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Starting Monday June 10th, 2013 all new ZWOW’s became part of the ZGYM.

As of November 1st, 2014 all workouts with Zuzka that were previously recorded for the ZGYM became part of and on this same day Zuzka launched her brand new ZGYM for all future workouts at

If you ever wanted to support Zuzka in the past now is the time to join the ZGYM. This is the first time she is in complete control over her brand and everything she’s producing and now she can benefit the most from her followers.

ZWOW’s have kept me motivated in the past, and I know a lot of my fellow warriorZ feel the same. I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below and we’ll keep this place sweaty! ;)

Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn and co-author of Pigskin Paleo.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.


  1. I started working out with Zuzka when she was still in Bodyrock back in 2011. I was devastated when she left, but that didn’t mean I stopped doing her workouts.

    So why not list her bodyrock workouts. I love the way you display the workouts clean and simple. It would be nice to see her old work revived that way.

    I also want to thank you for creating this website. Even when Zuzka’s site was up, this was still the one I visited searching for zwows due too the quick and easy access.

    • I started with Z around that same time as well and Murielle, that’s a great idea. Actually I started logging the old Bodyrock workouts last summer for this site. :) You can currently find them filed under ZVault ;) so going back to that would be a great idea now. Thanks for that recommendation and I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! :)

      • I agree! Thank you for making such a user-friendly website! I love the idea of listing her bodyrock workouts. They’re great too. I’m going to go buy your cookbook to thank you!

    • Awesome idea! And please keep this site up its the only one I use!! Simple clean easy.

  2. Hi Marla,
    I just started a few month ago, and I would like to continue Zuzka’s workouts. But I don’t know how I could
    subscribe for the ZGYM.
    Can you help me , please ?

  3. I too love this website – clean,simple and easy to access . Thanks Marla.

  4. I’m sad that she has gone down the subscription route as it is not something I can afford to commit to. Part of the reason I loved her workouts so much is that they are free and they have got me way fitter than any gym membership ever did. Shame she didn’t release more merchandise like workout clothes instead, I know I would have paid for those if they were decent quality. I really hope you keep this website up and running as I love the way it is organised – so easy to find the workout you want. We still have plenty of workouts to get through, I’m not even half way through yet, and then I’ll just have to work on improving my times!

  5. Can you guys tell me how you go about using ALL her workouts? What I mean is are you actively also doing her Power Cardio, Power Strength and Yoga videos OR are you just using the workouts that she delivers each week via her site? I’m almost beginning to feel overwhelmed. I’m finishing up Power Cardio next week and wondered which direction I will go next. Ideas?? Have you guys reached your fitness goals or are you still working on it? Do you guys think you will go for the ZGym membership? Just curious as to what others were doing….

    • You’re absolutely right, there are so many options available now. I have all her DVD’s but I haven’t managed to incorporate them into my workout routine yet. Last summer I was doing 1-2 ZWOW back-to-back each day and now I’m lucky to get a single ZWOW in, although that is because I’ve been focussing on form and heavy lifting versus cardio. :)

      If you’ve been following Z’s calendar you might be doing 3 days on followed by 1 rest day. If you’re used to that model I’d say keep it up. The best routine is the one you consistently follow and if you’re seeing results and enjoying the DVD’s you could run through Power Cardio one more time or with any workout you don’t like on the DVD’s, replace with any of the free ZWOW’s. Feel free to use the Random ZWOW generator so you don’t have to make the decision. I would recommend to keep the rest day in there with whatever you decide. Hope that helps a bit.

  6. Hi Marla! Perhaps a ZGym member would be able to film him/herself doing the workout or a tutorial, and share it here? Though I don’t know whether this would be against copyrights… Thank you for creating this wonderful community! I hope we can think of something!

    • Hey Veronica! That would be a super idea however, I’d rather not get in a battle of legal fees with Watch It Now ;) lol

      While brainstorming ideas I did think about part of what you mentioned. I could provide an area where warriorZ could upload a new workout video and then I could post it for everyone on the site. I’m still mulling it over, but thanks for throwing the idea out there. :)

    • I love Zuzka’s workouts but as an incredibly broke student, I’m not sure I can afford a ZGym subscription. Like Kiddo said, I’d be a lot happier buying merch as well as her DVDs. It’s a shame but I suppose this will give me new oppurtunity to both branch and go back and go over some of her old ZWows

  7. Hey, I’ve really been loving following Zuka both here and from Bodyrock and I’ve especially been loving accessing the ZWOW’s via this site. I’d love to continue to support her, buy the DVD’s etc, but really she’s made it really difficult to support or follow her if your not an American which I find rather off putting as she’s always had such a global following.

