ZWOW #12

Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 6 pistols
Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

ZWOW #12

Low Jacks
Dynamite Burpees
Low Jacks

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

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Zuzka's Score: 3 rounds + 6 pistols

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 4.25 rounds

    Got the 10 minutes in before the storm rolled in. I was surprised that pistols were getting easier. Goal next time 5 rounds!

  2. SCORE: 4 rounds

    I did regular one leg squats — cannot do pistols! :)

  3. SCORE: 3.5 rounds + 2 burpees

    did this after another old Zuzana’s bodyrock workout ( I was so close to giving up because I can’t do the pistol switch. Glad that I found enough mental strength to push this through. I definitely have to work on my pistol squats first before I can think of improving my score.

    • SCORE: 3.5 rounds + 9 burpees

      This is one of the reasons I started this site, aside from keeping track of my scores, seeing other people’s workouts totally motivate me! :) I did this exact workout, thanks for putting them together Shirley. :)
      BodyRock Kissable Abs Workout
      *2 jump squat, 1 jump tuck, 2 pushups, 1 power up – 15 sets: 2:33
      *10 kickups, 10 mountain climbers – 6 sets: 1:36
      *10 1-leg Pike Press, 10 1-leg jump squat – 4 sets per leg: 6:02
      *20 Zuzka Pushups: 1:50

  4. SCORE: 4 rounds + 5 pistols

    Did this one after doing the BodyRock OMG Sexy Body Workout. I did double pushups (both before and after the plank jump) so my scores differ from Zuzka’s a bit.

    92, 95: Front Jump Kicks (Z’s: 78, 69)
    8, 8: Walking Push Ups with Plank Jump (Z’s: 16, 14)
    25, 27: Skater Lunge Jump Left Leg (Z’s: 26, 23)
    26, 26: Skater Lunge Jump Right Leg (Z’s: 25, 22)
    12, 13: Side Leg Lift and Butt Lift – to the left (Z’s: 13, 12)
    13, 13: Side Leg Lift and Butt Lift – to the right (Z’s: 13, 12)

  5. SCORE: 3 rounds

    It was to hot to gave all of me. :)

  6. SCORE: 2 rounds and 7 burpees


  7. SCORE: 3 rounds + 7 squats

    I tried pistols, couldn’t do them at all. I did the 1st round and half the 2nd round by using a chair to modify the pistols. At about pistol no. 6 of the second round I just could lift myself up anymore, so I switched to normal squats. I’ll get there eventually.

  8. SCORE: 2.617 rounds

    The pistols absolutely kill me on this one – I used a shoelace tied to a doorknob to help with them.

  9. SCORE: 2.5 Rounds

    I found this website recently and it’s great ’cause i love Zuzka and her ZWOWS. I started using the “Random ZWOW” so I can do the workouts I missed in the past. Still working on pistol squats…I have to lean my hands behind me on a chair to assist.

  10. SCORE: 2 rounds and 7 burpees

    I finished the 3rd round after time because I couldn’t leave it alone!

  11. SCORE: 3.5 Rounds

    There were so many times through this workout I wanted to stop, every excuse under the sun came to me. But I just thought about Zuzana being in the room with me saying “just one more, it’s only ten minutes.”

  12. SCORE: 3,5rounds+5burpees


  13. SCORE: 3 rounds

    plus 7 burpees.

  14. SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 pistols + 20 low jacks

    I did pistols with a chair.
    And Zuzka looks amazing in this video!!

  15. SCORE: 3 rounds - 13:43

    I can’t do the pistol squats like she does, I do 1 leg squats but keep my toes on the other leg touching the ground for support/balance.

  16. SCORE: 4 1/2 rounds exactly

    pistol squats are a bitch. i had to modify, i have fused achilles and cannot do a normal squat, let alone alone legged! i held onto the counter and jumped to switch legs at the top rather than from squat. still, every round was rough, right around 7th rep.

  17. SCORE: 3 rounds + 5 pistols

    I hate pistols…

  18. SCORE: 3 rounds

    … but for 10 minutes and 34 seconds… :)

  19. SCORE: 3 rounds

    Pistols are getting better)

  20. SCORE: 2 rounds

    But I did have 3 kiddos climbing all over me…talk about upping the difficulty!

  21. SCORE: 3 rounds + 10 pistols + 5 jacks

    The pistols are still killing me, even assisted by a rope round the door handle :(

    • SCORE: 3 rounds + pistols+jacks+6 burpees

      1st round of pistols unassisted but I had to resort to the rope for the rest

  22. SCORE: 3.5 rounds (assisted pistols)

    Feels like I’ll never be able to do regular pistols! :( Awesome workout though! Heart rate is through the roof!

  23. SCORE: 4rounds

    Good one

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds + 8 pistols

    And I thought I really pushed myself :(.

  25. SCORE: 2 rounds + 1 burpee

    At least I was a bit better :).

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 16 low jacks (2. set)

      Argh, just 4 more low jacks. But I’m happy that I improved my score :)

    • SCORE: 3 rounds + 3 pistols

      Finally, I was able to beat my previous score in a workout :). It has been nearly 2 weeks since the last time.

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