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ZCUT Power Cardio DVD Series

ZCUT Power Cardio DVD Series - Zuzka Light

Zuzka’s ZCUT Power Cardio Series DVD is available NOW!

I just ordered my copy and I’m really excited to check it out :) I know there’s always going to be a few who are on the fence on buying a DVD when there are all these ZWOWs available for free online, but I look at it as a tiny way to show support for all the hard work Z’s put into the freebies. If you want to show your support for Z and, in an even tinier way, for this site, get it on Amazon (aff link).

Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris is the founder of Paleo Porn and co-author of Pigskin Paleo.

After tirelessly dedicating six years to teaching Mathematics at one of the top High Schools in the nation, she left her all-consuming career in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to indulge her passion for teaching through Paleo Porn.


  1. Hi Marla, I am totally with you! I just ordered mine too! My computer often freezes up when I am in the middle of my exercise so having the DVD handy will not give me any excuses not to workout. I am excited, I can’t wait until it arrive. Zuzkalight can use all of our tiny support for all that she has done for us!!! Thank you!

  2. I’m with you, too! I ordered my DVDs 4 days ago. Lan, I have the same problem with my computer, plus my internet is a hotspot jetpack so I have to pay for data to stream videos. I’m excited to see how much I can slim down and get more cut just in time for Spring.

    • The DVD’s will definitely be great for ya if streaming is not as convenient. I started a week ago and workout #2 completely killed me (had to take an extra rest day). :)

  3. I got my zcut dvd yesterday.Want to start already just not sure how it works since they are only 4 workouts in the first dvd do we do over the same workouts for four tines a week need help?

    • I was confused when I first looked them over too but check out the calendar for what workouts to do on what days and each disc has 4 workouts. Calendar 2 & 3 can be accessed off Z’s site here.

  4. I just got mine, too! I am doing ZCUT #1 this morning! I just found this blog-thanks for the information. It makes it easy to write down the script for a workout!

  5. Hello Marla, I ordered her DVD too and started the program. I tried to start last month but I was on and off. So this February, I restarted it again and it will be for the entire program. I just finished WO#2, I saw stars and cloud. hahahaha LOL…. But it feels good and good challenge. :)

  6. I support your hard work and dedication I remember Zuzka since she practically started. I found her on you tube and since I watch her workout which she always performed in her house or basement I was inspired by her figure so I started doing those workouts then I found her again in and I was amazed how her body was transformed by then that was a year ago I believed so on and of on you tube and all the time and still since BodyRock! Way to go Girl….

  7. How can I get the dvd in Australia, I so want to start but cant ge the dvd :(

  8. I will support Z with anything. She is absolutely amazing, beautiful in and out. She seems like she would be an amazing best friend! Thanks for all you have done. I just received my DVDs today. I will start tomorrow. Thanks again! XOXOXOO

  9. Can these DVDs be played on a regular old-fashioned DVD player to work out in front of the TV? Thanks!

    • They should be as long as the player accepts US DVD’s. I always use it in my laptop so I’m not sure, and I’d double check for ya if I wasn’t away right now. Hope that helps! :)

  10. Hey Marla, thank you for responding to my question, I totally appreciate your time!

  11. hi , can someone help me , i tried to buy the set from Amazon but they don’t do shipments to Belgium !!!!!!!! where can i buy the set from????
    thanks in advance to your help

    • Unfortunately it looks like Zuzka’s only shipping the ZCut DVD’s to the US & Canada right now. I assume they’ll eventually ship beyond that and when they do I’m sure Zuzka will mention it.

      • Hi Marla,

        As mentioned on Zuzka’s blog (, they will start shipping to Canada on March 7 and to Europe on March 21 (they didn’t ship to Canada before even though they said the DVDs were available only to US & Canada). I’m from Quebec, Canada and I ordered my DVD set through (I didn’t know when Zuzka would ship to Canada and couldn’t wait any longer!). They provide you with a US address in Oregon (no sales tax there) and when your package arrives, they ship it to you wherever you are in the world. I placed my order on Feb. 15 and got my DVDs on Feb. 26.

    • Hi Florizia,

      See my comment below. Some companies ship anywhere in the world. I used but there’s also and probably several others.

  12. Are these DVDs sold in stores? Apparently, Amazon does not ship these DVDs to Canada.

  13. Ok for France. I received DVD today !

  14. I just received my DVD’s…so excited. One question though. I’m assuming that we rest on the days that don’t list a workout. Thanks-

  15. Well i finally got my dvd (i had to send it to a us address, since i’m from canada) and now the 1st dvd is not working after 3 plays! : ( So frustrating …anyone know if amazon has a exchange policy or do i have to contact zuzana’s rep??

  16. are these dvd,s available in the united kingdom yet ?

  17. Just a suggestion, how about also having a part of this site where we can also post our ZCUT scores? :) We won’t reveal what the workouts are, just do as we were doing with the ZWOW’s and posting our times? :D

    • That is a great idea Rhoda! Let me think about the best way to implement that and I’ll let you know when that’s feature’s live. :)

      • Yay, looking forward to it!

        On a slightly different note, I was thinking of following the Zcut cardio calendar all the way through, but I’m concerned it may cause me to lose some strength I gained from doing weighted zwows. What do you think?

  18. Does anyone know when the Power Strenght DVD will be available in Australia please.

  19. I’m looking the power cardio calendars for month 2 and 3, and there are not available in the link provided here, where can I download them?

  20. Hi guys. I love zuzka so much and have shared her videos and links with all my friends. Is there any hope that we in South Africa will be able to get those dvds anytime soon? We do more than just run with the lions, we do ZUZKA!!! ♡\(^^,)/♡

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