ZWOW #01

Zuzka's Score: 24:03
Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

ZWOW #01

Dive Bombers
20 per leg
Squat Leg Lift
10 per side
Side Plank Lift
10 per leg
Pistol Squats

3 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat

*You’ll notice she only shows you what the first round will look like in this updated video. Be sure to do all 3 rounds for time. Zuzka’s score for the Original ZWOW #1 was: 24:03

Zuzka's Score: 24:03

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 25:03

    harder than i thought!

    • SCORE: 24:52

      SO Brutal. But amazing.

      As it was hurting after x1 I decided to do the 3 as said rather than the what would be absolutely brutal 5!

  2. SCORE: 34:22

    Good god that was harder than I remember it being back in January when I did it the first time. Starting with round two I had to do kneeling dive bombers (booo!) and pistols hate me, so I did one legged squats instead. This one is def not my fav…aaand to top it off I did 5 full rounds of this because when I originally watched the video I thought that’s how many she did.

  3. SCORE: 58:22:7

    Hahaha wow! That kicked my butt. 3 babies have made me out of shape, but Mama’s taking her body back! :)

  4. SCORE: 4 minutes

    Erm, I could only do one round of this one – totally kicked my butt. That’s what being 43 and having 3 kids will do to ya. :)

  5. SCORE: 33:05

    My Saturday morning treat – definitely harder than it looks. I’m raining sweat now. Great way of starting my weekend!

  6. SCORE: 19:03

    Loved it

  7. SCORE: 34 minutes

    Did 5 rounds (2nd attempt) and realised that Zuzana’s timing of 24 minutes is for 3 rounds, not 5. Nevertheless, 5 is achieveable. Go for 5 if you can!

  8. SCORE: 26:40

    After 3 rounds I couldn’t go any further. This one kicked my butt! But after watching the video, Zuzana only does 3 rounds and I felt SO much better about myself. :)

  9. SCORE: 26:43

    Absolutely brutal. I stopped after 3 even though I’m in relatively good shape. Was bummed about not doing 5 total then came back here and saw that I wasn’t alone. Go WarriorZ!

  10. SCORE: 29:22

    Only three rounds…and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to lift the bottle of water the next 3 days :S

    Nevermind…next time it’ll be better! :)

  11. SCORE: 45:38

    Splits were
    6:20-not too bad just getting warmed up
    6:43-wow the pistol squats are WAY hard
    9:38-I’m getting a bit tired now
    10:30-What is she NUTS???
    12:20-I think i’m going to throw up.

  12. SCORE: 21 minutes 44 seconds

    Thought you should know the workout is only 3 rounds not 5 rounds. I beat my first time of 36 minutes by a lot! I haven’t attempted this one since it came out. Good to know I’m a lot fitter :)

  13. SCORE: 20:48

    Completed yesterday 18 Aug 2012 and the day before as well (21:35). This one is a killer!!! Had to recover! If you’re a beginner at this, don’t start with this one!!!!

  14. SCORE: 30:53

    On knees for dive bombers & burpee push ups. Pistol squats modified with off knee on ground.

  15. SCORE: 23:52

    Held onto a shoelace tied to a doorknob for Pistols. Some day…

    • Too cute! Great modification :)

      • Thanks, Marla!

        Someone actually suggested tying a jump rope to a door-knob and my jump-rope-less self modified the suggestion :)

        The shoelace actually helped alot more than I thought/wished. But then again, my poor legs were pushing as hard as they could, so maybe it’s a good thing the laces helped as much as they did.

        (Beautiful site, by the way!!)

  16. SCORE: 25.46


  17. SCORE: 25.46

    thought i would do a lot worse :)

  18. Need suggestions: I am a female and a beginner to Zuzka… this is all brand new to me. How many times should I do #1 per week and how soon should I move on to the next workout? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hey Lan! The workouts are meant to be done at your own convenience. Depending on what you’re working towards one ZWOW a day is definitely good. With that being said I started out doing one a week to ease into the intensity, it all depends on your ability and the time you have available. ZWOW #1 (I feel) is definitely the hardest so I wouldn’t start with this one. Use the random workout generator and watch the video to see if it looks good to you, also use the comments to help you know whether others found it difficult or not and some people mention modifications they made if they weren’t able to complete as is. Welcome Warrior! :)

      • Great advice. Thanks Marla!!!

        • Hi Marla, I took your advice and started out with ZWOW #08. What a great workout! You are right, I would have died had I started my first time with #01. Thank you for that and I love your website!!! Thanks for organizing it and provide the instructions for each workout. I print it out and put it on an index card. I plan to use it whenever I don’t access to my computer. I am excited for my next challenge. So glad I found your website and a great big thanks to Zuzana for a wonderful workout lesson!

  19. SCORE: 36:10:45


  20. SCORE: 21.11

    Oh boy, this one was tough.. Dive bombers are the killers!

  21. SCORE: 16:27

    Note: I only completed 2 rounds, not 3. I had to stop because my knee was hurting too much to continue. I will definitely retry tomorrow (today is my Rest Day) and see how I do.

