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Q: What Happened To All The ZWOW Videos on YouTube?


On November 1st, 2014 Zuzka re-launched her brand new site at and is now on her own, no longer under contract with Watch It Now Entertainment. In order to build her new ZGYM she removed all old ZWOW videos and trailers for DVD’s made with WIN from YouTube.

You can still complete old ZWOW workouts as listed here on the site, they just won’t be working alongside Zuzka any longer. Feel free to search YouTube for any Fan-posted videos if you’re unsure from the description of any particular moves.

You can also use the ZVAULT, which are old Zuzka videos from when she was making videos with BodyRock. These videos are connected with the workouts and you’ll only find this collection on the ZVAULT page.

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  1. Marla, Zuzka is remastering the old ZWOW videos.

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