Fat Slaughter Workout

Zuzka's Score: See post for scores
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Fat Slaughter Workout

30 sec
Touch the Wall Squats (Alternating Sides Each Round)
30 sec
Sumo Pushups
30 sec
Jump Lunges
30 sec
Ring Rows

16 Minute Interval Training, 6 Round of each exercise before moving on
Goal: As many reps as possible on each interval with 10 seconds rest between exercises.

Equipment Needed

  • Gymnastics Rings or Dip Station
  • Exercise Mat
  • Water
  • Interval Timer

Zuzka’s Scores

  • Touch The Wall Squats: 18-16-18-17-18-18
  • Sumo Push Ups: 11-10-8-6-6-7
  • Jump Lunges: 17-11-9-10-10-12
  • Ring Rows: 8-6-5-4-6-8

Zuzka's Score: See post for scores

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