    However, I felt like I cheated myself a bit by quitting early, so I did 2 sets of 15 Side Plank Lifts and 2 x 20 crunches. Obliques and Quads are sore!

    Note: I was very surprised how difficult Dive Bombers are. Not for the faint of heart.

    • SCORE: 19:26

      I didn’t get around to retrying this one until yesterday, but I completed it! No knee pain this time, and I didn’t use the video. I found it a lot easier the second time around and I’m not nearly as sore as I got last time.

  22. SCORE: 32:52

    Not too bad post-injury and a 6 week hiatus! I smoked my score from the last time I did this workout! :)

  23. SCORE: 26:25

    Note: Modified dive bombers + burpees to knees. Modified pistol squats with off knee touching ground.

  24. SCORE: 22:04

    First time I did this particular Zwow. I did Cossack squats with 25 lbs sandbag on my shoulders..

  25. SCORE: 30:23

    Yay!!! Beat my PR for this workout! No mods!

  26. SCORE: 23:31

    Note: Once again… Modified dive bombers + burpees to knees. Modified pistol squats with off knee touching ground.

  27. SCORE: 21:31

    I changed the pistol squads (Damn! I can’t do them!) for 20 semi-pistol squats and 20 squats. It was hard. I am use to practise sport (weight lifting) but due to work + thesis I am not training hard lately.

  28. SCORE: ~24-25 minutes

    Tough one! Thanks) It is the third time I’ve been doing this workout. The first one was while I did not even master the burpies properly (still can not make a full push up :).

  29. SCORE: 19;06

    Workout! My body does not curve like hers when do dive bombers and I can’t get as low on my pistol squats, but I’m gonna keep doing this workout once a week and kick butt

  30. SCORE: 29:32

    I came close to throwing up twice and almost quit a dozen times but i stayed strong, thanks Zuz

  31. SCORE: 32:28

    It was my first time working out in a long time. I had to take a two minute break just to catch my breath, but I didn’t stop the stopwatch so I new I couldn’t relax for too long. So glad i finished! This website is awesome by the way, so glad you made it!

  32. SCORE: 19:42

    This one was brutal! Loved it!

  33. SCORE: 18:43

    This one was good!! Do any of you guys do a warm up and extra cardio with these workouts or just do these for time? I am curious to know how most of you incorporate these as well as what combination of exercises are giving you the best results :)

    • I typically don’t warm up at all or do anything more than one ZWOW/day but this summer I was doing 2/day…it all depends on how far you wanna take it. I know Zuzka mentions every once in a while that these are the only workouts she does, although I think she’s more in maintenance mode. :)

  34. SCORE: 22.18.6

    First off let me say how HAPPY I am to have found your website! What a great place to go to find all the workouts and record times :-) Second…that was tough, I had to use help (thank you for the shoelace idea) with the pistol squats..they are killer!

  35. SCORE: 24.05

    Took some breaks to catch my breath.

  36. SCORE: 21:40

    I hate this wokrout.

    • they always say, those workouts you hate the most are the ones you need to work on…I am not a fan of it either, and I am not looking foward to doing it again, but I know that time will come sooner or later!

  37. SCORE: 25:55

    I could only do 2 rounds. I haven’t worked out in MONTHS so I knew it would be hard, but seriously??? This was killing me!

  38. SCORE: 22:23

    I decided I would start with #1 and do them in order this year. I will probably zwow about 4 times a week as I also run 3 days a week. This was tough – but good. I did use assistance with the pistol as I have had knee surgery and need to be careful. Boy did I sweat though!!!!

    • wow Stephanie that is a good time you got there. I am attempting to catch up for this year so doing 2 a day until the 11th, Friday, then I will be on # 11, sweat is just unfit leaving your body :-)

  39. SCORE: 26:47

    2012 my score was 29:32, today it was 26:47. Really happy with a 3 minute improvement. This is it, this is the year I take control of my fittness

  40. SCORE: 20:9

    phew! glad thats over!!

    I had to use a chair for those pistol squats, and had a couple water breaks.

  41. SCORE: 34:55

    took a break in between rounds to get the feeling back in my legs!

  42. SCORE: 18:20

    First attempt was 36:23 two months ago. 2 ZWOWS a day for 1 month then 1 ZWOW 3 times a week with heavy lifting. All together lost 8 lbs and body fat went from 20% to 14% This really works. Stick with it…. Plus crossfit is awesome!

  43. SCORE: 29:30

    I have to admit… after second round I thought I was gonna faint, but I pushed myself and managed to finish this workout. I did modified pistol squats though.

  44. SCORE: 30.02

    intense this morning

  45. SCORE: 20:14

    Down 3 minutes from my time a year ago!

  46. SCORE: 30:06

    I am so proud if myself right now. I did this workout 1 month ago and could only do 2 rounds. Today I did all 3 rounds and only added a little over 4 mins to my time!!!

  47. SCORE: 18:01

    Great work out

  48. I’m new to zuzana’s workouts, but not new to fitness, so I need a little help with the scheduling of these workouts. I want to start off with zwow #1, so do I do this everyday for a week and then move onto zwow #2 for every day that next week, and so on… or should I only be doing these workouts a few times a week?

