the workouts. I love the intensity of the plyo burpees, great intensity.

  48. SCORE: 15:08

    My very first ZWOW – it was great!

  49. SCORE: 16:04

    Beat my last score of 16:57!!

  50. SCORE: 13:27

    I used 10 lbs. for the Manmakers. :) Woo, that was a toughie. Onto ZWOW #3~

  51. SCORE: 19:04


  52. SCORE: 17:11

    Holy cow! Thought I was going to pass out! Awesome workout my arms are jello now

  53. SCORE: 15:35

    Shaved 4.5 minutes off from 9 months ago!!!
    10lb dumbs for man makers
    Added 5lb to sit ups

  54. SCORE: 13:26

    It’s a great cardio and upper body exercise set

  55. SCORE: 15:00

    Gasping for air!

  56. SCORE: 17:09 (2 rounds)

    2 rounds better than 1 round I say!

  57. SCORE: 15:45

    I used 2 x 6kg dumbbells and did full push ups. I enjoyed this but next time I want to get under 15 minutes!! :)

  58. SCORE: 34:50

    I did the revised, new and improved zwow 2. It took me a little longer than I thought but that’s ok. Those manmakers really kicked my butt. I had to use 2 different weights. 9 lbs for the row and 5lbs for the shoulder presses. Had fun!!

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