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ZCUT Power Strength DVD

ZCUT Power Strength DVD

Zuzka’s ZCUT Power Strength DVD Series is available now!

I want to give an honest review of the ZCUT Power Strength DVD and although I am in support of everything Zuzka produces, I was quite disappointed with this DVD set.

The new ZCUT Power Strength DVD Series is advertised as including 12 power building workouts to boost strength plus a special bonus workout.

I was curious to see what would be different with the ZCUT Power Strength DVD’s but I was quite disappointed. I played all the workouts before I did any to see what was new and they are all really similar, if not the same, as the ZWOW’s.

With the release of ZCUT Power Yoga and ZCUT Power Cardio, I was hoping for new and more intense workouts but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. However, one positive aspect to having the ZCUT Power Strength DVD series for those who don’t have a solid wifi connection, you are able to review the exercises and play the real time workouts without depending on an internet connection.

If you pick up your own copy let me know what you think in the comments!

ZCUT Power Strength DVD is available on Amazon

Marla Sarris

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  1. I ordered mine late Thursday night :-) Amazon says it’s shipped.

  2. What do you guys think of ZGYM? I’m so depressed. No more free ZWOWs. :(

  3. I got this In the mail Monday , started Tues. Today I did wo 2 plus mile run before it killed me !!! :D it is unfortunate Zwows are no longer free , Esp for those who truly can’t it into their budget or live in another country . Luckily the old ones are still up but I know that I personally love just watching every new zuzka workout even if I’m not gonna do it yet lol I plan in doing her power strength and cardio series this summer and if I just can’t live without new zuzka I will buy at least a month , prob more

    • Just ordered my copy today! I’m curious to see what the new strength/power moves she’s incorporated into this one are and if it’s anything different with this DVD than she’s already presented so far. I really liked the location they shot the Yoga series in but aside from a different location, ZCUT cardio was just more intense ZWOW’s. You brought up a great point Lola for those who live in another country and I’ve got some ideas I’m tossing around for additions to the site. :) I have to admit though, she’s piqued my curiosity with ZGYM but for those warriorZ who have been doing this a while I think we’ll be good. With that said, I’m right there with ya and I may have to check it out for a month. ;)

  4. I’m ZGym member and I’m loving it. I don’t mind paying $9.99 a month. I think of it just like buying starbucks coffee which is more less. :) I don’t have her Power Strength though. still thinking about it.

  5. I purchased several of these on Amazon for my wife for Christmas and I think they may be counterfeit…do the DVDs come in slim plastic cases or cardboard?

  6. Where can I buy zcuts abs zuzka light its not available anywhere?

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