  49. SCORE: 23:30

    Yeah! The first workout with Zuzka!

  50. SCORE: 23:26min

    I did only 2rounds and in every round only 5 dive bombers instead of 10, cause it´s still too hard for me, i hope i will improve soon :-D

  51. SCORE: 19:08

    getting better with pistol squats. used a door knob. all straight burpees, no knees down!

  52. SCORE: 22:16

    First time doing a ZWow and I just had to start at #1. I ended up doing a mangled version of the dive bombers and had couldn’t get low like Zuzka with the pistol squats. But I still felt it!!

  53. SCORE: 34:20

    Did this as my first ZWOW and just found this sites so thought I’d record my scores. Great sites. Now I just need to work harder to get some better times! And learn how to do pistols – they really slowed me down on this one

    • Thanks and Welcome Kiddo! I updated all your scores to match the dates you completed them and I look forward to hearing about what you think of the other ZWOW’s! Ask any of the other warriorZ and they’ll tell ya that pistols do get better with time. :)

      • Thanks Marla. I will keep trying with the pistols :)

        • SCORE: 18:23

          Smashed my old score and did most of the pistols unassisted (rope around the door handle for the last set) So happy :D

          • SCORE: 16:52

            Little gains :) So proud I halved my original score! Need to get back into the habit of practising my form on pistols separate to the zwows.

          • SCORE: 19:00

            Not proud of my score, especially as I had to pause the timer to get some water after round 2 :/ Haven’t done any pistols for a while and boy can I tell! They took me ages. My butt is still recovering from ZWOW 63 yesterday so that’s my excuse ;)

  54. SCORE: 21:54

    I felt like passing out after this one! First work out in about 3 or 4 days so maybe it was too much. I’ll come back to this one to beat my score.

  55. SCORE: 21.51

    Finished the three rounds but had to trade dive bombers for push ups, side lifts on my knees and pistol squats for normal squats. Still happy with my effort considering I havent done any high intensity training in over a year! Out to gain my pre baby body back – Bring it on!!

  56. SCORE: 19:15

    Man, some of you guys were doing FIVE rounds?
    I’m going to do that next time. I like the way you people think, haha. >:D

  57. SCORE: 22:54

    Nearly killed me, thought I was going to faint at one point. Did competition burpees and held onto a chair during single leg squats.


    Only 2 rounds….Is the first time I try and I´m realy proud!!! Zuzka is the best!!!

  59. SCORE: 3rounds 19:23

    I’m back! Starting up with zwows after trying fitnessblender for a few weeks. I miss these :) boy am I sweating

  60. SCORE: 28:58

    My first workout in my new journey.
    I modified it quite alot. I did the diver bombers on my knees. My burpees didn’t include a push up, and my only did 10 squat lift per leg. However I feel good about anyway :-)

  61. SCORE: 9:30 (1 round)

    Nasty flu keeps me from exercising full-strength!

  62. SCORE: 23:03

    Full dive bombers & burpees but pistols off reg chair.
    Did this workout for the first time 3/19/13- Knee. Bombers, knee burpees, couldn’t do pistols at all so used reg. 2 leg squat for 24:02. Super excited!!!

  63. SCORE: 20:58

    Dive bombers on knees…regular squats instead of pistol. One day I’ll be able to do pistol squats. :)

  64. SCORE: 39:04

    This Workout killed me! I wanted to give up several times but I did it :)!

  65. SCORE: 24:12

    This stuff is NO joke. 70 day challenge started this morning with ZWOW 1 with a friend. Before and after pics to come

  66. SCORE: 34:17

    My arms are hurting so much. I think I can’t lift them for a while :). At least I improved my score although I’m still slow in comparison.

  67. SCORE: 25:30

    Repeated this one after a long time and on holidays. Pistol squats are still a struggle. Got to easy 5 in a row. I will eventually get there

  68. Cinthia Gonzalez
    SCORE: 25.47

    I had to modify pistol squats to one legged squats and had to do the last set of dive bombers on my knees!

  69. SCORE: 31:05

    I’m so dead right now but at least I’m happy :). 3 minutes better, yeah! My goal now is to do it under 30 min.

    My modifications:
    1. pike presses intead of the dive bombers
    2. chair pistols

  70. SCORE: 14:58

    yesss boom. only had a couple of minutes before work so it was perfect for 3 rds. only did 5 full pistols on each leg and 5 one leg squats on each (they hurt my knees)

  71. SCORE: 44:52

    12 Feb 2015. First workout since November due to a big backpacking trip so I didn’t try to make a fast time – I just focused on good form and enjoying getting back into it. It’s amazing how pumped you can feel getting back into routine!! I was dancing around like a crazy person!!

  72. SCORE: 27:58

    Wow!! I didn’t even feel like getting started but I’m so glad I did. I feel great now! I necessitate a shower though!

  73. SCORE: 27:42

    Yes, yes, yes! Under 30 minutes! Finally! I felt like a machine in the last round who kept going without stopping. Now I feel like a human. Out of breath, sweating like crazy and with sore shoulder muscles. I feel great :D!

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