ZWOW #10

Zuzka's Score: 2.5 rounds
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ZWOW #10

Jump Rope/High Knees
Reptile Burpees
Kettlebell Jumps

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Equipment Needed

  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell

Zuzka's Score: 2.5 rounds

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 2 Rounds + 5 skips

    In 93 degree heat on the patio had to take a few seconds break between each exercise. Goal for next time, no stopping & get to a full 3 rounds

  2. SCORE: 2 rounds 3 reptile burpees


  3. SCORE: 2 rounds + 20 burpees

    Making progress! Completed this in 83 degree heat on the patio using a 40lb kettlebell and I beat Zuzka this time! I almost hit the goal I set of completing 3 rounds…just gotta speed up on the first round. :)

  4. SCORE: 2 rounds + 100 skips

    A slight improvement from my last attempt (which I did 2 rounds) but i was aiming for a 3 this time. Gotta try harder next time.

  5. SCORE: 2 rounds + 62 high knees

    Accomplished my goal of 2 complete rounds. Feels good….

  6. SCORE: 1 round + 13 burpees

    Haha definitely last place, but it was a grueling workout!

    • EXCELLENT JOB ANNIE! Are you kidding, there are some people who won’t even try, no place finish here, just pure and solid hard work. Keep it up, you’ll get better quickly :)

  7. SCORE: 2.5 rounds

    Completed this one today on the patio in 85 degree direct sun and felt slow. Used the 40lb kettlebell again and even though I didn’t beat my last score I still kept up with Zuzka! :) Still have my goal of 3 full rounds for this one.

  8. SCORE: 2.5 rounds

    This was great workout. I do jump squat instead of Kettlebell Jumps.

  9. I just found this site and wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for putting this together!! It helps so much, I just love it!

  10. SCORE: 2 rounds and 73 high knees

    Tried with a 10 kilo-weight. Not as difficult to lift as I thought! Not a bad score, getting closer to zuzka’s :-)

  11. SCORE: 2 rounds + 10 dumbbell jumps

    Reptile burpees drained me! Need to up my dumbbell weight – 15lbs was wayyyyy to light!

  12. SCORE: 3.57 rounds

    High Knees without rope and a 19lb bag for kettlebell jumps

    (I convert my partial rounds into a decimal (#completed reps/total reps per round) so that I can graph my progress if I feel like I need encouragement 8))

  13. SCORE: 1.5

    Sweating but need lots of work!

  14. SCORE: 2 rounds

    Arrrgh…I’m getting worse at this one….

  15. SCORE: 2 rounds

    I admit, I squeezed in the final rep of kettlebell jumps just after the alarm, but it was so close!! So, I count that as two full rounds. My slowest exercise was definitely the burpees. I rested pretty often…so I’ll focus on improving those for next time. Also, I used an 8# weight for the kettlebell jumps because it’s the most like a real kettlebell (it’s a medicine ball with a kettlebell-like handle), but it was definitely not enough weight at all. On my to-do list: buy a heavier/real kettlebell!

  16. SCORE: 2 + 5 burpees

    whew!! it kills me! but last time, i only finished 2 rounds :)

  17. SCORE: 3 Rounds + 25 Rope Jumps

    Excellent workout !

  18. SCORE: 2 rounds+4burpees

    I used 12kg kettlebell

  19. SCORE: 2 rounds + 50 high knees

    I am newbie and I count reps for 12 minutes. I cannot keep up with the Zuzka’s speed and always forget the number of reps or the following excerse. :)

    • Awesome! Before I made this site I used to write each workout on a piece of paper to look at and if I can’t remember the exercises I’ll bring my laptop or phone and prop it up in front of me, maybe one of those ideas will help. :)

  20. SCORE: 2 rounds + 100 Skips + 7 Reptile Burpees

    Good workout – the cardio in these exercises makes it so much harder.. love it anyway.

    And your site is amazing! :)

  21. SCORE: 1 Round + High knees + burpees

    This was tough. Burpees always kill me, but I am at the point now where I can do all of them without going to my knees.

  22. SCORE: 2 rounds + 5 burpees

    High knees without the rope, and a 20lb bag for kettlebell.

    I love this website – it makes it so easy to see the breakdown and equipment. It would be GREAT to be able to filter by equipment.

  23. SCORE: 2 rounds + 81 high knees

    Kettlebell – 4kg… I need heavier.

  24. SCORE: 2 rounds in 19:41

    I was not in the mood to do this workout today, so after the timer went off I had just finished 1 round. Made myself do another round and then just called it a day.

  25. SCORE: 2 rounds + 72 jump rope

    but in second round I did normal burpee (without touch leg)

  26. SCORE: 1 round + 3 kettleball jumps

    It’s been a while since I’ve been well enough to work so I’m happy with my score.

  27. SCORE: 2 rounds + 50 skips

    16kg kb, 0.5kg weights for skipping. Bit disappointed at my score on this one. I WILL improve on this score!

    • SCORE: 2 rounds + 100 high knees + 14 burpees

      16kg kb, 0.5kg handweights instead of rope. Maybe make it to 3 full rounds next time!!

  28. SCORE: 2 rounds + 40 high knees

    Fun one!

  29. SCORE: 2 rounds + 100 high knees + 20 burpees

    WOW! Leave it to Zuzka to make what appears to be a simple workout absolutely KILLER! Talk about upping the cardio aspect on this one. I’m wiped!

  30. SCORE: 2 rounds

    On the second round i could only complete 17 kettlebell’s before time was over. I loved it

  31. SCORE: 2rounds 8 Burpees

    Added 60 sit-ups-120 mountain climbers

  32. SCORE: 3 rounds minus 14 squats

    Almost three rounds! I had 14 more squats to go.

  33. SCORE: 1 sad round

    It took me 6 minutes to get the jump rope done! I have an absolute lack of coordination…. I guess next time I will go for 20 minutes…. such a disaster.

  34. SCORE: 2 rounds + 73 skips

    It’s been a while since I’ve done HIIT and after this winter it’s time to jump back into it again. 57 degrees in the garage after it rained. Used the 16KG kettebell.

    Found ZWOW10 recorded by someone else on YouTube here:

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