ZWOW #18

Zuzka's Score: 28:02
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ZWOW #18

5 each leg
Burpee Step Up
15 each leg
Round Kick Back Lunge
Inverted Leg Lift/Knee Tuck
Tricep Dip Single Leg Lift

5 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Chair
About Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn, co-author of Pigskin Paleo (along with her husband Jeff), and project manager at SPYR.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.

Zuzka's Score: 28:02

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 27:28

    Did this one down the street outside using a park bench. Had to look back at my Google+ account to see the last time I did this on 5.23.12 and my time was 32:43 That’s some major improvement right there!! :)

  2. SCORE: 28:18 (new personal best - prev: 31mins)

    I’m NEVER doing this one again. hahaha. This one KILLS. I’m officially retiring it.

  3. SCORE: 28:31

    ok, that was my first time with this one, no chairs in the house (only barstools), but i got a ladder. stepping up on the skinny rung was a trick. i used an ugi for the first three rounds for the leg lift and tuck, but *could not* for the last two, so switched back to the ladder. that has to be one of the hardest things i’ve ever done!! *gasp*

  4. SCORE: 23:09 minutes

    it’s my 4th time doing this workout and I did this after #17, with as little rest in between as I can manage. i think i am getting stronger. :D

  5. I only had 30 min this morning, so I chose this one. In 27:45 I could only get through 3 rounds. Wow, Zuzana! lol

  6. SCORE: 27:22

    Awesome workout!

  7. SCORE: 26:47

    crushed my previous time! love it ZWOWs!

  8. SCORE: 34:37 min

    The first time I did this workout, I was only able to complete 3 rounds (23 min), but today I even did all burpee-push ups on my toes. ;-)

  9. SCORE: 40:20

    Just happy I managed to do the 5 rounds on this one. The hardest I’ve done so far! I’ve got a new found respect for French cancan dancers after the round kicks – had the chair flying across the living room a few times :-)

  10. SCORE: 32:51

    First time with this one; going in order from ZWOW 1. Used High Step for step ups, plank, and dips, and a stability ball on a riser as a base for the leg sweeps. Those dips were killer hard!

  11. SCORE: 21:29

    21:29-first time doing it- I did #17 earlier this morning. Fun workout. I liked the round kicks to lung. I felt it in my other leg, simultaneously. I like the creativity.

  12. SCORE: 30:00

    hello i’m new here! i’m 21, from malaysia! did this in 30 minutes and my arms were crying! great workout =D

  13. SCORE: 34:49

    next time I try to be better…

  14. SCORE: 27:19

    Whoooooooooooo….I’m dripping ! Used my dip station for the round kicks and lunge and could only do the first 2 sets of inverted knee tuck/leg lift, had to take it to the floor and did it from the plank position. Have a great day !!!!!

  15. SCORE: 29:41

    First time actually getting through all 5 rounds!

  16. SCORE: 54:52

    I never in my life want to do this one again. I really thought I was going to die during the 3 round. But I pushed to finish all 5 rounds… My arms are killing me now!

  17. SCORE: 32:36

    my last time was 34:49. But my arms crying:)

  18. SCORE: 34:41

    Soooo hard!!

  19. SCORE: 25:50

    uff, I need water, it was so hard!

  20. SCORE: 22:15

    burpees without push ups.. I didn´t Inverted Leg Lift/Knee Tuck but other exercise with chair, unfortunately :/

  21. SCORE: 27:24

    Aaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Excuse me while I go die in a puddle of sweat! :S

    • SCORE: 26:40

      Not happy with my time as had to pause the timer for a minute after round 3 making my time actually worse than last time. Housework, gardening (impending M-I-L visit) , sunburn and toothache this week is all adding up and I’m just not feeling the energy :(

  22. SCORE: 28:06

    ahhh,.. I don´t like triceps dips, I must have long pause… bad time :/

  23. SCORE: 28:44

    Removed leg raise from tri dip after 2nd round…my wrist just couldn’t take it :(

  24. SCORE: 32:06


  25. SCORE: 23:14

    First work out in over a year!! Decided to give these a go and I’m hooked. Burpees without the push-ups and only 2 rounds with a pause in between reps.

  26. SCORE: 23:11 for 3 rounds :(

    Last time I did this it was 31:24 for all 5 rounds, clearly not back to my pre injury form :(

  27. SCORE: 31'15

    Love this site and Zuzka. One of my favor.

  28. SCORE: 25:47 (with no modifications!)

    WOW! These ‘for time’ workouts are killer! I was going through it as fast I could, just so it would be over! AMRAPs are much more enjoyable! :)

  29. SCORE: 12min

    Didn’t have time this morning so modified to a 12minute 10/30 intervals good one!!

  30. SCORE: 19:24

    This is my first time doing this workouts. Managed to do only 3 rounds in 19:24. I definitely didn’t push myself to my limits. I’ll do this again and hopefully I can do better the next round!

  31. SCORE: 29:15

    The triceps work out turned out to be the hardest for me.

  32. SCORE: 30:01

    SO MUCH BURN! Took a two minute break in the middle of it.

  33. SCORE: 26:13 (3 rounds)

    Those 3 rounds killed me. My shoulder is burning. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do all 5 rounds. This is definitly one of her hardest workouts. Just insane.

  34. SCORE: 36:51

    So hot here! This was killer!!

  35. SCORE: 25:28 (3 rounds)

    Before I started this workout I was so enthusiastic to finish at least 4 rounds. But when I got to the third round I had a hard time to get through that round without loosing form or just falling to the ground. Have to try that again as soon as possible.

    • SCORE: 33:43 (4 rounds)

      This time the 4th round felt like the 3rd last time. It’s so hard. I improved my score for the 3 rounds (24:43) and did one more round. Good progress :).

    • SCORE: 31:28 (4 rounds)

      I’m dying. 5 rounds of that is just insane. My next goal is to do the 4 rounds under 30 minutes. Let’s see if that is possible.

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