Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

Balance, Strength, Agility

Jump Squat with Diagonal Touchdown (alternating sides)
Reptile (alternating sides)
One-Leg Hop Kick (alternating sides)

4 Rounds for Time

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise Mat
  • Water

Zuzka's Score: 23:46

warriorZ Scores

  1. SCORE: 16:21

    It was nice :) Not as hard as I thought.

  2. SCORE: 32:58

    The exercises of this workout were doable for me and not so hard as others. I had to struggle to keep my balance especially during the one-leg hop kick. The workout was really fun and I think that’s one of my favorites so far :).

  3. SCORE: 27:50

    I decided I will do this workout every month (or every two months). I like it that much :).
    My balance is already getting better and I beat my time by a few minutes!

  4. SCORE: 26:50

    Yes :)!
    I’m looking forward to my attempt next month.

  5. SCORE: 16:02

    Really nice cardio with a bit of balance training. Not hard but lovely

  6. SCORE: 26:51

    Nearly the same time :D . But I think I’m better now than in may because it’s definitly hotter today (30°C). And there is room for improvement too because my fastest round was the third, usually it’s the first.

  7. SCORE: 16:51

    Tim and I had a great time doing this one! We got it done in 16:51 which included a good minute of hysterical laughter at his ABBA-esque version of the second exercise!

  8. SCORE: 25:05

    Yes! I did it again :).

    @Jess: I think next time I will be slower because of you. I will have to laugh doing the second exercise ;).

  9. SCORE: 23:38

    I think next time will be really hard to beat my time. I’m so dead right now ;). It’s amazing how you all did it in 16 minutes. No clue how I can achieve that :).
    But I think I should be happy that I was a few seconds faster than Zuzka! My first time!

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