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Q: How Many Times Should I ZWOW Each Week?


As often as you feel comfortable. Zuzka recently answered this in a Tweet:

My Personal Experience:

Currently I do one a day Monday-Friday and rest on the weekends but that changes depending on how I feel. If my body needs to rest I move my rest days around.

When I first started following Zuzka with BodyRock I couldn’t keep up and I got very discouraged. But, the more I did, the faster I got. When Zuzka started the warrior workouts and released one each week that was all I did, one every week. Then I started building up to one ZWOW a day. Over the summer when the weather was great for working out outside I started doing two ZWOW’s a day. It all depends on your fitness level and your availability.

Marla Sarris

Author of Los Paleo & Pigskin Paleo. Chef of Paleo Porn. Traveler. Warrior.


  1. sascha millington :

    As a previous fitness club manager, I have always believed in fitness and have been passionate about working out. However, after becoming a first time mom, not only did I find myself with limited time to spend on my regular gym workouts, but a guilt or panic being away from my daughter. I stopped enjoying the gym, and I stopped working out. After a month of nothing, I knew this was not a longterm option. I had followed Zuzana over the years and knew about her Zwows, and decided to finally jump on the bandwagon, with 2-feet firmly planted. I started at “Zwod #1″ and got faster and fitter with Zuzana 6 days a week. Days I missed, I challenged myself to do 2 Zwows back to back to encourage me to not miss any days! Now, I have completed all 70 Zwows, lost almost 10″ from my body in just over 2 months (and this is 3 months post baby, so these were the hard fought inches!). Amazing workouts, and perfect for the busy woman, or busy mother! No excuses! Zgym here I come !

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