    I do think I’ll miss new ZWOW’s every week, though I’ve got a few to catch up on since I started them a few months late. While the exchange rate currently is pretty good, as I’m pretty keen only for the ZWOW’s I don’t think I can justify almost 11 dollar and rising a month for 4-5 workouts. I realise she is also offering other features but with my current focus and how long I’ve been doing these I’m not sure they would be something I’d use. Maybe we could even have a few fan submissions of similar style workouts. I’m sure enough of us have been doing these type of workout for long enough that we can come up with ideas to encourage one another. Just a thought :)

    • just an FYI I found a free site with similar workouts called fitness blender- hopefully it stays free currently in using that and still going back to my favorite zwows

  8. I’m using the ZWows in Phases. #1-10 is Phase 1. I will rotate thru these 10 for 4 weeks. This way I can challenge myself and get really good at the workouts. Once I’ve finished that phase, I’ll move on to the next one.

  9. So any if you guy’s joined the Gym? I must say that the new website does’t look very inviting. It’s not transparent into what exactly it is one can expect. Most of the old Zwow’s are not available thru the site, you just click on the link and an empty page is the result. Guess that will make it even harder to convince non already hooked customers.

    I am doing Insanity now, already seeing results after only 7 workouts. After that I’ll mix the Zwow’s back in. Lesia’s idea sounds like a good plan :)

  10. Have quietly loved this site since you launched it, Marla. Just wanted to add my vote to continue to expand the ZVault with her old BR workouts. Would be truly awesome if you could add search parameters similar to

    • Hey Kellie, great to hear from you! I’ve actually got plans to organize via equipment for the ZWOW’s. It’s been on my to-do list for almost a year now, I just haven’t had the time to implement it. I’m going to add one workout each week to the ZVault and email once it’s posted. :) I appreciate the input! :)

  11. ShonaSunshine

    Can anyone tell me what the ZBeginner workouts are like? It’s currently the only section that I can see myself attempting right now and would like to have a better idea of what to expect before I subscribe. Any help would be appreciated!

  12. Kathleen Campbell

    I love your website and hope that you keep it up. I think it’s more user friendly than . I love how it lists the workout time at the beginning if you need to choose a workout based on time, and then how it lists each move if you don’t want/need to watch the preview. I would second the suggestion to organize it via equipment but I would also LOVE it if you could organize via muscle group. I know not all of the zwows focus on a specific muscle group, a lot are full body workouts, but some really focus on butt or abs (and say so), and others use more weights and focus on arms or you really feel sore in your legs the next day. So I’d love it if you could sort it that way. Please! :) Thanks!

  13. Hi Marla just wanted to say thanks. This website is so much easier to use, im using it everyday im doing a zwow now. I know its a lot of work but if you added the BR workouts as suggested b4 that would be awesome. Those workouts were really great too. It would b awesome to have somewhere 4 easy to access.

    Wish I could say im not dissapointed at the subscription mode. Im a big Zuzka fan but just cant justify paying for this. I wish she had gone into merchandising instead. Maybe that didn’t generate money fast enough and I understand the bills have to be paid. Oh well. Im greatfull because she helped me get on the right track. And thank you for this forum :-)

  14. On ZGym, are there specific workouts to follow each day? Does Zuzka have them listed? I am thinking about purchasing the zgym membership and I need some sort of schedule to go off by. Also, how does Zuzka get those kind of arm muscles? Are they from her workouts or does she train them separately and take supplements?

    • Hey Zack! The ZGym is very similar to this site in the layout of the workouts. Zuzka has Beginner Workouts, Cooldowns, Warmups, Zropes, Zshreds, Zspecials and all the ZWOW’s (#70 and beyond are only in the ZGYM, i.e. not free). She provides a comment section on each video, a recap of the moves and the video of her entire workout for each. She does provide a suggested workout schedule for the week and with so many to choose from you can also decide on your own what looks good. At one point she was writing on her blog a schedule to follow but that included workouts from her DVD’s and from within the ZGYM, the suggest workout schedule is only available within ZGYM as she recommends workouts that are only in the ZGYM. Regarding her defined arms, as far as I know all the workouts you see both here and within the ZGym are the only workouts she does. She follows a clean diet and regarding supplements, she answered that question in this vlog. Basic summary, she rely’s on quality food over supplements.

  15. hi everyone!
    I`m from Argentina and i have becomed a Zuzka fan. I wonder if bying a programe i would be able to download previous ZWOWs, as i have done till 70 (free in Toutube)in two months!! and i really wanto to continue! My body is shaping fast…Thanks Marla and thanks to Zuzka for beying such an inspiration

    • Hey Estefania! Z’s DVD’s will provide you more workouts, different from the free ones available on YouTube, plus she’s got way more available in the ZGYM now. If you’re looking for more free workouts you can check out the ZVAULT here for older non-ZWOW workouts. :)

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