ZWOW #14

Zuzka's Score: 18:22
Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

ZWOW #14

Push Press
Back Curl Lunge
Preacher Curl
Weighted Lunge Jumps
Broad Jump Burpee

5 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Free Weights

Zuzka's Score: 18:22

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 14:02

    Did this one on the patio in 95 degree Chicago summer heat with 10lb dumb bells

    • Marla: OMG, you’re in Chicago ! I’m in Westmont, small world. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool of all the “warriorZ” within a 30 mile radius of eachother met up for lunch/or dinner sometime? I think that would be awesome ! Zuzka would be so proud of us :)

  2. SCORE: 18:22 - with Zuzana

    I love doing this one along with Zuzana!

  3. SCORE: 18 mins

    started with 6kg weights and can barely curl my biceps. down sized to 4kg after that.

  4. SCORE: 19:19 min

    3lbs dumbbell substitute: water bottles, 1:45 min faster than the first time. I did the first round with Zuzana. Hard …

  5. SCORE: 18:15

    Really exhausting! :-)

  6. SCORE: 16:22

    with 9 lbs dumbbells! And I beat my time for over a minute!

  7. SCORE: 17:40

    With 10lbs:)

  8. SCORE: 15:09

    3/3 lb dumbbells for push presses, thrusters, and curls
    1/1 gallon jugs for weighted jump lunges

  9. SCORE: 22:07

    but I´m death… I used 2×4,3kg

  10. SCORE: 19:14

    But I didn’t complete the last set of burpees. My legs just refused to jump. This was a hard one!!!

  11. SCORE: 18:18

    Beat Zuzka’s score with a pair of 6 lb dumbbells.

  12. SCORE: 16:22

    Nearly killed me… I started with a 12 kg kettlebell but swiched to 8 kg after the first round.

  13. SCORE: 18:13

    OMG!!! 2kg dumbbells… I don’t have heavier…

  14. SCORE: 19:23

    wow, i think that was the hardest thing i’ve ever done! clearly, i need to do this one more…

  15. SCORE: 20:14

    i’m using 10 lbs, and this time, i kept them through the entire first three rounds before switching to 5 lbs pair.

  16. SCORE: 18:47

    With 8lb dumbbells.. But from the 3rd round onwards had to switch to 5lbs for the preacher curls.. :/

  17. SCORE: 19:07

    8lb (4kg) dumbbells. I’ll have to own up and admit I paused the timer at 4 rounds as I thought I was going to be sick. This was really tough, especially after doing ZWOW 13 yesterday – my legs are dying!!

    • SCORE: 18:27

      4kg dbs. Really hate this one, it makes me feel so weak! Clearly I need to do it more often :S Now the hot weather is here I’m going to have to start doing my workouts earlier in the day – far too humid this lunchtime to put in my max effort…..and dripping by the end :P

      • SCORE: 18:01

        5kg for 1st round then dropped down to 4kg. This one is my nemesis. I hate how weak it makes me feel! Time was faster for 1st 3 rounds (paused after R1 tho to change weights) but noticed my form was slipping so slowed it down for the last two rounds to focus more. A real tough one! :S

  18. SCORE: 18:57

    Pair of 5lbs. Modified weighted lunge jumps to weighted back lunge+snap kick due to pulled hammy ;(

  19. SCORE: 17:55

    OMG! I’m wiped, dripping sweat! I used 12.5lbs free weights for the first 2 rounds, then 10lbs. Still catching my breath, whew!

  20. SCORE: Zuzka time

    Kept time with zuzka added 110 triple plank hops and 130 bicycle push-ups :)

  21. SCORE: Kept time with Z

    Haven’t done a Z w/o for about a yr ( doing fitness blender w/o’s) and gosh how I’ve missed them! Used 15lb dumbells but had to drop them on last round of jump lunges. This is a great site, thanks for creating it!

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