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ZCUT Power Cardio DVD Series

ZCUT Power Cardio DVD Series - Zuzka Light

Zuzka’s ZCUT Power Cardio Series DVD is available NOW!

I just ordered my copy and I’m really excited to check it out :) I know there’s always going to be a few who are on the fence on buying a DVD when there are all these ZWOWs available for free online, but I look at it as a tiny way to show support for all the hard work Z’s put into the freebies. If you want to show your support for Z and, in an even tinier way, for this site, get it on Amazon (aff link).

Marla Sarris

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  1. Hi Marla, I am totally with you! I just ordered mine too! My computer often freezes up when I am in the middle of my exercise so having the DVD handy will not give me any excuses not to workout. I am excited, I can’t wait until it arrive. Zuzkalight can use all of our tiny support for all that she has done for us!!! Thank you!

  2. I’m with you, too! I ordered my DVDs 4 days ago. Lan, I have the same problem with my computer, plus my internet is a hotspot jetpack so I have to pay for data to stream videos. I’m excited to see how much I can slim down and get more cut just in time for Spring.

    • The DVD’s will definitely be great for ya if streaming is not as convenient. I started a week ago and workout #2 completely killed me (had to take an extra rest day). :)

  3. I got my zcut dvd yesterday.Want to start already just not sure how it works since they are only 4 workouts in the first dvd do we do over the same workouts for four tines a week need help?

    • I was confused when I first looked them over too but check out the calendar for what workouts to do on what days and each disc has 4 workouts. Calendar 2 & 3 can be accessed off Z’s site here.

  4. I just got mine, too! I am doing ZCUT #1 this morning! I just found this blog-thanks for the information. It makes it easy to write down the script for a workout!

  5. Hello Marla, I ordered her DVD too and started the program. I tried to start last month but I was on and off. So this February, I restarted it again and it will be for the entire program. I just finished WO#2, I saw stars and cloud. hahahaha LOL…. But it feels good and good challenge. :)

  6. I support your hard work and dedication I remember Zuzka since she practically started. I found her on you tube and since I watch her workout which she always performed in her house or basement I was inspired by her figure so I started doing those workouts then I found her again in and I was amazed how her body was transformed by then that was a year ago I believed so on and of on you tube and all the time and still since BodyRock! Way to go Girl….

  7. How can I get the dvd in Australia, I so want to start but cant ge the dvd :(

  8. I will support Z with anything. She is absolutely amazing, beautiful in and out. She seems like she would be an amazing best friend! Thanks for all you have done. I just received my DVDs today. I will start tomorrow. Thanks again! XOXOXOO

  9. Can these DVDs be played on a regular old-fashioned DVD player to work out in front of the TV? Thanks!

    • They should be as long as the player accepts US DVD’s. I always use it in my laptop so I’m not sure, and I’d double check for ya if I wasn’t away right now. Hope that helps! :)

  10. Hey Marla, thank you for responding to my question, I totally appreciate your time!

  11. hi , can someone help me , i tried to buy the set from Amazon but they don’t do shipments to Belgium !!!!!!!! where can i buy the set from????
    thanks in advance to your help

    • Unfortunately it looks like Zuzka’s only shipping the ZCut DVD’s to the US & Canada right now. I assume they’ll eventually ship beyond that and when they do I’m sure Zuzka will mention it.

      • Hi Marla,

        As mentioned on Zuzka’s blog (, they will start shipping to Canada on March 7 and to Europe on March 21 (they didn’t ship to Canada before even though they said the DVDs were available only to US & Canada). I’m from Quebec, Canada and I ordered my DVD set through (I didn’t know when Zuzka would ship to Canada and couldn’t wait any longer!). They provide you with a US address in Oregon (no sales tax there) and when your package arrives, they ship it to you wherever you are in the world. I placed my order on Feb. 15 and got my DVDs on Feb. 26.

    • Hi Florizia,

      See my comment below. Some companies ship anywhere in the world. I used but there’s also and probably several others.

  12. Are these DVDs sold in stores? Apparently, Amazon does not ship these DVDs to Canada.

  13. Ok for France. I received DVD today !

  14. I just received my DVD’s…so excited. One question though. I’m assuming that we rest on the days that don’t list a workout. Thanks-

  15. Well i finally got my dvd (i had to send it to a us address, since i’m from canada) and now the 1st dvd is not working after 3 plays! : ( So frustrating …anyone know if amazon has a exchange policy or do i have to contact zuzana’s rep??

  16. are these dvd,s available in the united kingdom yet ?

  17. Just a suggestion, how about also having a part of this site where we can also post our ZCUT scores? :) We won’t reveal what the workouts are, just do as we were doing with the ZWOW’s and posting our times? :D

    • That is a great idea Rhoda! Let me think about the best way to implement that and I’ll let you know when that’s feature’s live. :)

      • Yay, looking forward to it!

        On a slightly different note, I was thinking of following the Zcut cardio calendar all the way through, but I’m concerned it may cause me to lose some strength I gained from doing weighted zwows. What do you think?

  18. Does anyone know when the Power Strenght DVD will be available in Australia please.

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