ZWOW #15

Zuzka's Score: 26:28
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ZWOW #15

Ground to Overhead
Single Leg Weighted Leg Squat
Skull Crushers
V Ups
180 Lateral Jump Burpee

5 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • 2 Free Weights (Zuzka: 15lbs)
  • Box (15in tall)
  • Water

Zuzka's Score: 26:28

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 18:20

    Did this workout on the patio in 86 degree heat with 15lb free weights and my 14in tall leopard print stool :p Pretty proud of my time, especially since I didn’t feel good going into this!

  2. SCORE: 22:35

    I liked that! Only used 4kg weights cause it was all I had and had to omit the 180deg lateral jump because my knees hated it.

    But otherwise I liked this one lots!

  3. SCORE: 19:10 min

    Yeah, almost 4 min faster than the first time!!

  4. SCORE: 22:15


  5. SCORE: 25:42

    With lighter weights than Zuzka…obviously!

  6. SCORE: 16:30

    3/3 lb dumbbells for ground to Overheads & Skull Crushers
    1 gal jug for single leg squat

  7. SCORE: 28:37

    Those burpees were killer! I used 10 lb dumbbells!

  8. SCORE: 26:10

    2×4,3kg dumbbells

  9. SCORE: 24:24

    Sweating like a pig ! Of course I modified slightly by replacing the later jumps with box jump (Step) w/4 risers, then dropping into plank push-up; v-ups are to difficult for me w/half a stomach muscle, so I did knee ins holding a 5 lb weighted ball. I was having interludes of “out of body experience” from working so hard…LOL

  10. SCORE: 24:48

    wow wow wow
    i agree with the out-of-body experience comment….
    i used 10 lbs.

  11. SCORE: 19:41

    I used 2kg dumbbells and I did normal burpees..

  12. SCORE: 35:28

    Used 5 lbs weights.

    The burpees are starting to hurt my wrist a lot. =(

    • Consider pickin up some gloves. I use pink cycling gloves every time I ZWOW. It was painful when I was doing the workouts outside on the pavement but they give a little cushion to my palms. Something simple like these might help.

  13. SCORE: 21:08

    ….and a bump on the head – watch out for those skull crushers!! ;)
    4kg weights, 14″ high laundry basket. Was dying on those last few burpees and dripping by the end. Focusing on form this time but hopefully improve my time next time I try this one

    • SCORE: 18:40

      Same weights and box. 27 degrees (80F I think) here today and humid….. and I am drenched! Glad I made the effort tho, psyched with that score. Next time I’ll upper the weights! :)

  14. SCORE: 21:55 :)

    :) yay!

  15. SCORE: 22:53

    Used 10lb weights and didn’t use a box. I really liked the short reps of the exercises.

  16. SCORE: 22:58

    Used 10lb weights, and a 10in box (new to jumps, didn’t want to risk the 15in box!). I also felt like I was doing the V-Ups as good as I wanted to – abs are my weak area, still working on rebuilding after 2 kids! Awesome workout though!
    NOTE: Need to go up to 12.5lbs next time.

  17. Strawbs & Tim :
    SCORE: 28:19

    This was the longest ZWOW we’ve done but we felt great afterwards! I use 2 x 6kg dumbbells and Tim used 2 x 11kg dumbbells throughout. We had a quick drinks breather between each round. Tim is a bit sick too, poor bugger.

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