Are You One Of Zuzka's WARRIORZ?

Q: Should I do a warm up before I ZWOW or just do these for time?


Depending on your fitness level you may want to do a few pushups, a couple minutes of jump rope or jogging in place. These exercises are more dynamic and will help if you feel a warmup is needed. However, none of that is required.

Recently Zuzka released a video on some warm up basics, if you need someplace to start. The ZCUT DVD series also includes a guided warm-up and cool down.

My Personal Experience:

Personally I do not warm up before I ZWOW, I just jump right in.

Marla Sarris

Author of Los Paleo & Pigskin Paleo. Chef of Paleo Porn. Traveler. Warrior.


  1. I feel as if I don’t warmup and stretch my body is super tight.. I usually only do about 4 min of cardio and 4 of stretching.

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